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As of January 1, 2017, Dr. Rothstein has limited his practice to providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight-Control: OJW®: Weight-control. He provides this service in Brooklyn, NY and will soon announce a new office location in Portland,OR where the Oregon Board of Dentistry on June 23 created history by ruling that Dental Professionals are at liberty to Provide Weight-control services. See www.ojwforweightcontrol.com
Contact: 718 808 2656; drted35@gmail.com

Learn OJW Protocol 1on1: student-doctor acts as OJW patient


Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weigh control: advanced course curriculum

Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weigh control: advanced course curriculum

Dr. Ted Rothstein,  Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight control

OJW®: Weight-control: www.ojwforweightcontrol.com

 OJW®: Weight-control

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Dear Colleagues: Your opportunity to learn Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW™) for weight control in a One-on-One format with me is just a click away. Please read these two introductory documents: An article I wrote re the dental professional’s role in weight control issues and the handout for the Power Point presentation I will be sending you later:


And this PDF document representing the Handout to the complete Power Point presentation you will eventually receive:

This link below takes you to the page entitled ”OJW for weight loss Webinar-Handout for Dentists”PERUSE THE HANDOUT: http://drted.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/OJWPPPWebinar071915.pdf

The WEBINAR-HANDOUT 071915 by Dr. Rothstein presents the OJW appliance, protocol and rationale invented by Dr. Rothstein to provide this SAFE, EFFECTIVE method for weight loss. Pay special attention to “Rothstein’s OJW Position of Mandibular Weightlessness” (ROPMW) F to know why. I have provided this service for more than eighteen  years without untoward incident. I have a variety of methods to demonstrate/teach/learn OJW:

THE BEST METHOD: You the Dental Professional act as the proxy for an actual OJW patient. We do the didactic work online using Audio Video FCC (freeconferencecall.com) that enables me to share the pertinent OJW documents with you. You have the OJW done at my office on yourself or your patient or your staff member. You can have us make a 15-minute video (at additional cost) or have your video person shoot it. You can post your video/pix on your website and Youtube and announce that your office provides the service for weight control. I will show you how to promote the service. Alt. method 1: Your employee acts as an OJW patient. Alt. method 2: I send you the emails from beginning to end of an OJW patient Alt method 3: We wait for next patient to inquire regarding begin OJW at my office and I copy you the flow of emails to the patient. You come to the office and observe us do the OJW.

Should you desire to have me come to your office you will have to defray the cost of transportation, hotel, and an honorarium. We will always work together one-on-one via telephone, email, Freeconferencecall.com (audio-video document sharing).

When I have a real patient inquiry they will be notified that you will be on board and that you will be copied on all emails and we will get their written permission to share communications with you.  (HIPPA). You will learn the protocol for providing OJW; how to actually do it and be present at my office when I do it (90+ minutes) on a real patient or yourself/your staff member. You will learn and understand the documents esp. the Informed Consent and how to trouble shoot problems that may arise. You will take a 60 question learning test (with answers provided) and receive an official certificate for providing the OJW service as well as a customized poster which you may duplicate ad lib. I will add your name, name, email, address on a page indicating certified providers. You will have access to all the documents I created with permission to modify/customize them for your personal use. After you are up and going I will be available ad lib to offer you advice/assistance.

Fee: Initial $985; then $485/month for TWO months In addition, there will be a fee of $200/patient for the first six patients you treat. (Fees may change at any time). Video production costs are additional. Maximum registrants for this One-on-One learn OJW, is five. This course is for educational purposes, thus all fees and/or cost associated with OJW are final and not refundable

Your email signature and date below will signify you have agreed to the terms indicated herein.

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Cordially, Dr. Ted Rothstein

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OJW for weight control provided by dental professionals

OJW for weight control provided by dental professionals

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