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When You’re Smiling…

No doctor ever loved his work more than I. Just think about the happiness that is represented by your smile, and the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of times you will flash that smile across your lifetime. Behold my “signature” indelibly inscribed in your face. It is not without justification that I am proud of my profession and the happiness that the smile I helped to fashion brings to you and those who are fortunate enough to have you bestow it upon.

Here are some things that make me smile…
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Louis ARmstrong sings “When You’re Smiling”

Louis Prima Sings “When You’re Smiling”

Frank Sinatra sings “When You’re Smiling”

Dean Martin sings “When You’re Smiling”

15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling

Un Sourire:  a bilingual poem  by Raoul Follereau

“Un Sourire”
“A Smile”
Un sourire ne coûte rien et produit beaucoup,A smile does not cost anything but produces so much*,Il enrichit ceux qui* le reçoivent,
It enriches the person who receives it

Sans appauvrir ceux qui le donnent.
without impoverishing the one who gives it.

Il ne dure qu’un instant,
It lasts only a few moments,

Mais son souvenir* est parfois éternel.
But its memory may sometimes last for ever.

Personne n’est assez pauvre pour ne pas le mériter.
Nobody is poor enough not to deserve it.

Il crée le bonheur au foyer, soutient les affaires,
It creates happiness at home and sustains businesses,

Il est le signe sensible de l’amitié.
It is the visible sign of friendship.

Un sourire donne du repos à l’être* fatigué.
A smile brings rest to the weary soul.

Il ne peut ni s’acheter, ni se prêter, ni se voler,
It cannot be bought, nor can it be loaned or even stolen,

Car c’est une chose qui n’a de valeur
For it is something which has value

Qu’à partir du moment où il se donne.
Only from the very moment it is given.

Et si quelquefois vous rencontrez une personne
And if sometimes you meet someone

Qui ne sait plus avoir le sourire…
Who no longer knows how to smile…

Soyez généreux, donnez-lui le vôtre!
Be generous, give him yours!

Car nul n’a autant besoin d’un sourire…
As no one is more desperate for a smile…

Que celui qui ne peut en donner aux autres. 
Than the one who is unable to give a smile to others.

“Un sourire”– by Raoul Follereau (1902-1977), founded World Leprosy day and throughout his life, shared his compassion for victims of leprosy–as well as for victims of poverty, indifference, and injustice.

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