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As of January 1, 2017, Dr. Rothstein has limited his practice to providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight-Control: OJW®: Weight-control. He provides this service in Brooklyn, NY and will soon announce a new office location in Portland,OR where the Oregon Board of Dentistry on June 23 created history by ruling that Dental Professionals are at liberty to Provide Weight-control services. See www.ojwforweightcontrol.com
Contact: 718 808 2656; drted35@gmail.com


Winter ’11, #31  030411     Topic: Dental Implants:  Part 4     Part 5    Part 6:  PART 4:  Sequential photos of implant procedure;
PART 5:  Step-by-step preparation of the material required by the  lab to fabricate the
crown that will be screwed on to the implant PART 6    Attaching the abutment to the implant
and gluing the crown on to the abutment

Spring ’10, #29  051110    Topic:     Three part film series(YouTube) showing Dr. Ted having a tooth removed and a bone graft in preparation
for getting an implant Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Spring, 10, #30  040310     Topic:    Orthodontic Jaw Wiring presented at the meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in
Washington, DC: [SEE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION.  Documents referred to
in the PowerPoint presentation: E-Synopsis

Spring, 10, #29  03/21/10     Topic:   TMJ diagnosis and treatment plan basics

Winter, 10, #28  02/22/10    Topic:   Accelerated orthodontic treatment using “Piezocisons”

Winter, 10, #27  02/06/10    Topic:   Airing on YouTube: Placing an archwire on SmartClip braces: Just go “click-click”

Winter, 09, #26  12/28/09   Topic:   Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Surgical Update:  a seven page PDF from the AAOMS

Summer, 09, #25  08/22/09  Topic:   The article upon which is based the presentation to be given at 110th meeting of the AAO in Washington, DC

Winter, 09, #24  02/23/09  Topic:   What you can do when you didn’t paid: Read the article on Small Claims Court that I wrote for the American Journal of Orthodontics in March of ’99.

Winter, 08, #23   01/21/09  Topic:   The results of the OJW Questionnaire Survey

Summer, 08, # 22   08/25/08  Topic:  The development and application of OJW: 2 videos on YouTube

Summer, 08, # 21  09/22/08  Topic:  12 + Scenarios when you take your patient to Small Claims Court

Summer, 08, # 208/20/08  Topic:  Helping your patient to diminish the fear of having four teeth removed

Spring ’08 # 19  6/02/08  Topic:  The OJW Questionnaire Survey to measure the safety and effectiveness of OJW

Autumn ’07, # 18 10  10/30/07  Topic:  Article submitted to the AJO-DO October 29, 2007

Summer ’07, #17  9/22/07 Topic:  Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  (OJW) :The Protocol for Providing OJW to Your Patients: A New Service in Dentistrye

Summer ’07, #16  9/3/07 Topic:    How to make indirect bonding trays: detailed instructions

Summer ’07, #15  7/21/2007  Topic:    Communicating with your colleagues, your referring dentists and the patients in your practice by email en masse.

Fall ’02,  # 1  11/9/2002 Topics: Practice Management .. Dr. Ted: Growth and Development

Fall ’02,  # 2 11/27 Topics:  Preventing total data loss from your PC    Dr. Ted: Preventing
the extraction of the wrong teeth.

Winter  ’03,  # 3  1/5/03 Topics:  The Team meeting–Part I/4 .. Dr. Ted: KISS: A simple orthodontic appliance

Winter  ’03,  # 4  03/17/03  Topics:   The Team meeting “Passions”–Part 2/4 .. Dr. Ted: Lingual braces: Indirect arch formation

Spring ’03,  #5  5/3/03  Topics:  The staff meeting and practice management: Part 4 of 4 .. Dr. Ted: Removing acid etch, a better method…not rocket science

Summer ’03,  #6  08/30/03   Topics:   Case acceptance: You won’t get them all but do you know why? .. Dr. Ted: Patient’s Financial Memo form and Notice of Informed Consent–The two most important forms in your office.

 Fall ’03,  # 7  12/02/03  Topics:   Practice Management:  Save time and money on the web.     .. Dr. Ted: Clinical: Moments, Forces and Couples of Orthodontics

Winter ’04, # 8  1/9/04  Topics:   Practice Management:  CitiHealth Card a new third-party payment plan to encourage more patient starts. .. Dr. Ted: Diagnosis:  Interpreting the Panoramic X-ray

Winter ’04, # 9  3/5/04 Topic: Practice Management: Email:  Enhancing communication with patients and staff.  .. Dr. Ted:Topic:  A potpourri of reflections for the starting orthodontist…a series in four parts: Part I:  

Spring ’04,  # 10  4/27/04   Over the Wires is sanctioned by the American Association of Orthodontists
 Topic:  Practice Management:   Automatic deductions from checking and credit cards to cut accounts receivables  .. Topic::  A Potpourri of reflections for the starting orthodontist…a series in 4 parts: Part 2:

Summer ’04  # 11  7/9/04  Over the Wires is sanctioned by the American Association of Orthodontists   Topic:   Technology:   Why Broadband is a necessity for your practice   ..  Topic:  Dr. Ted’s approach to loss of retainers, relapse and retreatment: the Retainer Insurance Agreement 

Fall ’04  # 12  9/20/04  Dr. Ted:   Topic: Continuing education: An article by Dr. Michael Florman, NYU Post Graduate ortho 2004; A new appliance to help the overweight; Etiology of Class II is not mandibular retrusion, it is maxillary protrusion.  Topic:   Management / Self Improvement: How NOT to say YES when you really want to say NO!

Fall  ’04, # 14  11/11/04  Dr. Ted:  Topic:   Clinical: The dental profession’s role in the control of compulsive overeating: OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring)…a service orthodontists are preeminently suited and can be proud to provide to selected candidates.    

Winter ’05, # 15  2/28/05  Dr. Ted:   Topic:  A potpourri of reflections for the starting orthodontist…a series in four parts: Part III/IV   and  Topic: Table clinic on Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for compulsive overeating at the 105th AAO meeting in San Francisco.     Topic:  Technology:  Spyware / Adware What is it? How do you protect yourself from it?


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