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As of January 1, 2017, Dr. Rothstein has limited his practice to providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight-Control: OJW®: Weight-control. He provides this service in Brooklyn, NY and will soon announce a new office location in Portland,OR where the Oregon Board of Dentistry on June 23 created history by ruling that Dental Professionals are at liberty to Provide Weight-control services. See www.ojwforweightcontrol.com
Contact: 718 808 2656; drted35@gmail.com

Orthodontic Jaw Wiring Course

Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control: a course for Dental Professionals

Recommended Reading: OJW: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity. Read

CONTACT: drted35@aol.com


Dr. Ted Rothstein, inventor of OJW, presents a theory and practice course to teach you his simplified method to safely provide the  service to carefully selected patients as part of a healthcare team:

ORTHODONTIC JAW WIRING refers to the entire domain of the OJW provider’s responsibility  for selecting patients according to a specified criteria, providing them with informed consent so that they are aware of the risks and limitations of OJW, then wiring their jaws  together by a prescribed method, transmitting that know-how to the patient (especially if they are not able to return to your office and cannot find a professional level provider) and finally, re-examining them and rewiring them periodically after examination has shown that their dentition, gingiva, and TMJ have remained healthy. The OJW provider’s sole responsibility is maintaining the health of the TMJ, gingiva and dentition. Weight loss remains the patient’s responsibility. Patient-care responsibility is terminated when the OJW is removed. OJW presumes that the service is provided under the auspices of a healthcare team which includes: the patient’s physician and dentist, the provider of the OJW and where applicable: a dietician,  the patient’s psychologist and/or psychotherapist as well as the input of a bariatric surgeon. Recommended see

Orthod18OW TO WIRE THE JAWS CORRECTLY:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cR2h8latyE
(A 2-Minute video produced by Dr. Rothstein)



         LINK TO HANDOUT:  www.drted.com/OJWHandout.html

  • OJW Round Table Controversy magazine article
  • PRESS RELEASE (Available Now)
  • OJW Service flow chart
  • Screen shot Initial email direction OJW patient to Information letter
  • Patient information letter
  • Informed Consent
  • List poor candidates for OJW
  • Paper on Rothstein’s OJW position of physiologic jaw rest
  • Safety precautions/advice
  • Selected slides form PowerPoint presentation
  • OJW providers examination questions
  • Answers to examination questions
  • What I learned from Jake “Dialogue with Jake”
  • CMS-1500 Medical Claim Form


Attendees:  Please make yourself conversant with issues that relate to liability coverage and providing the service in your state in accordance with your state’s dental laws.

Doctors please provide your own typodent and curing light:

How to manage potential complications of using temporary anchorage devices

Orthod7 Orthod8







  • Brackets
  • .014 Deadsoft ligature wire
  • 3 cross-action bracket holders
  • 1 bracket positioning tweezer
  • Transbond bracket bonding adhesive
  • A wire-twisting instrument
  • A mini-diagonal wire cutter

YOU CAN ALSO RECEIVE: A certificate mailed (See Take-Home exam)
(No Continuing Education Units are offered)


  • Interact with OJW patient(s), who will be present for Q&A.
  • Information where instruments/supplies can be obtained
  • Info for obtaining personalized posters will be provided
  • Attendees name will be added to the DPOJW provider list


  • Join Dr. Rothstein at his office and assist with an OJW his office.
  • Have Dr. Rothstein at your office and assist you with your OJW.
  • Have Dr. Rothstein give a presentation at your facility.

OJWDemoDevice”: Rendering by Sculpteo.com  3D printing

This device simulates orthodontic brackets with vertical posts bonded to the patient’s upper and lower canines and premolars. The dental professional who provides the service called  “orthodontic jaw wiring-for-weight-control” would use this device to teach the patient how to wrap .014 dead-soft stainless steel wire around the brackets in a “figure-8″ configuration so as to create a position of the upper and lower teeth/jaws  called “Rothstein’s OJW position of physiologic rest” which position permits the lower jaw to move 2mm-4mm in all directions. Such a position allows normal speech but prevents the ingestion of solid foods. See:
http://drted.com/Orthodontic Jaw Wirining (OJW) Intro letter.htm

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