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OJW Orthodontic Jaw Wiring the First Seven Days: An Interview with Noelle 041911

Documentary video film OJW for Dental Professionals 03/08/11

Begin OJW March 31, 2011.

Her faced looked thinner as we sat down to begin the interview. Only later did she voluntarily step on the scale, peeking tentatively if not disbelievingly at it. People hate to weigh themselves…a  true scale never lies.  Noelle is made of the right “stuff” …the same stuff that got each of the astronauts chosen to man the Lunar Lander and you know where that landed and got back…mission accomplished…man on the moon. That’s right zero, tolerance for failure…that’s Noelle.

Although my interview took place ten days passed the end of the first week, (officially 04 07 11)  I proposed that she do her best to recall how she felt as though it was exactly the eight day of her OJW.

Here is what she reported:

Nothing surprised her. She had become thoroughly familiar with all the documents that were made available to her and that I had provided to her at the OJW appointment.

Her friends were somewhat amused and a bit curious but encouraging as a minimum. If they disapproved they kept their distance because Noelle is the kind of person who commands your respect.  If she does something you know she thought about it. Nothing whimsical or capricious about her.

Family and significant others were absent for the time being.

Others who asked were politely told that she was in treatment for a “TMJ” problem which ended all further discussion about her “jaw wiring”

The OJW had no affect on her breathing and sleeping and gave her no noticeable discomfort in her mouth or teeth. Her speech sounded pretty good to me at the interview and besides she did not report that it was noticeably impaired nor did it impair her ability to accomplish her work objectives.

You might say doctor Rothstein is biased and under reporting the effect on speech and you might be right. However, I stand by my statement that if you spoke to her today on the telephone you could never tell if she was in OJW.

She did have one epiphany about the frequency of eating out and what exactly she was eating. Indeed, with OJW you are required to reorganize your eating behavior to accommodate to the OJW that refuses to let you mange certain bad food choices. So change we must and change she did.

By and large Noelle experienced no emotional, social or psychological distress. Just like her to take things in stride.

When asked if she thought she had made a mistake about choosing OJW (Be honest Noelle) she did an “Au Contraire” Dr. Ted I would recommend OJW to others, However, the major factor that will determine whether they succeed or failure is the extent to which they are MOTIVATED.

As for the truth revealed on the scale, (I was hoping you would ask), She had lost 10 pounds. Dr. Ted :-) and Noelle :-) + +

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