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As of January 1, 2017, Dr. Rothstein has limited his practice to providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight-Control: OJW®: Weight-control. He provides this service in Brooklyn, NY and will soon announce a new office location in Portland,OR where the Oregon Board of Dentistry on June 23 created history by ruling that Dental Professionals are at liberty to Provide Weight-control services. See www.ojwforweightcontrol.com
Contact: 718 808 2656; drted35@gmail.com

Orthodontic Jaw Wiring Directory

Obesity is national problem.

Death Rate From Obesity Gains Fast On Smoking, March 10, 2004 [Read the Article]

OJW is a treatment modality for weight loss for patients who aregood candidates and who meet the criteria for this treatment method.

CLICK HERE FOR A CAPSULAR VIEW OF OJW (rationale and jaw position)

PREFACE: The object of OJW is to limit the apartness of the jaws i.e, to suspend the mandible (lower jaw) from the upper jaw with very soft but durable wire (“dead-soft”) at a distance of about 2-4 mm, the position being a little less than the position your jaw is in right now as you reading this preface.  This position in dentistry is very close to the position we call the “physiologic rest position” of the mandible … When a patient is wired in such a position the mandible is free to move forward and back, right and left and open and closed about 2-4 mm… Just enough to talk reasonably well and get sufficient jaw joint exercise to prevent the joint from stiffening over a 6-9 month treatment period.   The dentist’s responsibility is to: teach the patient how to rewire them selves particularly when they come from afar and oversee the health of the gums, teeth and the TMJ jaw joint when they can return to the office every five week to be examined and rewired. The responsibility of weight loss is the patient’s.  Oral surgeons utilize “full arch surgical arch bars” to permit wiring the upper and lower jaws together…permitting no movement in any direction whatever. The only similarity between the two is the requirement that the patient is limited to a liquid diet.  I have the patient arrange their own liquid diet. I urge them to understand the need to remain below 1300 calories or less/day.

Many persons are not good candidates for OJW. Before I select person to whom I will provide the OJW service I need to know quite a bit about that person.
Consequently, when I receive an inquiry from who person who is interested in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring I respond by sending them The OJW Introductory letter. This letter
contains and abundance of information to help would-be patients decide if they are good candidates for the procedure. When I receive the three documents I requested
in the intro letter I review them to decide if they are “good candidate” s: (BMI 27-38; well motivated and likely to succeed).

  1. Frequently asked questions.  (Take me to them) 1.5 COMPULSIVE EATING aka FOOD ADDICTION by GDR
    Until I consciously observed my own eating compulsion (i.e anytime I think of food I go for it, being unable or unwilling to stop myself from visiting the refrigerator or pantry) I had no understanding or sympathy for “addiction.” Then it dawned on me: I was addicted – to food! I had no self-control barrier between the thought of food and getting it and eating it. I’d go to the refrigerator to look see even after I’d visited it a half-hour before and found nothing to eat…At meals, buffets, and potlucks, I’d eat two or three portions, not just one. The only person who ate more then me was the only person who was fatter than me.  I finally realized that the desire to eat was not motivated by hunger but by (a) social discomfort when in public (it’s easier to eat than socialize) and (b) procrastinating. Putting things off is what put me into the kitchen at home. There I could distract myself from what I should be doing but am not doing, by spending time preparing food, sitting down to eat it, and reading a newspaper or magazine at the same time. These two deficiencies seem to be the basis of my eating compulsion. When I’m busy and productive, I eat much less than when I’m not.  I never eat because I’m hungry. I eat because its time to eat (3 meals a day) and between meals because it serves a psychological need. Did you ever examine what needs your eating compulsion serve?  The author related that his father had the same eating problem

    !.5 The object of OJW is to limit the apartness of the jaws i.e. to suspend the mandible (lower jaw) from the upper with very soft but durable wire at a distance of about 2-4 mm, the position being a little less than the position your jaw is in right now as you reading this note.  This position in dentistry is very close to the position we call the “physiologic rest position” of the mandible … when a patient is wired in such a position the mandible is free to move forward, right and left and open and closed about 2-4 mm… Just enough to talk reasonably well and get sufficient jaw joint exercise to prevent the joint from stiffening over a 6-9 month treatment period.
    The dentist’s responsibility is to: teach the patient how to rewire them selves particularly when they come from afar and oversee the health of the gums, teeth and the TMJ jaw joint when they can return to the office every five week to be examined and rewired. The responsibility  of weight loss is the patient’s.
    Oral surgeons utilize “full arch surgical arch bars” to permit wiring the upper and lower jaws together…permitting no movement in any direction whatever. The only similarity between the two is the requirement that the patient is limited to a liquid diet.  I have the patient arrange their own liquid diet. I urge them to understand the need to remain below 1300 calorie/day.
  2. Orthodontic Jaw wiring: A.T.’s diary of her experiences during the first two months.
  3. Photos of the orthodontic jaw wiring in place  (I want to see it)  and below that a diagram
  4. showing the typical method and pattern of jaw wiring (how to do it yourself :
  5. Before OJW with its emphasis on the word  “Orthodontic” there was its “parent” which was “IMF” (Inter-Maxillary Fixation) which was the procedure done by oral surgeons to wire jaws closed when they were broken and needed to be rested to allow healing of the broken bones. The name of this kind of wiring is called “Ivy loops.” (learn more about Ivy loops). Until the advent of OJW as is presented in the above pages there was no methodology at all for delivering the OJW service.
  6. Interview with  jaw wired patient.  (I want to read it)
  7. Medical “Informed Consent” for orthodontic jaw wiring. (See Medico-Legal document)
  8. Links to information guides on liquid diets, the dos, do-nots and precautions when losing weight.  (Take me to see the links); see also Jane Brody article discussing whether or not liquid work Brody article on liquid diets
  9. Doctor Rothstein’s progress treatment charts for a number of patients.
  10. An article excerpted from, the NY Times Mar 22, 2000 showing how  obesity can reduce your chance of getting that job you want  (I want to read it).
  11. A liquid diet that was created by a person who was considering OJW for weight control. (Go see the diet.)
  12. How to proceed after choosing OJW.
  13. March 6, 2001 Begin OJW of Alicia F
  14. Directions to Dr. Ted’s office from JFK, Newark and LaGuardia airports.March 15, 2001  Begin OJW of R.A. and read the journal of her first month of the experience.
  15. Dr. Ted describes the exercises he does in detail with photos and  describes the exercises that help to keep the jaw joints healthy when the jaw is periodically unwired. [See the jaw joint exercises]  [See description of  Dr. Ted's exercise regime] and Dr. Ted’s Advanced exercise regime.
  16. Are you considering OJW, but you have a spouse who is not being supportive? Paul F. has written his story in order to  give you the “skinny” :-) on his experience as the spouse of a person whose jaws are wired. (Read Paul’s view point. He doesn’t pull any punches.)
  17. Instructions for rebonding detached brackets for the avid do-it-yourselfer. I’m no wimp tell me how.
  18. Instructions for learning how to wire/rewire the jaws closed.  I’m no wimp tell me how.
  19. April 10, 2001, Begin OJW  C.S.
  20. April 26, 2001, Begin OJW  J.D. and read “Jen’s Journal.” Her “food” list shows some  excellent choices.
  21. May 15, Begin OJW E.A.
  22. May 24, Begin OJW D.A.B.
  23. December 17, Begin OJW G.S.
  24. A Forum for OJW for Weight Loss for those who would like to share their ideas on the pros and cons of OJW for weight loss
  25. Scientific literature references for jaw wiring for weight loss.
  26. Want to find a registered/accredited dietician nearby where you live? Then go to the website of the ADA (American Dietician’s Association).
  27. Letter to Educators, Researchers and Orthodontists recommending establishment of a forum where knowledge regarding OJW for weight loss can be shared.
  28. February 1, 2002,  Begin OJW Valerie Freeland (Hear how she sounds wired.).
  29. An example of a request for information form a person who is interested in having OJW  and the response from Dr. Rothstein.
  30. February 15, 2002,  Begin OJW TM
  31. A letter that patients may find helpful in order that their employers, colleagues or friends have a better understanding of the rationale of being jaw wired. [Read the letter.]
  32.  March 28, 2002, Begin OJW PG
  33. Response to a would-be OJW patient for the concerned provider.
  34. Eida A. “graduated” from OJW to “Gastric Banding”  and agree to be interviewed and granted permission for a photo of the  surgical incision to be published. [Read the interview.]
  35. Dr. Rothstein was interviewed by the Sr. Editor for an article to be found in a  new website devoted to health [FitDV]. In his article he provides us with a global view/glimpse of the the world of OJW.   [Read the article.]
  36. Three persons with expertise in obesity were asked to give their opinion re OJW via the medical health question and answer site: getanswers.com.   Dr. Rothstein just became a registered expert on this medical advisory panel. You can read the question that was posed.  [I want to read the question and the three responses.]
  37. August 10, 2002, Begin OJW TS (Hyperlink deconstructed at patient’s request.)
  38. November 15, 2002, Begin OJW JS (Hyperlink deconstructed at patient’s request.)
  39. New York Times Article on Stomach Stapling and Gastric-bypass, November 20, 2002.
  40. January 17, 2003, Begin OJW Jake Graham: A modification of OJW using  clear “wire” and some clear brackets.
  41. You can also learn quite a bit about the TMJ (your jaw joint) as well as “Lap banding” the latest FDA approved surgical procedure for controlling the size of your stomach.
  42. January 23,  Begin OJW TP
  43. “Morbid” obesity is defined as being more than 100 pounds overweight. When you reach this weight  you are a candidate for “Bariatric” surgery such as the “gastric bypass” and related surgery such as the “roux en y”. I posted some information to provide you some basic information about this kind of gastric surgery:  [The gastric bypass.."stomach stapling"]…  [The "Roux en y"]…  [Hospitalization after "Bariatric" surgery]…  [The risks of gastric surgery]…  [The long-term outlook].
  44. For those OJW patients who would feel more comfortable have a professional’s letter to present to their employer you can see the one I would be pleased to provide.  See the letter.
  45. Article NY Times Feb. 23, 2003 on dietary supplement ephedra-related deaths.
  46. After I have received your completed informed consent for OJW (See Medico-Legal document), I deem it essential to engage you, prior  to your arrival at the office, in a voice-to-voice contact since most OJW patients live out of state and are unable to come to the office for a consultation examination. Hence, I created the OJW telephone consultation memo . This  memo covers all the points that I would want you to be aware of prior to your arrival at the office. Indeed, it is required that you forward it back to me to insure that you are aware of its content.
  47. The number of gastric surgeries being performed each year is increasing.  The following links are mandatory if you are considering this procedure for yourself:  1. The questions you should ask (all 24 of them)  2. An article from WebMD entitled Bariatric Surgery  (pay attention to the “Side effects”  3. Is the Risk of Obesity Greater Than the Risk of Surgery? and Can weight loss surgery add years to your life? (another WebMD  article).
  48. August 21, begin OJW for the control of compulsive overeating KE. (Hyperlink to patient’s medical chart inactivated at patient’s request) .
  49. September 11, begin OJW for the control of compulsive overeating DH (Hyperlink to patient’s medical chart inactivated at patient’s request) .
  50. You can see the “TYPICAL FIRST VISIT” medical chart entry for an OJW patient. [GO].
  51. About two year ago I wrote: Letter to Educators, Researchers and Orthodontists recommending establishment of a forum where knowledge regarding OJW for weight loss can be shared. That letter generated:   A Forum for OJW for Weight Loss for those who would like to share their ideas on the pros and cons of OJW for weight loss On September 22nd, 2003 I published: Orthodontic Jaw wiring for weight loss (OJW): A primer and protocol for orthodontists UPDATED.  Click here to read it.
  52. October 16, Begin OJW MF
  53. CALORIE, CALORIES, CALORIES GALORE:     What IS a calorie?    How many calories in a pound of fat?…Answer 1      How many calories in a pound of fat?… Answer 2    How many calories do you need to “keep” a pound of fat?      How do you figure out how many calories YOU need  each day?    How many calories do you burn off when you exercise? Click here     To see a living example of how the calculations work go visit  MF
  54. Tummy pacemaker for the obese may be on the horizon. [Read the Article]
  55. December 4, Begin OJW AF
  56. December 8, Begin OJW LH
  57. Pictorial documentation of the exact sequence for wiring the jaws together for orthodontists, dentists and patients.    Then see a variety of instruments the patient can use to remove the wiring [See wire removing instruments].
  58. Meet Jay Freeman an attorney from Littleton, Colorado. Rather then come to me for OJW I encouraged him (and his dentist) to have his dentist (THIS IS A FIRST TIME) rather then me do his OJW. On Jan. 9 he wrote me a progress report in which he said, “This is a very powerful process for me — I can actually envision myself as a “thin” person!”  He has given his permission to read his progress report.  READ JAY’S LETTER.
  59. December 15 Begin OJW Dr. MS and his sister NS
  60. On January 22, Dr. Ted submitted a proposal to the committee that selects essayists to present papers at the GNYDM (Greater New York Dental Meeting). This meeting convenes December 28-January 2.  READ THE PROPOSAL.
  61. IRS Allows Deduction of Certain Weight-Loss Expenses After an Obesity Diagnosis…Read the article taken from WebMD
  62. March 12 Begin OJW  T S (note the “oblique” placement of the brackets).
  63. March 17 Begin OJW  AT
  64. Before OJW with its emphasis on the word  “Orthodontic” there was its “parent” which was “IMF” (Inter-Maxillary Fixation) which was the procedure done by oral surgeons to wire jaws closed when they were broken and needed to be rested to allow healing of the broken bones. The name of this kind of wiring is called “Ivy loops.” (learn more about Ivy loops). Until the advent of OJW as is presented in the above pages there was no methodology at all for delivering the OJW service.
  65. Getting up at night to snack? You have Night Eating Syndrome.
  66. Effectiveness of weight loss methods will be the main criteria to obtain Medicaid coverage for obesity, which now has been elevated to the status of a disease. But which methods are effective? And moreover what does “effective” mean? Read the New York Times article published July 18, 2004 and find out for yourself. …Read the article.
  67. Still more convincing evidence that bariatric surgery should be considered as a choice only when there is a serious risk of dying from the obesity and other diseases that accompany it. It is good to know however, that Medicaid and Medicare have ruled that obesity by itself is a disease even if unaccompanied by associated problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.  [Read the NY Times article 8-15-04]
  68. I was asked by the editor of Orthodontic Product Magazine, Christopher Piehler, to be part of a “virtual round table discussion,” the  results of which, will appear in toto in the publication by December 2004. Below I  present my final thoughts on the usefulness, delivery of patient care service, and my hopes for OJW  as a potentially useful tool that some overweight patients might find appropriate/suitable for their problem.  OJW overview   OJW Round Table Article…the Controversy.
  69. Just click on the words “DDS System and you will find Scientific Intake’s website describing a removable orthodontic retainer-like device that is custom-fitted, which your wear when you eat. If I understand it correctly it forces you to take smaller bites, consequently, you eat more slowly and the “satiety center” in your brain says: “you are full” way earlier than YOU usually say it.   On their site you will see it described as “… a patented approach to eating less… a behavior modification system that retrains your eating habits without rewriting your menu”.  [See a photo of the DDS System Appliance]. According to President, William Longley, you can already choose among more than 3000 trained dentists who stand ready to  provide this incredibly publicized “behavior modification device”.  The cost typically ranges between $350 and $500.  So why am I “kvelling*”  like my only daughter just produced my first grandchild ?  It’s simple. With the use of this device, dentists have just repositioned themselves as world leaders who are now openly willing and able to help people modify their eating habits and to attack the problem of eating excessively where it begins – at the patient’s mouth.  *Kvell is a Yiddish word meaning to gush effusively.  In brief, I have company. OJW is also a behavior modification system which promotes eating less. Unlike the DDS system, however, OJW is designed to and claims to  promote weight loss. The question that remains and that will require extensive research, is how effective in preventing/controlling the regain of weight lost by these methods. I can see a day when OJW and the DDS system can be used in tandem as a significant behavior modification system helping those who wish to lose weight and subsequently continue their success by maintaining their modified eating habits.  My best wishes to William Longley and the DDS System. Let the naysayers rant and rave. For now the overweight and obese have two new methods to help them, before they are forced to seek the surgery approach with its unacceptable mortality rate.
  70. Dental Economics one of our industry leader magazines just ran an article in their August  issue entitled “Help your patients eat less!  by a Louis Malmacher , a dentist, international lecturer, and author as well.  DE has given us permission to link to the article. When I get the link you can read it here.  Dr. Ted   [Go To Link Page]
  71. September 1. 2004:  Dr. Rothstein take pleasure in announcing the formation of the DPOJW*, an organization of dentists who are committed to providing orthodontic jaw wiring to those who are overweight or obese and who meet the criteria for being accepted as a patient for this type of control of compulsive overeating. An online course will is being offered free to the first 25 dentists who provide their name, address, telephone and email address.
  72. *Dentist Providers of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring
  73. The reasons why a DDS or DMD should or should not consider providing the Orthodontic Jaw Wiring Service [See the reasons].
  74. You already know that you die younger when you smoke. But, do you know how many years your life expectance is decreased by being overweight? A study published in the January 7, 2003 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine will tell you [Read the Framingham Heart Study]
  75. Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)  [Click here].
  76. The  answers to three of the most important questions that OJW patients should ask. See the Q’s and A’s.
  77. See the outline of the online course to be given to would-be members of the DPOJW.
  78. “Is Orthodontic Jaw Wiring a service permitted to dental professionals?”   Response from Dr. Milton Lawney, the Executive Secretary of the NY State Board of Dentistry
  79. I have the honor to announce that I am presenting a table clinic at the Greater NY Dental Meeting on November 29, titled “The Dental Profession’s Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring… A kinder gentler way  (OJW)”  On that occasion I will demonstrate the principles of how the OJW service is provided and present a power point presentation which will be hyperlinked to this note. Moreover, I take pleasure in noting that my application to present OJW at the  meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists (May 21-May 24), in San Francisco was accepted as well. There I  will demonstrate how I made the transition from active braces to OJW on an overweight orthodontic patient who elected to receive the OJW method  for weight control. A three panel posterboard will be used as part of the presentation, and that poster-board will also become hyperlinked to this note. See the Power Point Presentation
  80. The most supreme joy a doctor  can be rewarded with are the expressions of happiness and pleasure their patients give them.  Julie gave me permission to print her letter. I know it will be an inspiration to others. [Read Julie's letter.]
  81. If OJW is to take its rightful position among the modalities that can help some obese patients who are among the compulsive overeaters, it will be necessary to inform  the medical community that dentists are now ready to become their allies. Toward that end I have communicated our readiness to provide allied services that can help some obese to regain the control of eating habits that are leading them in the direction of ever worsening ill health. Please read my letter [click here].  Dr. Ted
  82. “…gastric bypass surgery, commonly known as stomach-stapling. Although the National Institutes of Health endorsed this form of surgery for adults 15 years ago, it has no formal guidelines for operating on teenagers.  Bypass surgery involves not only shrinking the size of the stomach, but also rearranging the small intestines to control how many calories can be absorbed. A patient will feel full, to the point of pain, after eating only a small amount of food, roughly two ounces. While popular, the surgery has many risks. Roughly one in 200 patients die.”   Read the NY Times article about obese teenagers needing to undergo bariatric surgery  11/26/04.
  83. 12/2/04: Four days have gone by since my OJW table clinic presentation at the Greater NY dental meeting. Our table in my own opinion deserved the “Blue Ribbon” ‘hands down’. I prepared a page that shows how it looked.  [See our table clinic on OJW at the GNYDM]  Next stop …San Francisco to present same with a slightly different spin at the International Meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists on May 22, 2005. You can see the Power Point presentation (3 Mb, 10 minutes long)  that was part of the table clinic at:  [Click Here].
  84. I sent  a letter to some  bariatric surgeons in NY and NJ letting them know that mutual cooperation between those physicians and dentists who provide services to the overweight / obese will ultimately benefit the patients.  [See the letter]
  85. See article to be submitted for publication in the NYS Dental Journal, 2005 in which Dr. Rothstein responds to the present editor of the journal, Dr. Elliot Moskowitz, whose article entitled The Limits of Dentistry sets forth the authors reasons for not providing services to the obese. [Link]
  89. February 8, 2005  Yesterday I received a note from an OJW patient I started four weeks ago. In it he shares with other would-be OJW patients some thoughts on how to carry out the necessary homework to insure success. [Read his tips on Exercise, Food, Blender magic and General dieting assistance]
  90. I was asked by the editor of Orthodontic Product Magazine, Christopher Piehler, to be part of a “virtual round table discussion on “OJW the controversy.” The article was published February 2005. In the article I  present my final thoughts on the usefulness, delivery of patient care service, and my hopes for OJW  as a potentially useful tool that some overweight patients might find appropriate/suitable for their problem. You will be surprised how passionate the protagonists and the antagonist were in presenting their  views on the subject.   OJW Round Table Article…the Controversy.
  91. May 22,  2005   at the 105th  International meeting of  the American Association of Orthodontists in San Francisco:  Presented a table clinic: “The Dental Profession’s Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW  Transitioning Your  Overweight Orthodontic Patient from Active Treatment to Retention using OJW”  [See abstract and information]   Dr. Rothstein’s  table clinic was selected for presentation in Paris, September 10, 2005 at the 6th International Congress of Orthodontists.     C’est formidable, n’est-ce pas ?  :-)
  92. The New York Times, May 27, 2005  ”Other Perils of Overweight; Insurers Balk at Bariatric Operations“, Citing Cost and Risks ($40,000 but as much as $100,000 after finishing taking care of the complications.) SEE ALSO ACCOMPANYING ARTICLE:    “One Alternative: A Ring That Squeezes the Stomach” (Some good news here…the death rate is one tenth that of  the bariatric surgery death rate which is 1/200, moreover if you are a bariatric surgeon your insurance premium in NYC is going to be $90,000).
  93. Dr. Ted presents OJW to the International community at the 6th International Orthodontic Congress in Coordination with the World Federation of Orthodontists held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris France September 10-14, 2005. This presentation was done in English and French. [Click her to see some photos.]
  94. The YO-YO Effect: In the New York Times “article” , May 25, 2006,  the author responds to the question: “We have been told that yo-yo dieting is unhealthy. But is gradual weight loss followed by gradual weight gain really more unhealthy than just staying obese?”
  95. [What do you think? Read the answer given by C. Clairborne Ray.]
  96. A new more comfortable way to wire the patient’s jaws together [See it]
  97. May 12, 2006 I presented my work on OJW  (pat. pending) (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring)  at the 106th International Orthodontic conference In Las Vegas on May 7.  Take a look at the table clinic I prepared and see some sights Las Vegas has to offer. [Click here]
  98. La présentation Power Point : Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW)
  99. Ligature Orthodontique Intermaxillaire Rôle du praticien dans le contrôle des excès d’alimentation
  100. Modèle de consentement éclairé du patient concernant la technique OJW (pat. pending):  Version française:
  101. The USPTO (United Stated Patent and Trademark Office)  granted me patent # 60-817245  in response to the  “Provisional” patent application  I submitted June 27, 2006. To see the official title, abstract and history of the OJW invention see TITLE and ABSTRACT .  The USPTO is an amazing place to “visit”.  In 2006 they modernized patent submissions so that the entire process can be accomplished online. The Inventor/customer support is incredible. You might be interested in knowing that the cost of filing a provisional patent application is $100. The granting of a provisional patent allows the inventor to add “patent pending” to the name of his invention and permits the inventor twelve months to submit the non-provisional (Utility) patent which in fact is thoroughly scrutinized by patent office examiners and granted acceptance only when it meets all the standards for new inventions. In effect it “protects” the inventor from others claiming the invention as their own.
  102. OJW is a subject that has now reached its critical mass. Judging from the number of people who have read pages on this site related to this subject , the number of readers is more than 500,000. Interest in the subject is waxing judging from the number and kinds of contacts I have had regarding the subject.  Consequently, I have given notice to have the incorporation papers of the DPOJW  (Form  501c)  filed that would set in motion the reality of a Not-for-Profit, Tax-Exempt research organization filed in NY State.  Toward the end of publicizing my efforts I have begun, starting with contacting the NY Times, to have as many sources of media do articles on the subject.  My first effort is a letter to Jane E. Brody of the NY Times.  [See letter]
    Adlai E. Stevenson once said:  All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.”  and
    Alan G. MacDiarmid ..Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, :  “What is at the edge of scientific or social acceptability today is often commonplace tomorrow.”
  103. Federal researchers found that complications from obesity surgery significantly increased costs. Over all, said William E. Encinosa, an economist at the health research agency, medical spending averaged $29,921 for obesity surgery and six months of follow-up care. For patients who experienced complications, spending averaged $36,542. And for those with complications that required readmission to a hospital, the average was $65,031.Federal researchers found that complications from obesity surgery significantly increased costs.Over all, said William E. Encinosa, an economist at the health research agency, medical spending averaged $29,921 for obesity surgery and six months of follow-up care. …Arthur G. Richards, an insurance agent in Portland, Ore., said some insurers were refusing to pay for obesity surgery and its complications. [Read the article]
  104. September 22, 2006: Dr. Mark B. Mclellan is the present head of the  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. I wrote him about the changes in reimbursement  fees to providers of Bariatric. In this letter I proposed Orthodontic Jaw Wiring as prelude treatment to bariatric surgery. I received a very informative letter in response. [Read the letter to Dr. Mclellan].
  105. Read the response to my letter    CMS is the “Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service”; NCD is refers to National Coverage Determination, a process one must go through to get their treatment (orthodontic jaw wiring) listed as a service a provider (dentist or orthodontist) could offer a would be person with a disease (obesity).
  106. September 22:  Today I submitted the Utility Patent application for OJW.  [Click here to read it]
  107. Study Finds a Liquid Diet Works (But Not for the 50% Who Quit) [Read the NY Times article] 
  108. As you snatch a couple more Christmas cookies or down another eggnog, you might be thinking about what those extra calories will do to your health and especially your wealth: read the NY Times article December 2, 2006
  109. OJW was success and a FAILURE for GSB. In her story the last paragraph reads like this: As for me, I am currently pursuing the gastric banding surgery.  I have come to realize that, for me, I need something more restrictive that I cannot change to reach my health goals.  I regret that I was not strong enough to stick to the plan that Dr. Ted has devised as it truly is something that can work.  I thank Dr. Ted every day for giving me the opportunity to try his procedure because it made me get to know myself and my limits better.  By sharing my story, I hope that others will take the time to search themselves and make the decision to better their health, and their lives.
    Sincerely, G. L. B. [Read her story.]
  110. On June 7, 2007 N.M. came from Seattle to have OJW. She was kind enough to give her permission to photo-document her case from start to finish. See the case study of N.M.
  111. June 15,  June 15, 2007     Photo-documentation of the first clinical trial combining simultaneously Orthodontic  treatment with OJW from the every start.
  112. July 22:   Regarding  RIMONABANT aka Acomplia used in the treatment of obesity: Rimonabant is available in European countries for the treatment of obesity under the name Acomplia, since it reduces appetite. An advisory panel to the US authority for the approval of medicinal drugs (FDA, Food and Drug Administration) recently said that the drug should not be approved in the USA because the manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis has not shown that the benefits outweigh the risk of SUICIDAL THOUGHTS among those taking rimonabant. (Source: Huestis MA, Boyd SJ, Heishman SJ, Preston KL,Bonnet D, Le Fur G, Gorelick DA.
  113. Aug 1: Over the years I have made great efforts to provide would be OJW patients with the information they need to to make a decision whether OJW is the right modality for them.The brief but compact letter I prepared provides links to all the information a would be patient needs to know to help them decide whether they should go ahead and  how to go about doing so.  See the would be patient letter
  114. August 2,   Necessity is the Mother of Invention  (work in progress) August 3, 2007 Yesterdays’ OJW was a case of “necessity was the mother of invention”:  CJ came from Michigan.  She had to drive 300 miles the closest airport. I discovered upon examining her that in spite of more than 10 email communications I failed to elicit from her the fact she was wearing an upper partial (removable) denture to replace about 6 missing teeth. After doing my best to make the partial be as tightly fixed to the remaining teeth as possible I gave up that idea and she gladly agreed to let me wire her front teeth.  I’ll send you a photo. She was pleased as punch.  You may well ask how  she keeps up her hygiene?    The answer is she can brush the outside of her teeth normally and use Listerine rinse for hygiene under the partial. She will have to release and rewire every 3-4 days to keep up decent mouth hygiene and fresh breath control. Those interested in following her case may email her at especiallywired@aol.com  Was it a case of all’s well that ends well?  See for yourself.
  115. August 11, 2007  Setting a good example for her three year-old child who sucked his thumb was her primary goal. With a BMI of 36 losing 50 pound was her secondary goal.  What does a 29 year-old mom WHO SUCKS HER THUMB DO ABOUT SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE? FOR HER DAUGHTER? MAYBE OJW WOULD HELP?  See her case in progress. How impaired is her speech?    See the guidelines she has to follow.
  116. Hyperlink to a typical first visit entry.F.  Advice offered by other OJW patients regarding exercising and losing weight on a liquid diet should be made available to successive OJW patients. You can see the remarkable letter an OJW patient who took the time to write me.  See the letter of advice
  117. G.  A kit of important documents and instruments including a wire clipper and a fork.   See The front cover of my guide book for OJW patients:
  118. Photo documentation of the methods and instruments to facilitate removing the jaw wiring and a  “just in case” method. [See the methods and instruments]
  119. What is RTD? And why is “especiallywired” (see 106 above) talking to Ty (who is going to be wired) about her OJW experiences since being wired 10 days ago? [The answer]
  120. September 3, 2007:  I have been invited to speak before the Queens County division of the AGD (The Academy of General Dentists) on September 18, 2007. Heretofore, I have presented my work on OJW as a “table clinic” at five major meetings (See Las Vegas AAO meeting table Clinic). Given an hour to present this subject I will have time only to whet my audience’s appetite for the subject (maybe 15 attendees?). Consequently, I compiled an appendix of subject matter as hyperlinks for those who might hunger for more information. [See the compendium of subject-matter links].
  121. September 18, 2007:  Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  (OJW)   The Protocol for Providing OJW to Your Patients: A New Service in Dentistry Presented to: The Queens County Chapter of the AGD  by Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD. Read  The OJW AGD Seminar Handout and read the response of an orthodontist who attended the seminar.
  122. September 19, 2007 OJW MC: Decided to use CLEAR brackets an the upper canines and first premolars. Patient very pleased with how unobtrusive the OJW looked.  See her chart entry  She had some very interesting secondary problems as well.
  123. September 22, 2007 MY BIRTHDAY!   Having introduced the new SmartCliip SELF-LIGATING BRACKETS into the practice. I  decided to see how well they worked with the OJW procedure. The result is shown in the photo-documentation.  I had noted in my patent application that OJW could done with self -ligating brackets. However, the results exceeded my expectation because when I applied the wire I realized I could wire the jaws apart well more than the 2 mm I usually wire them apart.
  124. An article appeared in the NY Times on September 20, entitled: Feeling Pudgy? There’s a Shot for That. The omission of OJW as a treatment modality prompted me to write the NY Times to alert them to this omission.  Read the letter I wrote on my birthday and Yom Kippur 5768.
  125. Article the appeared September 17 in the Business section of The Philadelphia Inquirer  Fighting Obesity one Bite at a Time, by Linda Loyd (Inquirer) 09/17/2007 excerpts: …for such a drastic step. Now one company,         Small Bite Inc., thinks…take smaller bites and consume…found. Small Bite’s orthodontic…with the U.S. Food and Drug…Philadelphia. Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern…000 in Small Bite. “We approved…niche in obesity treatment…intake starts at the mouth…clinic at Albert Einstein Medical Center in North…that rests against the lower… Read the article” Fighting Obesity one Bite at a Time. Here Denis Mulder CEO of Small Bites Inc.is shown holding a model of the mouth showing the device.. He describes his invention as an “orthodontic device” tested on 50 patients in Europe and about to start  clinical trials next year in Philadelphia, It allows the patient to open, but only so wide as to enable the patient to take small bites.  Item 67. above cites a removable device that came to the attention of our our profession four years ago. Just click on the words “DDS System” and you will find Scientific Intake’s website describing a removable orthodontic retainer-like device that is custom-fitted, which your wear when you eat. If I understand it correctly it forces you to take smaller bites, consequently, you eat more slowly and the “satiety center” in your brain says: “you are full” way earlier than YOU usually say it.   On their site you will see it described as “… a patented approach to eating less… a behavior modification system that retrains your eating habits without rewriting your menu”.  [See a photo of the DDS System Appliance].
  126. October 1, 2007:  I must be doing something right since I have induced another orthodontist to become an OJW provider. Here’s how it happened: Anne Onne (AO) was interested in OJW for obvious reasons and would have traveled a very long distance to have it. By a quirk of fate another orthodontist agreed to do it for Anne. Both AO and I were delighted. In turn AO asked me if I would like her to keep a journal of the experience in OJW. You think I said no? [Read AO's OJW Journal]
  127. Begin OJW RL 100407
  128. October 20, 2007:  The online PRESS RELEASE for those of you who have contacts in the media world that you think might find the Orthodontic Jaw Wiring a worthy story to tell their audience.
  129. EDITORIAL: WEIGHT GAIN ASSOCIATED WITH THE “MUNCHIES” October 20, 2007:  This morning I attended to an OJW patient who has lost her wires and had an urgent sense of needing to be rewired.  We got to talking seriously about how important and difficult it is to modify your behavior regarding your eating and exercise habits in order to MAINTAIN THE WEIGHT LOSS YOU ACHIEVED…no matter by what method you accomplished the goal.  ALL weight loss methods SHARE this insidious problem. I don’t have the answer. But Brian Wansink, PhD and authority on what causes Americans to overeat, and author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think has some helpful ideas (Bantam, 2006, $13 Barnes and Noble, soft cover). CHRIS ROSENBLOOM of the, Palm Beach Post-Cox News Service  in an article entitled Mindless Eating Can Make You Fat by,  Friday, October 19, 2007 has written an excellent review of the major topics in Wansink’s book.  I want to weigh in on this subject so here’s my contribution: Ground Zero: Why do we eat when we are not hungry?…Answer    I’m going to go one step further here and go where no man has gone before. I looked in the index of his book in hope that I would find some mention of the “MUNCHIES” a well-known and not inconsequential, undesirable side-effect of smoking marijuana in persons not medically compromised. I called his office and sent him a copy of an article I have prepared to send to the AJO-DO (the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthodontics): Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW): The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity.  The not-so-comic effect of the “munchies” which it is “humorously” called, has never been addressed by those who would advocate decriminalizing and removing it from the schedule II list of drugs. Yes it would save $40 billion in tax payer dollars, but no one has yet to study the medical costs related to the weight gain resulting from smoking marihuana. DOES ANYONE CARE?    See study below item #224: Cannabis users are less likely to be obese. 
  130. http://www.drted.com/OJW AJO-DO Manuscript 102607.htm  A “Special” article I wrote and submitted to the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dent-Facial Orthopedics. Sunday, October 28, 2007
  131. I applied to the NYU Continuing Education Department dentalcde@nyu.edu for dental professionals to teach a course in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring. (See the course description).
  133. AC came for OJW November 15, 2007: If you read the Informed Consent for OJW you will find “I understand that Dr. Rothstein requires a note from my physician indicating that I have no medical conditions that will cause me any problems if I begin a weight loss program based on a liquid diet”. AC decided to have a complete Medical physical which included a very complete report from her physician along with results of her blood studies. I was very impressed by how thorough her physician was. I applaud the attention AC and her physician gave in preparation for her OJW. Whenever possible it behooves a person to have an annual physical exam with a blood study.  Take a look at how such a report looks.    She allowed her medical chart to be open for reading and she is contactable by email.
  134. 5 AC posed the question WHY DID I CHOOSE OJW?  Well she chose to answer the question by relating to you the bizarre story of her mother who chose gastric bypass surgery nine years ago. While this story may seem fictitious it is the G-d’s honest truth as unbelievable as it may seem.
  135. ….But even if bariatric surgery doesn’t kill you, there are things to worry about. The operation often produces complications — physiological ones, to be sure, but also perhaps psychological ones. A significant fraction of post-bariatric patients acquire new addictions like gambling, smoking, compulsive shopping or alcoholism once they are no longer addicted to eating. In certain cases, some people also learn to outfox the procedure by taking in calories in liquid form (drinking chocolate syrup straight from the can, for instance) or simply drinking and eating at the same time. Surgery is also a lot more expensive than even the most lavish diet, with a Lap-Band procedure costing about $20,000 and a gastric bypass about $30,000.    [Read the article that appeared in the NY Times Magazine November 17, 2007]   While you are there you can read: Times Health Guide: Gastric Bypass
  136. Reminder: The object of OJW is to limit the apartness of the jaws i.e., to suspend the mandible (lower jaw) from the upper jaw with very soft but durable wire (“dead-soft”) at a distance of about 2-4 mm, the position being a little less than the position your jaw is in right now as you reading this preface.  This position in dentistry is very close to the position we call the “physiologic rest position” of the mandible … When a patient is wired in such a position the mandible is free to move forward and back, right and left and open and closed about 2-4 mm… Just enough to talk reasonably well and get sufficient jaw joint exercise to prevent the joint from stiffening over a 6-9 month treatment period.   The dentist’s responsibility is to: teach the patient how to rewire them selves particularly when they come from afar and oversee the health of the gums, teeth and the TMJ jaw joint when they can return to the office every five week to be examined and rewired. The responsibility of weight loss is the patient’s.  Oral surgeons utilize “full arch surgical arch bars” to permit wiring the upper and lower jaws together…permitting no movement in any direction whatever. The only similarity between the two is the requirement that the patient is limited to a liquid diet.  I have the patient arrange their own liquid diet. I urge them to understand the need to remain below 1300 calories or less/day.   Anne Collins has a comprehensive and extensive web site, http://www.annecollins.com/index.htm , on weight loss and control.. She has a proprietary low-carbohydrate diet whose benefits are spelled out in infinite detail.  Moreover, she has devoted part of her site to LIQUID DIETS.  I recommend you read her comments: http://www.annecollins.com/diets/liquid-diets.htm
     Hello Dr,
    I’m a french journalist. I’m working for TF1, the
    biggest channel in France. I’m doing a report on the
    different methods to loose weights. Your OJW is
    amaizing and I ‘d like to show it in my report. Do
    some french dentists use it in France? Maybe can you
    give me their phone number…
    Thank you to answer me by E-mail:
    Or by phone:
    In french if possible…
    Thank you.
    Journalist’s Name and Agency
  138. December 21, 2007: Begin OJW for Jane O. What is unique about this case is that the OJW was combine with  upper and lower braces.  Moreover, the upper and lower braces and OJW were all  placed at the first visit lasting 2.5 hours. [See med chart and photo docs]   See also #104 above the first combined case.129.  If all goes well  On March 21, 2008 the French journalist Maud Richards from Tele 1 (like our CBS_NBS) will come with her camera team and film the OJW procedure for airing in France. OJW has been discovered alive and well in France.  If you seach Google using the French words ” La technique OJW (Ligature Orthodontique des Mâchoires)  the search produces the following links found on the internet in France:

    Orthodontic Jaw Wiring The Dental Profession’s Role in the Control …

    File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint – View as HTML
    La technique OJW (Ligature Orthodontique des Mâchoires) est acceptée par la communauté médicale comme un moyen de contrôle et de régulation du surpoids. …www.drted.com/OJW PPP 6thIOC French show.pps -

    La ligature des… mâchoires. Partant du principe que le meilleur moyen d’arrêter de manger était d’interdire l’entrée des aliments dans la bouche, …

    MAG000000504_la_chasse_impitoyable_aux_kilos.html – Similar pages

    Si tu as tout essayé et que ça ne marche pas , je te propose la téchnique de la ligature des machoires. un peu “barbare” selon certains, mais efficace. …
    www.chezrasade.org/index.php/2005/09/09/78-le-regime-de-la-mort-qui-tue – 30k – Cached Similar pages

    March 17,  2008   KV Wrote:

    Hello,   I was wondering if there are any providers of the OJW procedure in the   Midwest of the country?  I am located in Kansas and have called
    several folks and searched the web for not only Kansas but our  neighboring states to find folks who perform this service. I have been  unsuccessful in this search
    and was wondering if you were aware of  anyone that I may contact?  Thank you for your time, Kimberly

    Dr. Ted responded the same day:
    Only those listed in the letter below.  See “providers”.  Can I be of service to you? drted

    To which Kimberly responded:  Thank you, you already have!  I would like to make a quick note to point out how odd I find the fact that gastric bypass surgery and the lap band are so well accepted yet something so simple and in my opinion much healthier for your entire system is so controversial.  It is about changing our habits and learning not to eat with out thinking, then finding a dietitian to practicing a balanced diet.  Yet in calling around to find someone to do provide OJW the reactions were stunning, some were offended by the question and others just said it was to controversial.  On the other hand if you wanted someone to invade your body take out intestines and cut your stomach in half… well there will be someone to do it for you.  Strange how we americans think isn’t it?  Thank you again, Kimberly V.

    Thank you Kimberly, go figure.

    I am confident that in time OJW will become a service that members of the the dental community provide with pleasure in their own communities. I have no doubt that there will never cease to be members of the dental and medical community who look upon OJW with a jaundiced eye. I say offer the service, choose your patients carefully, do the OJW methodically and be responsive to patients needs.

    Most of the compulsively over weight will applaud your efforts to help them and they will not hold it against you if they regain the weight. They do expect you would-be providers to see to it that no harm is coming to them because of the OJW.

  139. March 28,  2008: Begin OJW Tina M: BMI 27 (ht. 5’5″; wt. 162) Goal 128.  Occupation: Student Rhode Island:
    On the third day after the OJW procedure  Tina wrote me a very nice follow up letter. It is the kind of letter that gives you the warm fuzzies.
  140. Have you seen the May 2008 issue of the Oprah Magazine? Now doesn’t that clearly show that “A winning smile is a priceless asset”? You know I’d love to have a guest appearance on her show. Inspired by some friends, patients and well-wishers I decided to forward my credentials to  the Oprah show producers on the theory that “nothing ventured nothing gained”. You can see the synopsis  of  the material I submitted from the formal questionnaire they use for would-be incoming show ideas  (http://www2.oprah.com/email/reach/email_showideas.jhtm) at  Http://www.drted.com/Oprah Winfrey guest appearance.htm . Below that is the letter they would read if they are interested. (Fingers crossed ;-)
  141. I started OJW on HC on April 9, 2008.  She lives less than an hour away so I decided to use all clear brackets except the very back ones. (See photo 8).
    I believe that clear brackets adhere adequately since I use them frequently on patients as an approach to “cosmetic” orthodontic treatment. Time will tell how well
    the brackets withstand the pressure of OJW. At any rate H was very happy with the “look”.  Glad I was that H lived nearby b/c the next day the wire slipped off
    the bracket in spite of my carefully placing the wiring  as usual: “AROUND” the brackets See photo 8). I decided that H would be an ideal case to wire
    her using the alternative method of OJW wiring. i.e. “THROUGH” the brackets rather than around the the brackets. I constructed a model to show how I did it and
    and how the lower jaw would be suspended from the upper jaw. The benefit would be that only if a bracket became detached would the wiring become useless.
    The disadvantage is that wiring through the bracket is more difficult for the patient than wiring around the bracket.  H also suggested we try using clear
    fishing line which she volunteered to research the possible kinds that might be used. See photo documentation #9 and #10.  Another benefit is the major increase
    in mobility in all directions the lower jaw can be moved thus markedly improving speech and diminishing ever further the possibility of jaw joint stiffening.
  142. 134.  Shooting the movie The Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW) will take place at the office on 35 Remsen St. on May 1, 2008.
    It will be  56-minute documentary on a weight-control method and device for the control of compulsive overeating. The film will air on  BRIC/BCAT  ”Special” show (TWC: 34, 35, 36 / Cablevision:  67,68, 69), around September 22nd or June 20th, whichever comes first.  See notice to participants.
  143. Next Thursday we  begin shooting the Documentary film on  OJW…Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight loss/ control    Preview shoot
  144. The major principals of Dr. Teds philosophy about OJW. OJW Philosophy
  145. April 1, 2008    Film is shot without a hitch  Preview shoot  Airtime June 25, Time Warner Cable, Brooklyn Community Access Television: channel 34, 11:30 am
  146. Some patients are more engaging than others. Tina is engaging. Come eavesdrop on our communications. Cordially, Dr. Ted and “Tina” (as she always writes it).
  147. May 7, 2008     Eureka I have found it !  Dear Ray (Erica),
    Re: use of SmartClip and newest method of  OJW wiring
    Insert wire on bracket 1 and bring upper strand forward and  clip in to bracket 3 and bring forward and clip into in bracket 5 and bring forward to meet lower strand.
     Bring lower strand down and clip  in to bracket 2, then move forward clip lower strand in to bracket 4 and then clip in  to bracket 6 and meet top strand and twist together and cut off excess.  Voila!  Why not?   Seems to me  the forces are equally distributed.  We have created a parallelogram.
     Cc. Erica
     Perhaps this is workable for wiring vertically thru the brackets as well. This new method is an alternative to (Schematic showing how to wire through the vertical slots) and I believe can be used well with SmartClip brackets.  Ps: Don’t forget the “straws”  Pps: I didn’t run through the streets naked :-)
  148. On May 4, 2009 I am planning  to present to my orthodontic colleagues in Boston the results of a survey entitled The Safety and, Effectiveness of,
    and the Problems associated with, Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW– a weight-control method for individuals exhibiting compulsive overeating”
    [ See the survey.]
  149. Thursday May 29. Begin OJW Pam E. from Houston Texas. Pam was not so shy as to begrudge us a recording of her voice the day after the OJW appointment. [Listen to our mini-conversation]
  150. This I believe: Luck favors the prepared.  In the first week of May, 2009 the American Association of Orthodontists will hold its 109th meeting in Boston. Consequently, in the belief that the time is favorable for the AAO to to recognize its role in offering its skills and expertise to the obese, I have prepared the information that will be necessary on an application to present an essay to my colleagues. [See the basic application information.]
  151. Thursday, June 26, 2008: The  documentary film entitled the Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring aired on BCAT  (Brooklyn Community Access Television) yesterday. An invitation to  view the film was sent to colleagues, members of the BCAT community, family, friends and former and present Orthodontic Jaw Wiring patients.   [See the invitation.]
  152. July 4, 2008:  See “Orthodontic Jaw Wiring” as an entry in Wikipedia and a link to the Questionnaire survey  “The Safety and Effectiveness of, and the Problems Associated with OJW”
  153. Many persons are not good candidates for OJW. Before I select person to whom I will provide the OJW service I need to know quite a bit about that person.
  154. Consequently, when I receive an inquiry from who person who is interested in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring I respond by sending them The OJW Introductory letter. This letter
    contains and abundance of information to help would-be patients decide if they are good candidates for the procedure. When I receive the three documents I requested
    in the intro letter I review them to decide if they are “good candidates”: (BMI 27-38; well motivated and likely to succeed).
  155. I am a member of ESCO  (Electronic Study Club for Orthodontist). In the recent past I began to post information related to Orthodontic Jaw Wiring. If you would like to see the unseemly, less decorous side of how we orthodontists communicate TO EACH OTHER click [HERE].
  156. Defining Morbid Obesity:  Information,   Symptoms,  and Treatment Obesity is a serious disease with symptoms that build slowly over an extended period of time. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) define morbid obesity as:1  being 100 pounds or more above your ideal body weight, Or, having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or greater,Or, having a BMI of 35 or greater and one or more co-morbid condition  Health benefit of…Risks of…Life before surgery… Life after surgery…
  157. July 31, 2008:  Begin OJW CB:  This case is interesting b/c for the first time I used the “through-the-bracket” (t-t-b) method of wiring the jaws apart permitting CB a greater range of lower jaw movement in all direction as you will see from the photos. CB came with her husband who I taught how to wire using this t-t-b method.  Moreover, we discussed the possibility of using “monofilament” fishing line as an alternative to wire. Finally, CB is going to post her thoughts to her own blog. [See her chart entry.]  [See CB's BLOG.]
  158. 08/08/08:  See two 10-minute videos at YouTube on the Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw wiring (OJW) for compulsive overeating: Part I: Ray McDowell, showing the use of SmartClip braces to limit jaw opening to preselected maximum distance apart, and Part II: Erica Smith, using the standard brackets for OJW, but wiring using the “through-the-bracket” method to achieve a limited jaw opening in the patient’s unique comfort zone.
  159. Alas, presentation of an essay in Boston at the 109th International meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists was not meant to be.  But the groundwork for presentation of an essay in Washington, DC  at the 110 meeting has been established. Instead of an essay in Boston I will present a 15-minute Oral Research paper on Orthodontic Jaw Wiring if my application is selected for presentation. Read the application title and abstract.  and then read the follow-up letter
  160. Weight-loss surgery no cutting required. The instrument that staples your stomach is passed through your mouth. Read the article in the NY Times October 21, 2008 in the NY See page 1. Continued on page 2.
  161. Dr. Ted: RE: the thru-the bracket wiring method Tina wrote: 10/28/08
  162. I give up. I do not like this new wiring technique (where the wire goes inside the loop). It hurts my teeth. It makes me feel a strain on my gums and upon pushing my finger against my tooth, it hurts. I re-wired myself the first way you taught me (around the bracket as usual), by just wrapping the wire around bracket. My mouth feels not so great as a result of this new technique. The first technique I think is better in terms of no pain.
  163. When would-be-patients inquire about the OJW service I provide I respond by sending sending them an introductory letter giving them the information they need to know about the service and how to proceed if they choose to have me provide OJW.  Read the letter   While your there see the questions I asked to former patients to see how they fared with OJW and answers they gave (posted February 19, 2009).
  164. Follow-up letter  to the Essay committee of the American Association of Orthodontists in support of my application to present the results of my work in OJW at the
    110th meeting of the AAO in Washington, DC, May of 2010
  165. The responses to http://www.drted.com/ojw_questionnaire_survey.htm presented in HTML, PDF and Excel spreadsheet formats  [Whisk me to them].
  166. The publisher of the AJODO is declining to allow me to resubmit the first redraft  of my article for the AJODO that I submitted October 19 , 2007;  Ouch! :-(
    Dr. Turpin has determined that our profession is better off stifling the release in the AJODO of a study on the subject of OJW . ?   Read the letter. and just above that my response
  167. February 15, Submit manuscript of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity  for
    publication in JADA: Journal of the American Dental Association
  168. NY Times, Thursday, February 26, 2009: Study Zeroes In on Calories, Not Diet for Loss …”It does not matter if you are counting carbohydrates, protein or fat. All that matters is that you are counting something…” (calories). The findings appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine. (Dr. Frank M. Sacks) who reported the findings of the largest controlled study ever done on 800 adults who were assigned to one of four types of diets of about 1200 calories /day. After 2 years they has lost an average of 13 pounds at 6 months and maintained about 9 pounds of weight loss and two inch drop in waist size after  two years. The average weight loss was modest. 15% of dieters lost more than 10% of their weight by the end of the study. After about a year many returned to at least some of their usual eating habits. The biggest governor of success is not the ingestion any combination of foods. Weight loss results solely from reducing the number of calories whether they be carbohydrates, protein or fat. Written by Tara Parker-Hope
  169. March 8,  At the 109th meeting of the AAO in Boston on May 3rd,  Dr. Nina Anderson (NinaAnderson@hsdm.harvard.edu) will speak on The Recognition and Management of Eating Disorders and Depression (so as to identify high-risk patients and strategies for treatment and or referral. [I wrote to her about my research supporting the finding that among the obese and becoming obese that there is an accompanying high risk of depression]. This presentation is a milestone for an orthodontic conference of such vast breadth. It is a defacto recognition that orthodontists cannot turn a blind eye to their patients with eating disorders be they bulimics or hyperphagics. (compulsive).
  170. March 24: http://www.drted.com/Dr Ted Presents placing braces.htm  Click the link to read my chronicle of how this health documentary film is being produced… Oh la-la the things that happen.  The opening of the movie proudly displays my attention and continued interest in OJW.
  171. Just to lighten up a bit go see/listen to:  The Ballad of Dr Ted  tells the story a young boy’s apprehensions about getting braces, and how his friend Jason eased his fears.In the end the narrator of the song, now age twenty-four, extols his happiness for having a winning smile.  The DVD and argument in support of my proposal that the AAO amend its bylaws to adopt a musical composition that represents it, was mailed to the President of the AAO, NESO  (Northeast Society of Orthodontists). The proposal places the Ballad of Dr Ted in nomination for such a piece of music.It will be presented to delegation reviewing the bylaws and new amendments March 21, in Boston at the 109th meeting of the AAO.  OUTCOME:Monday Mar 23, 2009
    Good morning Ted.I’m sorry to inform you that the NESO Delegation has decided not to endorse your song to represent the AAO. The main reason is because it was all about one person.
    I suggest that you take it to the NY State Society of Orthodontists Executive Board and ask them to endorse it and to recommend it to the AAO House of Delegates.
    Dr. J.K.   NESO Delegation Chair

    AND on March 26:
    Dr. Rothstein,   The Executive Board of the New York State Society of Orthodontists met on March 26 and declined to endorse your suggestion for an AAO song. Respectfully, Dr. G.P. President, NYSSO

  172. April 22 Whenever I do an OJW and introduce some innovation I document it. On 4/21 the patient requested that I place clear brackets on the six upper teeth, the ones I usually place metal braces on, and the lower front canines as well of teeth. Although I was reluctant at first because the clear brackets are somewhat less adherent (because of the smaller size of the base of the bracket) I yielded to her request.  I did so because she was able to return to the office if a bracket became detached. I warned her of that possibility before proceeding. I am happy she was pleased and look forward to seeing if she will be successful keeping them attached.
    On 4/22 I did OJW on another patient from Michigan. The innovation here was to use the size .012″ dead-soft wire which is the thinnest and most pliable of the two sizes of wire I typically use, the other being .014″. Moreover, after showing her the the typical wrap-around the bracket method of wiring and the wiring-through the bracket method she chose the latter which is more arduous to accomplish but provides a more ample latitude of lower jaw movement.  Both patients were quick to learn the nuances of performing the wiring. I requested  they write about their choices and how they fared.  (Schematic showing how to wire through the vertical slots)
  173. A follow up letter from SM reporting her progress and her recommendations to a would-be OJW patient.
  174. Pickwickian Syndrome: Pickwickian syndrome, which refers to a combination of interlinked symptoms such as extreme obesity, shallow breathing, tiredness, sleepiness, etc. The character with these symptoms was not Mr. Pickwick, but Fat Joe, so the term is really coined after the book’s title. The medical term for the condition is obesity-hypoventilation syndrome.  See derivation: http://wordsmith.org/words/pickwickian.html   Meaning: 1. Marked by generosity, naivete, or innocence.2. Not intended to be taken in a literal sense.
  175. The OJW fee at present is $2668.. It is a one-time non-refundable fee.  This all-inclusive fee includes maintenance of the appliance from placement to removal, rewiring every 5 weeks until goals are met or patient requests the OJW be removed; and  24/7 support and contact with the Dr. Rothstein. An initial fee $685 twenty four hours in advance and the balance to at OJW.
    will confirm the appointment otherwise it will be canceled.
  176. “Who is NOT a good candidate for the OJW  should be read with great attention.
  177. GOOD TO KNOW: Brackets that become detached for what ever reason are troublesome and costly if another doctor has to rebond them ($50-$75 per bracket).  If a bracket detached you would not be able to return to my office since you live so far away. Metal brackets are generally less detachable. My advice is to have all metal brackets. If you feel you must have clear then take the clear on only the upper and lower right and left canines.  Failing to take that advice take the two upper right and left teeth and the upper and lower canines as clear.  You would then have 4/6 clear on top and 2/6 clear on the bottom (where brackets will show the least). Detached bracket can and do happen. If you choose all clear the detachment  factor is greater.  And remember an orthodontist will replace brackets but will NOT rewire you. Bonding the brackets farther back makes it VERY difficult for patients to place the wires on themselves so I don’t recommend you have me do that.  Now having  given you my best advice you are at liberty to have me do as YOU wish.  Obtaining an note from a physician that you are cleared to have a liquid diet would serve us both well. Cordially, Dr. Ted Cc: staff
  178. August 19, 2009:  My application to speak on the subject of “Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating
    Leading to Obesity”. was granted, and I have been provided with 20 speaker-minutes.on  May 1-4 in Washington, DC, at the 110th meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists for Twenty Minutes. :-)     [See letter]
  179. October 17, 2009:   NY Times Oct. 17  Medicine’s Elusive Goal: A Safe Weight-Loss Drug by  Andrew Pollack
    Three small California companies are hoping to begin selling obesity drugs that could help treat one of America’s biggest and costliest health problems. 1.Graphic: How the New Obesity Drugs Compare….2. Assessing the Chances for the Next Wave of Obesity Drugs…..3.Times Health Guide: Obesity
  180. November 18, 2009: NY Times: A Surging Obesity Rate: A congressional report stated that if current trends continue, 103 million American adults will be
    considered obese by 2018. That would be 42 % for adults compared with 31% in 2008 (according to the research of Kenneth E. Thorpe, professor of Public Health.)
    The prevalence of obesity is growing faster than that of any other public health conditions in the country’s history. Health care costs related to obesity which is
    associated with conditions like hypertension and diabetes, would total $344 billion in 2018, or more than on in five dollars spent on health care it the trend continues.
  181. NY Times Tuesday December 22, 2009: Does your stomach shrink when you eat less? The author Anahad O’Conner (scitimes@nytimes.com) reports that
    the answer is YES according to a number of studies. “Among the dieters, gastric capacity was reduced from 36% down to 27%…There was no significant change in
    the control group. Those tested were put on a highly restricted diet limited to 1000 calories a day and their stomach capacity was measure by inflating a balloon.However.
    is the reverse true? Does your stomach enlarge when you eat more?  The answer is again YES.
  182. Feb. 4,2010: Jane Brody writes good articles in the Science section of the NY Times. In her latest article “Rules Worth Following for Everyone’s Sake”  She writes,
    I have come across nothing more sensible, intelligent and simple to follow than the 64 principles outlined in a slender 64-page easy-to-digest new book called:
    Food Rules: An Eaters Manual,” by Micheal Pollan.  Herein the principles of the book are revealed. [Read Article].
  183. On May 3,  I presented my work on Orthodontic Jaw Wiring to my colleagues at the meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, DC: SEE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. See also: E-Synopsis containing the documents referred to in the PowerPoint presentation: E-Synopsis
  184. From time to time I revise/update the introductory letter I use to respond to persons who inquire about the OJW service: See the most current response letter.
  185. THE ANSWER TO THE NEXT Q. IS 500 MILES   “How many miles of blood vessels are there in a pound of fat?” People write me about this every once in a while. Let’s figure it out. Assume an adipocyte is 50 microns across; it’ll vary from 10-100 depending on how fat the person is. The fatter you are, the less vascular is your fat, which is one more reason that this whole inquiry is silly. In a section of body fat, which I examine often enough under the microscope, the capillary (there has to be at least one) that supplies each fat cell is not usually visible, so I’ll assume one per adipocyte, and all going in the same direction. Put a single capillary between each pair of fat cells and that’s about 20 capillaries per millimeter, or about 500 capillaries per inch, or 250,000 capillaries per square inch. Assume a pound of fat is a cube 4″ on a side, which is good enough for junk science, or 16 square inches, and that is 4,000,000 capillaries running through the cube, 16,000,000 inches. There are 12 inches in a foot and 5280 feet in a mile, so if you get 500 miles you did the arithmetic the same way that I did. If you prefer 100 miles as in other estimates, simply assume that there’s a capillary between every other pair of adipocytes, rather than every pair. That this question is fundamentally wrong-headed can be understood by anyone who considers whether moving a certain total number of cars through Kansas City would be easier with more highways or fewer highways. Further, the vast majority of these capillaries are completely closed at any moment during your life, and not carrying any blood. At autopsy, blood usually dribbles from other organs but not from fat. At surgery, other organs bleed plenty but fat barely bleeds. The real question isn’t, “How many extra miles of blood vessels?”, but “How much rougher is it on my heart to be fat?” Think about walking around carrying 100 lb of weights everywhere you go. The truth is that “education” and moral exhortation do not cause people to lose weight; overeating is programmed just like scratching when you itch. Source: http://www.pathguy.com/lectures/vessels.htm  [NOTE: The incidence of coronary disease in the chronically overweigh/obese is much greater than those whose
    weight is closer to normal for their height and weight. For every pound of extra weight your heart has to  muster up the additional power to pump the blood through
    5000 miles more of additional  tubing. That means that if you are100 pounds overweight you have 5000 extra miles of additional tubing through which
    your heart must pump blood.]
  186. “In 1980, 15% of Americans were obese, with bodies weighing 20% more than ideal. In the intervening years, the rate has more than doubled. Today
    a whopping 34.3% of Americans are obese, some morbidly: another third are overweigh. All told then, two-thirds of the American populace weighs more than is healthy–
    or conducive to happiness: mounting data suggests that poor diet and surplus fat burden the emotions, producing ennui and even depression…”  So writes
    Meghan Cox Gordon in her book review in the NY Times May 2010 of Susan Yager’s book The Hundred Year diet. Are humans hardwired to overeat in a world
    where cheap, tasty food is ubiquitous?  In this book the author explores America’s voracious appetite for losing weight. Ms Gordong writes: ” the book offers bit-sized
    chapters that take us through America’s fat-fighting history.
  187. At. http://www.iveta-bartosova.info/  the content matter for May 27, 2010 presents the authors view on a  Colon Cleansing Program to remove Toxins from
    your lower bowel that may well be without your realizing it making you unhealthy. The product that is recommended is “Colpurin”.  I am sure the author
    (whose name is not readily apparent) is convinced that this approach can helpful to some, so I recommend you read the article since its main topic is related
    eating healthy and staying healthy. It is not related in any way to OJW.
  188. NY Times, Friday, July 16, 2010: “FDA Panel Votes Against Obesity Drug”. Regarding the new obesity medication pills “QNEXA’” developed by the drug
    company Vivus, The advisory committee of the FDA  voted 10 to 6 against the releasing of this new drug into the market place. They expressed serious concerns
    such as increased heart rate, possible birth defects and psychiatric problems that overrode the potential benefits of the drug. In particular. the panel addressed
    the increased likelihood of depression, suicidal thinking, impaired memory and concentration as well as the risk of acid buildup in body fluids that could increase
    the risk of kidney stones. The good news is that those who received the highest dose of QNEXA lost on average 10.6% of their weight compared to 1.7% of the
    control group who received a placebo. Still to be evaluated by this panel in the near future are two other new drugs: ‘LORCASERIN” by Arena Pharmaceuticals
    and “CONTRAVE” from Orexigen Therapeutics. Other medications that have been shown to be harmful or of little benefit, or have other nasty nasty side-effects include
  189. From AARP October 2010: Vol. 51. #9″ The Price of Obesity showing the projected average cost-related health care for EVERY ADULT in each state projected
    in 2013.  The five highest:  West Virginia $764; Montana, $761; Ohio $755; Kentucky, $750; Missouri, $728; The five lowest: Colorado, $378; D.C. $433; Mass., 482;
    Virginia $492; Rhode Island $491;  Average cost $615.
  190. NY Times Saturday October 9: The diet drug Meridia has been withdrawn from the market place by Abbot labs under pressure from the Food and Drug
    administration because of its propensity to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. PS: if you are taking the over-the-counter called “Slimming Beauty
    Bitter Orange Slimming Capsules” best to stop it now because it contains excessive amounts of “Sibutramine” the main ingredient in Meridia.
  191. From time to time I revise/update the introductory letter I use to respond to persons who inquire about the OJW service: See the most current response letter.
  192. November 13, 2010: Creation of an OJW Newsletter  exclusively for OJW patients, allow them to share with each other their experiences and thoughts before, during and after OJW. The link to the newsletter provided only to the OJWed past, present and future.
  193. “What’s stopping dentists from talking about obesity”  This is an article that appeared today in an online dental journal that I subscribe to:
    entitled  DrBicuspid.com .   Here is an excerpt: “Dentists say they are interested in helping patients with serious weight issues, but at the same time they are afraid of offending them and appearing judgmental, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association
    (November 2010, Vol. 141:11, pp. 1307-1316). )  Click [HERE] To see the letter I sent to the Publisher/Editor.
  194. If you go back to number item 67 above you can read an article by Blogger: User Profile: Peter Janiszewski, PhD from Ontario,Canada. who hold
    PhD is Kinesiology and Health Studies. [see also http://ca.linkedin.com/in/peterjaniszewski]  He shares his thoughts about the pros and cons of this removable device that is similar to a retainer often used by orthodontists to hold teeth in place when braces are removed at the end of treatment


  195. The NY Times Thurs. Dec. 2, 2010 “FDA Panel Studies (Lap) Banding Procedure for the Less Obese: Allergan, a Pharmaceutical company petitioned the FDA
    to lower the minimum BMI an obese person  must have to be eligible the Lap-Band device/procedure (they make and sell). The Obesity epidemic in our country
    is describes as follows (source US Dept. of Health and Human Services): Those with a BMI  of 25-29 ie “overweight” 34.2% or 69 million persons; BMI 30-34 ie “Obese
    19.5% or 39 million;  BMI 35-39 ie “Level II Obesity” 8.6% or 17 million;  BMI of 40+  is 5.7 million% or 11 million . In Gastric bypass surgery the  mortality rate
    is unacceptably high (2/1000), and the cost is, $20k-305K and the procedure is irreversible. With the lap-band procedure (placing an inflatable silicon ring
    around the upper part of the stomach which limits food consumption by making you feel fuller sooner, although it requires surgery the surgery is reversible,
    the mortality rate is lower, and the cost is half as much ($12,000-$25,000). If the FDA approves the petition the new guidelines could double
    the population eligible for the Lap-Band: If you had no obesity-related health problems to be eligible you would have a BMI of 35 or higher (at present you have
    to have a BMI of 40 or higher. If you have Obesity-related health problems you would need to have a BMI of 30 or higher instead of what it currently is ie 35 or higher.
    ["some older studies suggest that up to 33% of the patients (lap-band) eventually have the band removed because of the side effects or ineffective weight loss, while
    about one in one-thousand patients, die within 30 days of surgery..." "Seventy percent of patients experienced vomiting or pain... 80% achieved achieved the goal
    losing 30% of their weight. In the study that was cited (149 patients) there was no mention whether or not these patients regained any of the weight they lost
    (a problem that is universal to EVERY approach to weight loss including OJW).
  196. Rationale of OJW and detailed guide to self-wiring. Click (here).
  197. Wall Street Journal (Health and Wellness)  December 14, 2010 : Mini summary of article published in New England Journal of Medicine: The data complied
    from multiple studies totaling 1.5 million people ages 19-84 proved that optimal BMI is 20-24.9; a BMI of 25-29.9 increased the risk of death over 10 year by 13%;
    BMI of 30 - 34.9 increased the risk of death by 44% and a BMI of 35-39.9 by 88%;  the "morbidly" obese BMI >40 died at a rate 2.5 times higher that those with
    an ideal BMI. And what about people with a BMI of of 15-19? They had an INCREASED RISK of death. [ "the study looked at white people in affluent countries and may
    may not apply to other populations"]  Note from the author of the study. “Smoking and pre-existing illness or disease are strongly associated with the risk of death
    and with obesity. A paramount aspect of the study was our ability to minimize the impact of these factors by excluding those participants from the analysis.”
  198. Submitted an article to www.healthtopics.com for consideration:  Weight Loss and Orthodontic Jaw Wiring
  199. January 1, 2011: Dawna D. from KY said she would film doing the OJWiring on herself, and by-golly SHE DID. [See her clip]  Her clip will appear in a film
    we shot on December 16: “Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Dental Professionals”: by Dr. Ted Rothstein, filmed and edited
    by Lamont Jack Pearly with Brooke Swan: Airs worldwide Wednesday, January 26, 5:30pm ESTonline www.bricartsmedia.org/bcat
    and select the channel of your choice: Time Warner 56 / Cablevision 69 / RCN 84 / Verizon 44   Day: Wednesday January 26, 2011
    SEE ALSO: Rationale of OJW and detailed guide to self-wiring. Click (here). Cordially, Dr. Ted  Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring,  and Best wishes for
    a healthy and happy new year.
  200. Jan 3. Potential Link Between Obesity And Periodontal Disease: “Is There a Prospective Association between Obesity and Periodontal Disease?”,
    by M. Jimenez et al., of the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Puerto Rico, presented during the 87th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research. Conclusion: clear evidence of obesity occurring prior to periodontal disease, and support an association between obesity and risk of periodontal disease. Given the high prevalence of obesity and periodontal disease, this association may be of
    substantial public health importance. (Read article)
  201. January 9,  I wrote an article for Everlook, an online health magazine, and it was Published: See article ” Weight Control & Orthodontic Jaw Wiring”
    Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW) Dental Professionals Join HealthCare Team  Read More>>>
  202. Jan 20, I wrote to Tami Roman, actress now playing the Basketball Wives Series regarding if she could give me the name of the orthodontist who did her jaw wiring for weight loss AND THEN found her blog while searching her out on Linkedin. There, she had written an article about her battle with the weight-gaining-demons and briefly alluded to her experience with Jaw Wiring: While she lost 15 pounds faster than you can say “woe is me”, she said the “the orthodontist should have his licensed revoked LOL” [read the article]  I have always said that OJW is not for everyone. However, I have always said that OJW always takes you to a new plane about how you think about yourself. In Tami Roman’s case what saved her, she wrote, was her acting coach Chip Fields who invited her to church where she “began a relationship with G-d”. Indeed, she wrote “I learned to love myself on the inside.  Many things from my past had been harbored in my psyche and I did not even realize it.  I had been hurting from a young age and just chose to displace those feelings, thoughts and emotions. I chose the act of transference pertaining to certain issues rather than facing them head on. This displacement and transference had a negative impact on my self-esteem and it held me hostage for many years.”  She realized she needed a remake of her soul and that Jaw Wiring was “STUPID” for her. On Jan 24 this lovely lady took time out of her busy acting schedule to respond. Her response took me by surprise
    as you will see when you read it.  [read Tami's response]
  203. OJW rationale, wiring instructions, Dawna self-wiring video and the nature of the OJW jaw position jaw in jaw wiring. [see page-- very instructive]
  204. In 2009 I asked my OJW patients to respond to a pressing comprehensive Questionnaire Survey: See their responses  (Excel spread sheet).
  205. February 5, I was mystified when T.S., who I had just put the OJW on a week ago, sent me a picture showing that the teeth that I had just put the braces on had turned gray. Of course I was surprised and most concerned perhaps even more than TS was. I had never experienced this totally unique event in having placed braces on more than 6000 patients exactly the same way. I was on the phone with her in minutes.  After an hour of conversation we finally began to understand what we strongly believe caused the greyness, which I am certain is there only temporarily. You will see why when you read the letter I wrote to her summarizing
    my theory of the cause of the problem and my advice to her.  Read the letter
  206. February 18: (Refer also to #194) Article NY Times, Feb. 17, 2011. F.D.A Approves (lap) Band Device less Obese: The company Allergan said that 26 milllion more people )would be eligible to have the “Lap-band” procedure since the weight requirementswere lowered.  (mortality rate .05 –0.2% i.e., 25,000-500,000)   However they were eligible only if they has serious health problems related to the obesity such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Now a man who is 5’6″ and 186 pounds is eligible.Before that he was eligible only if he weighed 216 pounds. Nevertheless Allergan is :-) .  The LB is approved who have
    failed to lose weight by diet, exercise or drugs.Allergan is best known for its Botox wrinkle treatment. Mortality rate from Lap-band surgery:http://www.ehow.com/facts_5990250_death-lap-band.html
  207. When my colleague in Oregon got my letter about my documentary film  to be aired in March, worldwide on the net, (OJW for Dental Professionals), she wrote to me expressing her thoughts on the results she had had with four OJW patients. She was not a happy camper. Here is my response to her. [Read]
  208. Feb18.  FDA has approved the GlaxoKleinSmith weight loss medication ALLI (side effect for some “Passing gas with oily discharge and frequent loose stools.)
    FDA denied approval to Contrave by Orexigen… Risk of heart attack to high.    FDA approved weight loss pills
  209. Feb. 19 From time to time I revise/update the introductory letter I use to respond to persons who inquire about the OJW service: See the most current response letter.
  210. March 3.  I have recently noted that there is now a dot.com site named after my site.  I have no affiliation or relationship with the products being promoted on
    this site. I am  an orthodontist who provides a  weight loss dental appliance called OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring)  which requires  that the patient provide
    me a note from their physician that permits them to begin a long-term low calorie liquid diet: I do not offer as part of my service to sell or recommend any type
    of liquid diet or dietary supplement no less a supplement that contains HCG  SEE THE PAGE I POSTED ON THIS SUBJECT
  211. March 3. NY Times Tuesday March 8 “Diet Plan with Pregnancy Hormone (hCG) Has Its Fans and Skeptics” The regimen combines daily injections (of hCG*) with a near starvation diet. The providers claim  the weight lost is area specific: upper arms bellies and thighs. The FDA warned in January 2011 that homeopathic for hCG sold over the internet and some health food stores are “are fraudulent and illegal if they claim weight–loss powers”. Other risks include blood clots, depression, headaches and breast tenderness of enlargement (?desirable for some?) the fact is this supplement is no better than a placebo. But because you may obtain it only by prescription it has acquired an aura of respectability. The research results from twelve out of fourteen that people on HCG did not lose more weight, feel less  or improve body shape  more than other patients who were given a placebo injection such as saline solution, * hCG  (Human Chorionic GonadoTrophin) is made from the urine of pregnant woman and from the placenta (the afterbirth).
  212. The final cut of OJW for Dental professionals the documentary film  Vimeo site
  213. NY Time Thursday March 17, 2011 an article appeared entitled Hoping to Avoid the Knife: (Surgery-Free Devices Scarce for Weight Loss) p1. Business Section written by Andrew Pollack  I decided to contact him (http://www.nytimes.com/membercenter/emailus.html)  Here is what I wrote: Dear Mr. Pollack: I read your article How to Avoid the Knife with great interest as I am an orthodontist and sole provider of a weight loss service I call OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring). The November issue of the JADA 2010 feature story was historic in that its focus was the dental professions role in providing weight control services to their patients.
    OJW is service that I invented and have been providing for more than a decade. Recently I produced a documentary film entitled OJW for Dental professionals which will air shortly on BCAT. I would like to share my information with you. Cordially, Dr. Ted Rothstein Please refer to: http://www.drted.com/Orthodontic Jaw Wirining (OJW) Intro letter.htm
    Ted Rothstein DDS PhD
    Specialist in Cosmetic Orthodontics
    and Dentofacial Orthopedics
    Adults and Children
    Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (weightcontrol)
    American Association of Orthodontists
    Life-active Member
    35 Remsen St., Bklyn, NY 11201
    718 852 1551 Fx 718 852 1894
    www.drted.com drted35@aol.com
  214. March 29, NY Times Science section: A study of patients who lost at least 43% of their excess weight (82 of 151 patients 1994 -1997) showed 50% of those patients had to have their Lap-band removed because of medical complications. The bands eroded in 1 of 3 patients. 60% had to have additional surgeries including 17% who went on to have full gastric bypass surgery. Researchers concluded “Lap-band surgery appear to result in relatively poor long-term outcomes”. “The results are worse than we expected.” “Anyone who has had the procedure should see a care provider on a regular basis and be vigilant for signs of infection
    and band erosion.
  215. March 31, NY Times (Front Page) Fat Stigma is Fast Becoming a Global Epidemic: Concluded Dr. Alexandria Brewis CEO of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change  at Arizona State University (See Journal of Current Anthropology) who based her research on data obtained from 700 persons. There is a growing body of evidence that more and more people view and equate obesity with laziness, derision and shame, and that view point is causing the obese to be last in line to be hired for the good jobs if they are hired at all. The lower paying jobs are the first to go to them. In the work place they are more more likely to to be to be stigmatized and derided by their colleagues both in front of them and behind their backs as they are the butt of comic relief.  Finally it is apparent that they are less likely to get married, and less likely to get promoted not to mention that obesity is a major threat to  health and length of life. Conclusion: Being perceived as obese is can harm you in ways you don’t think about: psychologically, physiologically and socially and can be downright depressing and harmful to the obese.
  216. April 5, I like praise. so when C. wrote and told me she had achieved her goal weight and was ready to have her OJW removed I was very pleased. Then she continued on to write what I can honestly describe as a “STANDING OVATION”.  It’s letters like hers that make me proud I provide the Orthodontic Jaw Wiring service. [Read her note, my response, and the description of her experience]
  217. April 5,  Fashionista begins OJW. The art of making the OJW as little conspicuous as possible (See story)
  218. April 21: OJW Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control: a Documentary for Dental Professionals: a film by Dr. Ted Rothstein
    YouTube: YouTube:  Part I:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcSUzKWjhXs    Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NnU4nkCT00
  219. Article NY Times: May 17, 2011 “Taking Measure of Weight Loss Plans and the Studies of Them” who do you think won the prize for best weight loss plan? The contestants included: Jenny Craig, Slim-Fast, Weight Watchers, Zone fast weight loss plan, Dr. Dean Ornish’s “Eat More Weight Less”, Atkins, Nutrisystem. If you guessed Weight Watchers YOU ARE WRONG.  CORRECT ANSWER: JENNY CRAIG. The study of “These findings highlight just how little weight the participants  in commercial plans manage to lose despite CONSIDERABLE EXPENSE IN MONEY AND TIME. See results of this two-year study in the April-May issue of the JAMA.  Amazing but true: only 3 out of 4 dieters stuck with the program for one month.; by 13 weeks,58% has dropped out, and after a year the dropout rate was 93%.  Those who stuck with the program for at least three months lost about 8% of their body weight. (If you weighed 300 pounds you lost 24 pounds) Today Jenny Craig charges $400 initiation fee and $100/week for packaged meals.
    There was no long-term data on whether they kept it off.
  220. May 22, 2011:  “OJW” (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring) was approved as a Trademark at the USPTO ( United States Trademark and Patent Office) # 85892818.It will  be published in the USPTO Gazette  (#85892818) On June 7, 2011. Any person/entity claiming infringement has 30 days to file an objection.   Absent objection the acronym  OJW will change status from OJW™ to OJW®. :-)
  221. See Press Release: Headline: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW) for Dental Professionals Documentary Airing Tuesday June 7, 2011 Aims at Dentists who Will Treat the Obese:  Read Press Release
  222. 07/07/11:  It’s Official. I got my “Rabol”: OJW®  (See 219 above); (The ® or rabol symbol. This stands for a registered trademark. Used for products and services  that has been registered with a national trademark office …Next stop OJW Patent approved ;-) USPTO grants OJW Trademark ®  (See it)
  223. ShockingPrediction About Obesity — It’s hardly news that the obesity rate in the US has been soaring, but a new study reveals the extent of the rise. What’s expected by the year 2030
  224. 082611 From time to time I revise/update the introductory letter I use to respond to persons who inquire about the OJW service: See the most current response letter.
  225. 090311. In item #120 above on  October 20. 2007 I wrote about the problem of weight GAIN ASSOCIATED WITH THE “MUNCHIES”. To day I will cite evidence to show that “People using cannabis are less likely to be obese than people who do not use cannabis” Colombes, France: The prevalence of obesity in the general population is sharply lower among marijuana consumers than it is among nonusers,
    according to an analysis published online this week in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Investigators at the Louis Moureir Hospital in Colombes, France analyzed cross-sectional data from two representative epidemiological studies of US adults age 18 and older: the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) and the National Comorbidity Survey-Replication. Combined, the surveys included over 50,000 eligible respondents. Authors controlled for respondents’ sociodemographic characteristics, including age, ethnicity, educational level, marital status, and tobacco use, but they did not factor into account subjects’ physical activity or diet.
    “The prevalence of obesity was significantly lower in cannabis users than in nonusers (16.1 percent versus 22 percent in the NESARC and 17.2 percent versus 25.3 percent in the NCS-R),” researchers reported. They added, “The proportion of obese participants decreased with the frequency of cannabis use” — noting that respondents who reported using the substance ‘three days per week or more’ were least likely to be obese compared to those who reported ‘no cannabis use in the past 12 months.’Authors concluded, “Even if cannabis consumption increases appetite, people using cannabis are less likely to be obese than people who do not use cannabis.”The study is the first large-scale trial to evaluate the association between cannabis use and weight in the general population.According to the Journal of the American Medical Association
    (JAMA), the prevalence of obesity is approximately 34 percent among adults in the United States, contributing to 13 percent of total
    US mortality.For more information, please contact Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at: paul@norml.org. Full text of the study, “Obesity and cannabis use: results from two representative national surveys,” appears online in the American Journal of Epidemiology.Share this article:  http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&topic=Politics&url=http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=8670&title=Frequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says http://www.reddit.com/submit?url=http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=8670&title=Frequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says http://del.icio.us/post?v=4&noui&jump=close&url=http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=8670&title=Frequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says http://www.stumbleupon.com/submit?url=http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=8670&title=Frequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=8670&t=Frequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says http://www.norml.org/scripts/gotwitter.pl?title=Frequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says&longurl=http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=8670
  226. December 28, 2011 Major article NY Times (OBESITY IS A DISEASE IN ITSELF)  If you go way back up you will find: 64. Effectiveness of weight loss methods will be the main criteria to obtain Medicaid coverage for obesity, which now has been elevated to the status of a disease. But which methods are effective? And moreover what does “effective” mean? Read the New York Times article published July 18, 2004 and find out for yourself. …Read the article.  In the current article “Enticing Doctors to Endorse a Weight-Loss Program” you can read: “The American rate of obesity, defined as having a BMI of 30
    or greater (about 203 pounds for a 5-foot 9 inch adult grew from 13.4% of the population in 1962 to 34.3% in Dec 2008, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  “(Medicare) in announcing that it would obesity treatment, cited not just the public-health concerns but economic ones, since treating obesity may be cheaper than TREATING THE DISEASES FOR FOR WHICH THE OVERWEIGHT ARE PREDISPOSED, INCLUDING HEART DISEASE, STROKE, DIABETES AND SOME CANCERS.”   The article particularly notes that Medicare has joined the CMWL physicians (Center for Medical Weight Loss) in the fight to end obesity (Founded by Dr. Micheal Kaplan). “As of January 2012, Medicare will now reimburse physicians or providing weight loss treatment to obese patients. Learn how to easily integrate CMWL’s nonsurgical, scientifically proven, evidence-based programs into your practice:
    Call 855 690 9159. The CMWL is a private company that is now recruiting doctors to incorporate their program and advertising directly to consumers, You can begin seeing their articles starting in February 2012 in the American Journal of Medicine. The patients will be offered a quick weight loss program requiring the most motivation and costing the most and may include diets as low as 800 calories, as well as prescribing appetite suppressant medications and exercise regimes, Those programs, supervised by CMWL physicians (450 in 46 states) include:Accelerated or Accelerated Plus: A six-week plan that includes one-on-one visits with your CMWL doctor as well as medical tests to monitor your weight loss and a high-nutrition calorie-controlled food plan. The Accelerated Plus plan also includes vitamin regulation.

    LCD or Modified LCD:
    The Low Calorie Diet (LCD) is a high-nutrition calorie-controlled plan your doctor will prescribe for you and monitor closely. The Modified LCD plan is the same plan but your evening meal may contain more calories.

    Appetite Suppressant: This plan uses an appetite suppressant as a way to jumpstart a weight loss program.
    To find a CMWL provider in your zip code GO TO http://www.centerformedicalweightloss.com/
    Dr. Kaplan is quick to point out that private insurance companies will without doubt follow the lead set by Medicare.

    The message is (OBESITY IS A DISEASE IN ITSELF) and medicare will be reimbursing those doctors (physicians who possess a DEA number permitting them to dispense certain potent appetite suppressing medications) who incorporate obesity treatments in their treatments like the one offered by CMWL. See article by Dr. Rothstein written to the members of the dental profession and see article in the JADA regarding for the first time the need for dentists to be a team members to help the obese in their challenge to control obesity  and see Dr. Ted Rothstein Press Release: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW®) for Dental Professionals Documentary Airing Tuesday June 7, 2011 Aims at Dentists who Will Treat the Obese  For pros and cons see Site 1 and  Site 2

  227. January 8, 2012 article NY Times –”Young, Obese and in Surgery (Youth Procdures Rise,Despite Doubts) by Anemona Hartocollis.  p. 1 CLXI # 55644 “The long-term effectiveness for weight-loss particularly stomach banding…is still in question base on 220,00 operations done in 2010 costing $6 billion. 1-2% of them are done on patients under 21 years of age. Allergan  the industry leader in lap-band procedures will soon be marketing to children as young as 14. Doctors admit  that dieting frequently fails. The article illustrates the problem faced by following  the trials and tribulations  of a of a 17-year old who had lap-band surgery.
    At a cost of $21,369 Mediacaid and many private plans cover bariatric procedures more readily than diet or exercise plans. One in 2000 .05% and one in 900 gastric bypass die during or  immediately after surgery. and a study of 161,000 surgeries  in 2009 put the death rate at 2% (3200 patients) Some statistic indicated that they did not lose much weight; regained what they lost; had frequent heartburn and vomiting; and 30% needed new operations within 14 years. One-third required new surgies due to “pouch dilation”  Younger patients need additional reducation to undersatnd the importanc of adhering to to new and demanding eating programs. Doctors must advise them  “You’re going to have to have this tiny little meal for the rest of your life.” In addition surgery (esp, bypass can lead to malnutrition affecting bone growth, sexual maturation and other developement..A very useful table is presented showing the the number of surgeries by the 13 most importand hospitals doing surgery for weight loss (9427 total), the most common surgical techniques used; the percentage of those surgeries done on patients under 25 (statewide about 5%) The  Roux-enY (gastric bypass was favored involves stapling the stomach in to a smaller pouch..
  228. Why do we eat when we’re not hungry? Answer
    Leptins and Grhelins– (Those pesky hormonal leprechauns and gremlins that subconsciously strip away your will-power to resist the impulse to eat
    and guide you inexorably to the refrigerator and the pantry-shelf or wherever you keep the peanut butter (which I have come to learn is not so bad for you: most
    peanut butter (Skippy) is made with  monounsaturated fats which actually lower cholesterol.) Avoid the PB with Transfats. If you’re like me the moment you
    have finished the first tablespoon the urge to return to the jar /”bottle” for two more is almost irrepressible.
    Satiety  Leptin binds to neuropeptide Y (NPY) neurons in the arcuate nucleus, in such a way that decreases the activity of these neurons. Leptin signals to the brain
    that the body has had enough to eat, producing a feeling of satiety. A very small group of humans possess homozygous mutations for the leptin gene that
    leads to a constant desire for food, resulting in severe obesity (As you lose more and more weight   The absence of leptin (or its receptor) leads to uncontrolled food
    intake and resulting obesity. Several studies have shown that fasting or following a very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) lowers leptin levels
    Ghrelin is a hormone produced in the stomach and the function of which is to tell the brain that the body has to be fed. Thus, the level of this secretion
    increases before eating and decreases after. It is known to be important in the development of obesity, given that, on stimulating the appetite, it favours
    an increase in body weight. Hormone Ghrelin Raises Desire for High-Calorie Foods High levels of the appetite hormone ghrelin appear to make high-calorie
    foods look more appealing, perhaps explaining why you choose …
  229. Article NY Times Sect B1 Sat.Feb.18. 2012:  “Qnexa” to fight obesity which combinesPhentermine (stimulant) and Topirimate (topamax) for epilepsy and migraine) has now been cited by the FDA as a medication that increases the risk of heart attack. Vivius the company that makes this medication has been obliged to do more clinical trials to assess its safety. Topirimate has been shown to increase the risk of oral clefts (cleft lip) by As much as 5x. This is a major concern because most users of weigh-loss drugs are women of childbearing age. Moreover, by the second year of use of Qnexa most regular users regained 20%  of the weight they lost. Blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels showed improvement. Finally, the FDA noted their concern because Qnexa increases the heart rate.
  230. Article NY Times Sect B1 Thurs, Feb 23: Faster than you can say “Jiminy Cricket” the FDA voted 20 to 2 to APPROVE QNEXA. They felt that the benefits more than offset the potential risks of heart problems and birth defects. Vivius, the maker of Qnexa sais it would recommend that patients who did not lose at least 3% of their weight within three months SHOULD STOP TAKING THE DRUG. Vivius and the FDA are trying to figure out ways to make sure pregnant woman DO NOT TAKE THE DRUG (HIGH INCIDENCE OF CLEFT LIP AND PALATE. If you are a woman of child bearing age you should exert precaution not to have Qnexa in your system during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  231. Article NY Times Tuesday, April 10, 2012: Sect D: It’s called the “Intragastric Balloon”, costs $8000, was developed in 2006, and you have to go to Canada (Port Huron) because it is not approved in the US. It is also available in Europe and South America.  The patient is anesthetized and the balloon is inserted through the esophagus first passing through the mouth and is inflated upon reaching the stomach where it functions to make you feel full. The operation takes less than an hour. It is removed after 6 months. it appeals to people who have to lose a lot of weight but do not qualify for bariatric surgery. At best weight loss is moderate.  most patient lose the most in the first 3-4 months, on average 13 -34 pounds (some up to 50 pounds). The Cochrane Collaboration in 2007 wrote: The IB did not show…evidence of greater weight loss “its used only to reduce weight has no medical and economic justification. Diet and exercise were equally effective for weight loss”. The clinic in Canada accepts patients with a BMI less than 27 if they have weight related health problems or need to lose weight before having bariatric surgery. The balloon is filled with a blue liquid and can rupture. If it does it turns your urine green. The balloon may pass or require endoscopic or surgical removal if it obstructs the intestines. if it ruptures in the abdomen it can be life threatening. Other complications include infections and ulcers. Success depends on lifestyle changes; ( a better diet, and exercise) after the balloon is removed. Recommended programs include a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist or dietitian, personal trainer and psychologist. CLICK ON LINK TO VIDEO REPORT AND ARTICLE IN HUFFINGTON PRESS: “BARIATRIC SURGERY IS FLATOUT DANGEROUS”:  04.20/12
  232. ..May 4, 2012: AUROBINDO TRUST DENTAL HOSPITAL- Is located in the city of Hyderabad the Capitol of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, 500073. It is one of the 35 states that comprise India. It was first established in 1956. So what? you may ask: This hospital has recently added OJW® to its list of services: I found it recently while surfing the web for articles on OJW. When I found out I was very pleased and very disappointed since the authors neglected to cite my work while clearly using language that was taken from my articles and description of this subject. Consequently, I wrote the following letter: Dear Dr’s.at Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital:  I was very please and proud see that your institution has displayed my work on orthodontic Jaw Wiring so prominently on your website: http://aurobindotrustdentalhospital.blogspot.com/ However, I would like to bring to your attention that I am the inventor and principle proponent if not the only professional to popularize OJW®. I am honored to see that your description of my work is almost verbatim. Please have the kindness and professionalism to give me credit for my work.  Finally feel free to have a look at the compendium of www articles I recently cobbled together: Cordially, Dr. Ted Rothstein www.drted.com 718 852 1551 http://drted.com/OrthodonticJawWiringOJWCompendiumofArticlesontheWeb.htm
  233. Full Details re the OJW Position of Physiologic Rest
  234. NY Times: 5-11-12 Diet Drug Wins Panel’s Approval About one-third of adults in the United States are obese, and excess weight raises the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. Still, many of those who voted for approval at the meeting in Silver Spring, Md., expressed only muted enthusiasm for lorcaserin, saying it did not help people lose much weight.
    “It is not really the answer to the obesity problem, but it may be a steppingstone to help us out,” said Dr. Eric I. Felner,
  235. NY Times May 15, Science Section: Author Carson Show “Weight changes up or down, take a very, very long time”. What caused the obesity epidemic? Answer: The overproduction of food in the US: Our government encouraged farmers to grow as much as possible; while technological changes resulted in the “Green Revolution resulting in a superabundance of food leading to plummeting prices consequently making the number of calories available to each individual about 1000 calories/day more than previously. Add to that better food marketing; the abundance of fast-food restaurants, the huge size of the portions they serve and the relatively low prices they charge for it: Result– between 1975 and 2005 average weight increased by 20 pounds and the the obesity weight jumped from 20% to 30%. Would you like to know how much you need to reduce your your intake of calories and increase your activity to lose a given amount of weight over a given amount of time? SEE THE INTERACTIVE MODEL THAT ALLOWS YOU TO FIGURE IT OUT AT: bwsimulator.niddk.nih.gov  hint: you can choose to calculate in Inches/Pounds or Centimeters/Kilograms The obesity epidemic epidemic may have peaked because the recession has made food more expensive,
  236. “PASSENGERS OF SIZE” That’s how the airlines refers to “weight challenged” flyers. If you can’t get the security belt fastened around you, You are
    going to find yourself back at the security gate.  I cobbled together a few URLs to give you leg up on the some of the humiliations and penalties the
    airlines are making the obese prisoner to:

    1. Some Airlines Make Obese Passengers Buy Two Seats …
    2. Debate Issue: Obese customers should pay more for flights…
    3. Should obese passengers be required to buy an extra seat …
    4. How should airlines handle obese passengers? How …
    5. Discrimination against the obese by airlines
  237. June 6, 2012  (ABCnews.com) The K-E diet (See news feed video) which boasts promises of shedding 20 pounds in 10 days, is an increasingly popular alternative to ordinary calorie-counting programs. The program has dieters inserting a feeding tube into their nose that runs to the stomach. They’re fed a constant slow drip of protein and fat, mixedwith water, which contains zero carbohydrates and totals 800 calories a day. Body fat is burned off through a process called ketosis, which leaves muscle intact, Dr. Oliver Di Pietro of Bay Harbor Islands, Fla., said,,, Although the K-E diet is new to the United States, it has been around for years in Europe. Dr. Di Pietro charges $1,500 for the 10-day plan, and says the before-and-after pictures sell themselves. But critics warn that losing too much weight too fast can be dangerous, and it ultimately won’t last. Di Pietro warns that people with kidney issues should avoid the diet.
  238. Tues. June 26, NY Times article based on JAMA article published online last week: The study included 1,945 bariatric surgery patients of whom 1,360 had the most common type: the Roux-en-y gastric bypass and 490 has the laparoscopic operation. The results were based on a 10-question “well-validated” questionnaire: Teh main conclusion found that alcohol consumption increased from 7.6%to 9.6%, That eans that nationwide 2000 people were likely t abuse alcohol after bariatric surgery. Those who had the Roux-en-y gastric bypass more that twice as likely to abuse alcohol than those who had the lapband operation. Those who had the surgery tended to have higher peak alcohol levels and reach them more quickly,
  239. Tues. July 10, NY Times article: Relief Tips for Joints Beseiged by Arthritis: “Some 27 million Americans have life-limiting osteoarthritis and the numbers are rising as the population gets older and fatter. The most effective way to prevent arthritis in knee and hips is to lose weight and pursue  non-impact activities for recreation.(Recommended activities: stationary or outdoor cycling, swimming, or working out in an elliptical or rowing machine).”Even a loss of 10%-15% of body weight can make a big difference”..”with our national crisis of obesity we’ll more and more arthritis of the knees, ankles, hips and spine” A study at Wake Forest University (N= 450 men and women) with osteoarthritis showed that a weight-loss diet combined with well-designed
    exercise can significantly reduce knee pain.
  240. July 17, 2012      Hello
    I am an internist in Michigan interested in learning to do the OJW procedure,
    I had training and experience in Bariatric Medicine.
    I did watch your you-tube Videos, I find it quite promising.
    I am questioning if this procedure is solely  done by dentist?
    I do appreciate your answer. thanks. Lina Sakr, MD
    See Also other exciting developments:  http://aurobindotrustdentalhospital.blogspot.com/
  241. July 18, NY Times article: After 13-Year Drought the F.D.A. Approves a Second Drug for Weight Loss: Qnexa the newest weight loss drug was given FDA approval under the name of “Qysymia” formerly Qnexa (see above). The FDA raised the risks of birth defects, elevated heart rates and “cognitive” problems. It was developed by Vivus in California. Xenical was the last approved 13 years ago and is rarely prescribed.
    It caused heart-valve damages. Qysimia combines Phenterimine (cuts appetite) and Topirimate (increases sense of feeling full–was used to treat migraines and headaches). Approval was based on a study including 3700 obese patients: average weight loss for 70% of patients was at least 5% of,their body weight. The FDA also approved a drug called Belviq (Arena Pharmaceuticals) Cost is about $6.00/pill. “While many people might try such drugs they rarely stay on them for more than a few months. Insurance companies rarely pay for them.
  242. July 24, NY Times article: Fitness Products Come Mostly Filled With Fiction: Summary: Researchers found after examining the claims of 615 fitness/health products advertised in
    sports magazines that there WAS NOT A SINGLE ONE that could be supported by rigorous scientific. Moreover, the fitness products that were thoroughly evaluated appear to HAVE NO
    EFFECT ON STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, SPEED OR REDUCED FATIGUE. (Products examined include: oral supplements, footwear, clothing and devices, wrist bands, compression
    stockings, sports drinks   The evidence to support their claims is just not there.
  243. Thursday August 14, NY Times:  Three States Are Added To List of Those With High Obesity Rates: press release for the Centers for Disease Control and
    Prevention. Mississippi had the highest rate of obesity at 36%.  Twelve states have obesity rates greater than 30% (at last count there were 9 states).
    Alabama,   Arkansas,   Indiana,   Kentucky,   Louisiana,   Michigan, Mississippi,   Missouri,   Oklahoma,   South Carolina,    Texas, & West Virginia,
  244. September 17.  The following was included in an email from the American Association of Orthodontist:
    RE:  Orthodontists’ Role in Addressing Obesity: A National Survey: Dear Doctor, The attached electronic survey “Orthodontists’ Role in Addressing Obesity:
    A National Survey” is being sent to you and the entire AAO membership to assess your thoughts and opinions about your role in addressing the needs of your overweight and obese patients.  It also asks about current practices that might be used to identify and influence the management of patients’ weight as well as barriers to providing in-office weight loss advice.This survey was patterned after a recently published survey by a group at the University of North Carolina. In the November 2010 issue of JADA, Dr. Alice Curran, et al, published their findings when these questions were asked of both general and pediatric dentists.
    Orthodontists were not part of their study and it is our objective to assess our specialty’s attitudes on the topic and compare them with those attitudes of general and pediatric dentists. Please click here to take the Survey.Your participation in our electronic survey will be greatly appreciated.  It should take you only ten minutes to complete the survey.  Please note that all survey responses will be stored anonymously and there will be no identifying information collected.  If you have any particular questions about the study, you may contact me at the email listed below. I understand how highly valued your time is.  Thank you for voluntarily spending a few minutes to complete this survey. Best, Jae R. Brimhall, DMD, Principal Investigator, jrbrimhall@uky.edu
  245. Article NY Times September 22. (Happy Birthday Dr. Ted) “Avoiding Sugared Drinks Limits Weight Gain in Two Studies” by Roni Caryn Rabin: Pub. New England Journal of Medicine Fri Sept 21, 2012.  based on double blind studies at Boston Children’s Hospital and a VU University Amsterdam. Some conclusions: Limiting sugared soda is a pretty good place to begin if you want to help obese children (and guess who else?). “Beverage industry officials denounced the research”. (DOH)
  246. See item 194 above regarding the FDA approving the lowering of the BMI allowing more obese patients to be approved for the “Lap-Band” a product of The Allergan Company: Article October 31, 2012 NY Times: “As Sales Fall Allergan Seeks a Buyer For Lap-Band.” The Lap-Band, a silicone ring that is wrapped around the stomach (to reduce its size) and is inserted in an outpatient procedure proved to be ineffective and too costly. It is being sold by Allergan because it was shown to be much less effective than was expected and the 10-year outcomes showed that 60% of patients required a second operation to remove the band, or because of complications or lack of weight loss. Moreover, there have been news reports including deaths from the band. Gaining in popularity is the “Sleeve Gastrectomy” The number of weight-loss surgeries in the US (about 160,000/year) has stopped growing because the out-of-pocket expense was beyond the reach of many candidates in spite of the increased number of candidates who were approved by the FDA. (See 194.)
    The Sleeve Gastrectomy  is considered to be midway between bypass and banding in terms of effectiveness and invasiveness. Search “side effects of Sleeve Gastrectomy and the death rate is 2 out of every 1000 surgeries.
  247. NY Times, Tues, Dec 11 in Science Times Article A Tense Compromise On Defining Disorders  Good news for the Obese.     The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  “DSM5″ has been approved. And BINGE-EATING DISORDER (formerly in the appendix), a kind of severe, highly distressing gluttony, is now a full-blown diagnosis. The diagnosis by itself could tag millions of people considered healthy if often overindulgent with a psychiatric label. (Perhaps insurance companies might more likely to cover OJW??)
  248. NY Times Op-Ed  p.A24 Thurs. Jan 3, 2013 “Our Absurd Fear of Fat” by Paul Campos: “Normal  (healthy) weight may have to be redefined as “the weight that does not increase the rate of death”. the latest study by Katherine M. Flegel of the CDC and the NIH found that all adults categorized as overweight and most of those categorized as obese have a lower mortality risk than so-called normal-weight individuals. According to this study 130 million of the 165 million American adults currently categorized as overweight and obese would be  re-categorized as normal weight individuals. We do not know to what extent, if any the very the mortality risk in the obese is caused by their weight or by any number of other factors, including lower socioeconomic status, dieting and the weight cycling that accompanies it, social discrimination and stigma, or stress. However, Americans have become increasingly obsessed with the supposed desirability of thinness, as thinness. has become both a market for upper-class status and a reflection for beauty ideals that bring a kind of privilege. Finally,  I would add that the association between overweight-obesity and a host of accompanying illnesses is not to be lightly dismissed.
  249. 011313 D.V.’s experience with the first day of OJW:  I was very excited going into my OJW procedure. After assessing many different options and trying a myriad of different diets/workout regimens I knew that OJW was the right thing for me. Dr. Ted was very thorough in his explanation of what should be expected and passed along plenty of reading material to me prior to the procedure. Once the wiring was in place and I had been home for a couple of hours my gums and teeth were aching. After taking liquid ibuprofen and still not feeling any better I began to feel a bit anxious and the discomfort was too much for me. I decided to remove the wiring and saw Dr. Ted five days later to have the wires replaced. Once I initially removed the wires what I learned was that the brackets were what I really needed to get used to. I have had my jaw wired for four full days now and I feel perfectly fine. My only issue is that my mouth is quite dry, but I am going to try a dry-mouth mouthwash to help with this problem. I am looking forward to seeing how my weight loss progresses in the upcoming weeks.
    I hope this helps future patients! D.V. [Back to the informed consent.]
  250. GSA: Greysheeters Anonymous– for the control of Compulsive eating: GSA is a world-wide method of weight control. Indeed, they have an support branch right here in Brooklyn Heights on the very street where my office is located. What a  strange coincidence. Their members are passionate advocates of the goal of achieving being “abstinint” when it comes to eating healthy avoid and avoiding the foods that can/are harm(ing) you.
    GSA: Greysheeters Anonymous– for the control of Compulsive eating    See :Greysheet Recipes  (PDF) 320+ pp. www.greysheetrecipes.org/cook_book_web.pdf Published in 2000 by members of GreySheeters Anonymous. The discussion group is for members to post and discuss recipes that meet the requirements of the food on …
    Highly recommended reading from this book of Recipes for GSA adherents  is the chapter on “Wisdom”, beginning on page 320

    A few Excerpts from the chapter on Wisdom:
    1.The Great Thing in the World Is not so much where we stand, As in What Direction we are Moving
    2.Success: If you’ve tried to do something And failed, you’re vastly better off than If you had tried to do nothing and succeeded In Brooklyn Heights the GSA meets every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6:30 PM at the Realization Center at 175 Remsen St. Attendance is free. The meeting is conducted by a guide who themselves understand and have lived through the philosophical guidelines that enable compulsive
    overeaters regain control over their compulsive overeating by adherence to the 12 steps and 12 traditions approach to becoming “abstinent” On January 29 I attended one such meeting. The meeting room was filled to overflowing. Those who stepped forward to give testimony all began with the simple statement: “I am a compulsive overeater…”Their testimony was filled with despair, hope and confidence that they could and would overcome. Some of their stories were heart-wrenching and tears of understanding of their fellow’s pain were evident. These nice people were their to help themselves and help others to overcome their eating compulsion and the guilt and depression that arises from it. I was hoping to hear the specifics from each of the attendees regarding some of the simple gambits (beyond the essential/fundamental  plan of the GSA method)  For instance, I recently decided to forgo/abandon my habit of drinking fruit juices (cranberry and grape even diluted 50%) and substituted water instead.
    ABSTINENCE: The GreySheet is a list of foods that are abstinent – foods that basically eliminate the physical cravings.  It’s the first time I was exposed to a real definition of abstinence.  If the food is not on the list, it is not abstinent for me.  There are no starches or sugars – starches and sugars are what caused the cravings and the physical bondage to compulsive behavior around food.  We read all labels- sugar has to be number 5 or further on down the list for us to be able to use any product.  There are three weighed and measured meals a day with nothing in between except diet pop, black coffee, or tea.  This is without exception.  There was a community of people in this group who cared, who were concerned if I was not at a meeting, who were working very serious programs, and best of all, because that’s what we all originally came for, there were people who had great weight losses and are maintaining those losses, one day at a time.  I reached my goal weight of 125# in March 1994.  I’m still a baby, but one day at a time, I know this is the only answer for me.  I will always be a baby in this program – every day is a new day. All new adherents to GS are assigned a food plan and a supporting supervisor.


    The three years I spent in OA before GreySheet were time well spent; apparently I was not ready for the GreySheet but taped to my wall was a constant reminder for me to contemplate.  It was, “If you keep on doing what you always do, you’ll keep on getting what you always get.” The question is, is that what you want?  Is it enough?  Is it recovery from compulsive eating?

    251. February 10, 2013:  Upon occasion I receive requests to provide OJW to individuals who clearly are not acceptable candidates for the procedure. Here is
    an example of one such recent request and my response:
    Hello Dr. Ted,
    The other two forms are getting faxed right now.  I’m working on the signed letter from a physician.  I getting close to succeeding and I won’t give up
    because I know this is the right thing to do.  Thank you very much!  Jessica
    Dear Jessica:
    Your BMI is 22– well within the  range of normal weight for your height. Alas, I must decline to provide this service as you do not fill the requirements to be a candidate.
    To provide this service in your case would be a serious violation of my code of ethics.   Cordially. Dr. Ted Rothstein
    Question: Who is not a good candidate for this procedure?

  251. Article Op-Ed section NY Times, Feb 28, by Mark Bittaman: It’s The Sugar Folks: Based on a study published Feb.27, 2013 in the Journal of PLoS One that included persons in 175 countries over the past decade, researchers overwhelmingly concluded that increased sugar in a populations food supply was linked to higher diabetes rates independent of rates of obesity.   In other words obesity doesn’t cause diabetes–sugar does. ” No study could be more conclusive than this one. The more sugar consumed in the population the more prevalent diabetes becomes and vice-versa. Thus for every 12 ounce of sugar-sweetened beverage introduced
    per person per day into a countries food system, the rate of diabetes goes up 1%. no matter if the sugar type was high-fructose corn syrup or cane sugar. This is as good as it gets to a “smoking gun” SUGAR IS TOXIC.NOW IT TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  IT’S NOT THAT OVEREATING CAN MAKE
  252. March 13, 2013 Major revisons of the first letter sent to patients who have expressed interest in having OJW for themselves. [See Letter]
  253. Junr 11, 2013  Tongue patch surgery: Risky weight loss procedure Draws Criticism Read about it  In a nutshell–patients are having postage-stamp size pieces of rough plastic sewn onto their tongues, making it impossible for them to eat. (10 simple tricks for eating less).
    (Read article 2)
  255. July 2, 2013 NY Times, p.D7 A Label Calls Attention to Obesity–Jane Brody:  Relabeling obesity as a disease and not merely a risk factor
    for other disease is going to change how doctors treat obesity, foster the development of new therapies, and lead  to better insurance coverage. After all
    obesity-related health conditions cost the nation more than $150 billion and result in an estimated 300.000 premature deaths each year. Ms. Brody elaborates on the
    six areas where obesity has profound effects on your health: Heart disease and stroke; High blood pressure;
    Type 2 diabetes; Joint disease; Breathing problems; Cancer; Metabolic syndrome. BMI greater than 30? If so you are OBESE. Calculate your BMI
  256. July 2, 2013 NY Times p. B1. Few signs of a Taste for Diet Pills–Andrew Pollock:  Qsymia, Belviq and the latest–Contrave,
    one of the new weight-loss meds (in advanced clinical trials) are definitely NOT finding popularity with the trying-to-get-control-of obesity demographic. Why?: No insurance
    coverage; modest weight loss; safety concerns; doctors whose attitude is “take control of yourself, eat less and exercise more. Some good news: the association
    of clinical endocrinologists just included weight-loss drugs in its diabetes treatment guidelines. The sale of weight loss drugs could exceed those of Lipitor
    whose sales exceeded 13 billion dollars. It is interesting that only 25% of patients using weight-control meds continued to use them for at least 3 months,
    and only 10% for 180 days, lost on average only  7.8% of their weight AFTER 12 MONTHS, and don’t forget the adverse and peculiar side-effects that can occur.
    Moreover, Medicare Part D does not cover weight-loss meds. Want to get rich fast? Invent an anti-obesity med and you will rule the world. READ THE ARTICLE
    As the inventor of Orthodontic Jaw  Wiring (OJW) for weight control it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to note that internet searches for my work on
    Orthodontic Jaw  Wiring currently produce a plethora of citations on the subject–none of which existed until I described this procedure, and the protocol
    I developed to provide the service to help control weight in carefully selected patients.Given this major paradigm shift in the relabeling of obesity as disease,
    I requested the new editor of the AJODO consider my manuscript on the subject for publication. READ THE LETTER TO THE EDITOR
  258. Wall Street Journal: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 Health and Wellness P. D3 Excess Skin from Weight Loss by Ann Lukits: From the Journal of Plastic,
    Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: about 25% of patients who lose 110 pounds following bariatric surgery undergo surgery to remove the excess skin folding
    left over after  losing weight. These patients had become morbidly obese (BMI >45.7) After surgery their BMI dropped to 33.6. On average they lost 78 pounds over
    3 years.  Excess skin caused minor problems in 89% of the patients. 9.2% reported that the excess skin significantly interfered with daily activities.
  259. NY Times, Friday July 19, 2013 Overweight? Maybe You Really Can Blame Your Genes by Gina Kolata: A study published in the Journal Science
    Has identified one obese person with a gene that may explain why some persons pot on weight easily while others eat all they want and seem
    never to gain an ounce. They identified the gene in a study of mice who gained weight on the same diet that kept the other mice lean and mean. Seems there
    is  a helper gene that when it is turned on suppresses the desire to eat voraciously. “There are genetic controls not just of how much people want to eat
    but also how much of what they eat turns into fat or is burned off not used by the body” so “that a calorie if a calorie and 3,500 calories extra
    calories eaten equals a pound of fat on the body is not what happens in real life.
  260. GOOD NEWS: Fri.Aug. 2  20/20–ABC news is going to air some footage on OrthodonticJawWiring (OJW™):
    See YouTube film by SaulSudin.com.  I found out today while preparing my PowerPoint presentation for a course I am presenting at the Marriott,
    Brooklyn, NY December 4, entitled “Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: a course for Dental Professionals”.  We are hopeful
    the footage will present the subject in a favorable light. Cordially, Dr. Ted Rothstein, Brooklyn Orthodontist.
  261. Encouraged by a good friend, on Tuesday, August 12,  I sent requests for guest appearance on Dr. Oz, the Doctors, RickiLake, The Ernie Anastos show
    Fox5 news, CBS and ABC 20/20 news. As my mom (maybe it was my father) used to say the only failure is the failure of not trying AND if you don’t get up to bat
    you can never get to  first base.
  262. Mirabile dictu: A new surgical procedure called the “Tongue Patch” has just come over the horizon. A bio-compatible material “Marlex” the size of a postage stamp
    is sewn on to the top of your tongue. If I understand it correctly it works by making the act of eating too painful. Costs about $2000, but in Venezuala you can
    have one sewn on to your tongue for $150. Commentary on the Tongue Patch  See the surgery  You must go on an 800 calorie liquid diet and the patch must
    be removed after one month lest it become embedded in your tongue muscle.  This makes OJW seem positively tame in comparison.
  263. This just came in over-the-wires: 081412  It is a harbinger of  many good things to come:
    Hi Dr. Ted,  My name is E. W.  I am a dentist from California practicing on the Central Coast. I am interested in learning more about your method.
    I do provide short term braces to my patients and I am moderately familiar with orthodontics. In the last 2 weeks I had 3 patients asking about OJW, if I do it
    and how much it costs. After, a small research I landed on your website and was really glad I did, it answered all my questions and some more.
    I have a couple of questions, what is the brand and model of the brackets and wire you use? where can I purchase these from? Regards, E.W. DDS
    Fellowship in Advanced General Dentistry
    TITLE: Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: a course for Dental Professionals
    Recommended Reading: OJW: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity. Read
    PLACE: Marriott Hotel, Brooklyn, NY
    DATE: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 (LastDayGNYDM)
    Fee: $1385; Register before October 15: $1185
    PLACES: 15
    CONTACT: drted35@aol.com
    Dr. Ted Rothstein, inventor of (OJW™), presents a hands-on course to teach his simplified method to safely provide the OJW service
    to carefully selected patients as part of a healthcare team. COMPLETE COURSE INFORMATION @  http://drted.com/OrthodonticJawWiringCourse.htm

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