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As of January 1, 2017, Dr. Rothstein has limited his practice to providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight-Control: OJW®: Weight-control. He provides this service in Brooklyn, NY and will soon announce a new office location in Portland,OR where the Oregon Board of Dentistry on June 23 created history by ruling that Dental Professionals are at liberty to Provide Weight-control services. See www.ojwforweightcontrol.com
Contact: 718 808 2656; drted35@gmail.com

Drted.com (Orthodontist) Has No Affiliation with Other Sites Bearing the Name “drteddiet”

I have recently noted that there is now a dot.com site named after my site.

I have no affiliation or relationship with the products being promoted on that site.

I am  an orthodontist who provides a  weight loss dental appliance called OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring)  which
requires  that the patient provide  me a note from their physician that permits them to begin a long-term low
calorie liquid diet: 
Air Date OJW Documentary 6/7/11

                                          OJW Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control: a Documentary for Dental Professionals: a film by Dr. Ted Rothstein


                                 YouTube:  Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcSUzKWjhXs    Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NnU4nkCT00

I do not offer as part of my service to sell or recommend any type of liquid diet.

Indeed, I have requested that the owners change the name of this site as its line of products in my opinion
make unwarranted claims. Intentionally connecting my site name to its product line is a misrepresentation
and an attempt to gain credibility.

The fundamental ingredient of the diet supplement this site is touting its success on is a diet supplement which is described as
“Thermogenic Endorphin”. This supplement is hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin).

Below read what was written about this supplement in the NY Times March 8, 2011:

 March 8. NY Times Tuesday March 8 “Diet Plan with Pregnancy Hormone (hCG*) Has Its Fans and Skeptics” The regimen combines
daily injections (of hCG) with a near starvation diet. The providers claim  the weight loss is area specific: upper arms, bellies and thighs.
The FDA warned in January 2011 that homeopathic for hCG sold over the internet and some health food stores are
“are fraudulent and illegal if they claim weight–loss powers”. Other risks/side effects include blood clots, depression, headaches
and breast tenderness or enlargement “natural  breast augmentation” indeed. The fact is this supplement (hCG) is no better than
a placebo. But because you may obtain it only by prescription it has acquired an aura of respectability. The research results from
twelve out of fourteen proves that people on hCG did not lose more weight, feel less  or improve body shape  more than other patients who
were given a placebo injection such as saline solution, *hCG  (Human Chorionic GonadoTrophin) is made from
the urine of pregnant woman and from the placenta (the afterbirth). 


Scientific Evidence for the diet program is without merit.

In a review of the literature using the PubMed database from the “U.S. National Library of Medicine,” no research studies appeared on the diet  regime being promoted.
The PubMed database contains 20 million citations. As such, scientific evidence remains non-existent at this time.

March 8, 2011

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