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As of January 1, 2017, Dr. Rothstein has limited his practice to providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight-Control: OJW®: Weight-control. He provides this service in Brooklyn, NY and will soon announce a new office location in Portland,OR where the Oregon Board of Dentistry on June 23 created history by ruling that Dental Professionals are at liberty to Provide Weight-control services. See www.ojwforweightcontrol.com
Contact: 718 808 2656; drted35@gmail.com

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October 6, 2015    FACEBOOK PHOTO ALBUM:  Finished cases; Smiling Faces

August 30, 2013        Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: a course for Dental Professionals (Read details)

August 3, 2013         Youtube video by Dr. Ted Rothstein “OJW in the Dental Professional office”

July 26, 2013            GOOD NEWS: Fri.Aug. 2  20/20–ABC news is going to air some footage on OrthodonticJawWiring (OJW):
See YouTube film by SaulSudin.com.  I found out today while preparing my PowerPoint presentation for a course I am presentingf
at the Marriott, Brooklyn, NY December 4, entitled “Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: a course for Dental Professionals”.
We are hopeful  the footage will present the subject in a favorable light. Cordially, Dr. Ted Rothstein, Brooklyn Orthodontist.

January 13, 2013        Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: Dr. Rothsteins Reflections on the progress made in making Dental Professionals more aware
of how they they can be a part of the healthcare team that provide services to the who have need/desire to lose weight.

December 1, 2102      Office photo album

December 1, 2102      Case Study: Photos of a gingivectomy on RitaS. 113012 with her critique (Click here). This is a classic “typical” problem
requiring the use of a soft tissue laser instrument to allow the placement of an orthodontic bracket.

November 28, 2102     Dr. Rothstein is passionate about keeping up-to-date with the science and technology of orthodontics. November provided him
an excellent opportunity to attend a host of lectures especially related to providing the Invisalign service for adults and teens
The ‘Invisalign Summit and lectures closely related to providing every day clinical orthodontic services:
Great New York Dental Meeting.

October 12, 2012       After receiving a telephone call this morning from a would-be orthodontic patient who inquired:  Is it feasible for someone living
in the Caribbean to start orthodontist treatment in the US and continue it in their country? it occurred to me that
would-be Invisalign orthodontic patients have little or no idea how the Invisalign service is actually provided so I composed
a detailed outline visit-by-visit how the service is provided in my office.  See new page Invisalign Step-by-Step:

October 1, 2012        Overgrown gums can substantially detract from an otherwise beautiful orthodontic treatment correction of a patient’s smile, and at times
even impede the progress of orthodontic treatment dramatically. Consequently, one of the most common problems at the completion of
orthodontic treatment is the need to resculpture/reshape the gums of patients whose gums have become bulbous/ overgrown/ uneven
or misshapen. The soft tissue diode Laser can accomplish this in most cases painlessly, without swelling and without surgery/bleeding
and without the need for stitches. It has a variety of other useful applications.  New Film in Production see script:
Brooklyn Orthodontist Ted Rothstein demonstrates laser gum reshaping Gingivectomy

September 22, 2012 (Happy Birthday Dr. Ted)   Dr. Ted Rothstein Brooklyn Orthodontist Provides Online Second Opinion

July 17, 2012            Hello
I am an internist in Michigan interested in learning to do the OJW procedure,
I had training and experience in Bariatric Medicine.
I did watch your you-tube Videos, I find it quite promising.
I am questioning if this procedure is solely  done by dentist?
I do appreciate your answer. thanks.
Lina Sakr, MD

July 12, 2012             Clik on emblem to see all reviews

June 19, 2012           Added to  DrTedHomePage a search engine solely for this website at Dr. Ted’s Home Page  

May 28, 2012            Welcome Dr. Cormac MacDermott: BrownStone Pediatric Dentist

May 23, 2012            Brooklyn Orthodontist Dr. Ted Rothstein Initiates Use of QR Barcode to Inform Patients

May 18,  2012           REMOVING WISDOM TEETH: ALL YOU EVER NEED TO KNOW: If I told you it was necessary to have your four wisdom
teeth “amputated” it would scare the LS out of you. However, if I told you instead “you need to have your
wisdom teeth “removed” you would probably not bat your eyelids even once. I compiled a few articles that you will find
enlightening, including an article written by patient who described having four teeth removed (not wisdom teeth, nevertheless
enlightening) at one office visit..ooouuch? [Click here]

May 15, 2012           Invisalign ClinCheck – Severe Crowding:  An example of how Invisalign can be used to correct a case of severe crowding.
Notice that one lower front tooth has been removed in order to make room for the tooth that is leaning to the patient’s far left
which will be moved gradually into the space created by the tooth that was removed.  http://youtu.be/PZW7vUAfNGA You can request
that your orthodontist provide you with a copy of your ClinCheck. I always ask my patients if they would like to come
and see their ClinCheck before I “approve” it to begin production of the aligners.

May 11, 2012          “Orthodontic Jaw Wiring Position of Jaw:  (OJW Position of Physiologic Rest)  Dr. Rothstein provides:
a detailed understanding of the  position of your jaw
when you are in OJW for weight control

May 8, 2012            12 Press Releases: May ’11-April ’12 Last:  Last press release: “Brooklyn Orthodontist, Dr.Ted Rothstein, Announces Forthcoming Appointment
to University Hospital at LICH; Major Hospital in India adds Orthodontic Jaw Wiring
(OJW®) to its list of Services Read last press release

May 3, 2012            A compilation of most of the references to OJW on the World Wide Web

April 22, 2012          On April 21, 2012 I received a communication from Monica G. from B. California who who asked me for some advice. She had gone to
a general dentist for Invisalign treatment and ended treatment with “no bite” and was wondering what she should do now.
You can read the dialogue between Monica and myself to see what I advised her to do, and what you can do when you make the
error of choosing an incompetent general dentist to do your Invisalign treatment and the result ends in making your bite
worse than it was at the start of your Invisalign treatment: Read the Dialogue between Monica G. and myself.

March 1, 2012         Today the mobile phone version of drted.com has been launched.  The link to  it is: www.mobile.drted.com It will be tweaked
and retested in the coming weeks/months.

January 22, 2012     I am pleased to present my design for the homepage of my mobile-phone friendly website: Mobile-phone web site www.m.drted.com
If all goes well the site will be published by mid-February (2012).  You can read the five motivating forces that led me to create a mobile phone
version of drted.com. Here is the first: 1 Future: The ever growing and emerging mobile market is the driving force behind having a
mobile friendly website. With over 2 billion cell phones world wide and 35% of American adults owning a smart phone the need to be
present where your potential audience browses is a must. Not only now but mobile is the future as well. It’s expected that
over 5 billion mobile devices will be in use by 2012.  The mobile phone site will bear the domain name: www.m.drted.com


September 2, 2011   I am pleased to announce the addition of new instrument/service in the office called the “Sapphire Diode Soft-tissue laser” and  have completed the
Advanced  Diode online soft tissue laser training course granting an
Associate Fellowship Certificate  in the
World Clinical Laser Institute).  This laser  instrument will permit us to offer an array of services to treat conditions that commonly arise at the start of
orthodontic treatment or occur during and at the end of orthodontic treatment. One of the most common problems at the start of treatment is to expose the
surfaces of teeth that are covered with gums to allow braces to be attached to them, and at the  end of treatment is the need  to resculpture/reshape the gums of patients
whose gums have become bulbous/ overgrown/ uneven or misshapen. This Laser can accomplish this in most cases painlessly, without swelling and without surgery/bleeding
and without the need for stitches. It has a variety of other useful applications. See Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuuWzpm7nLI

August 26, 2011     Dr Ted Rothstein Brooklyn Orthodontist granted Trademark ® for his invention of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (See USPTO Certificate)
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'  He chortled in his joy. (The Jabberwocky--Lewis Carrol)

July 28, 2011           ...Today's the day we'll say, "I do" And we'll never be lonely anymore...PHOTO/VIDEO Documentary celebrating the first day of same sex marriage
Sunday July 24 at City Hall Brooklyn NY: by Dr. Ted Rothstein [See page]

July 17, 2011          Dr. Ted  Rothstein Orthodontist Joins Medical Reserve Corp: Learn about a Training Exercise to Prepare New York City in Event of Medical Disaster:
Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) Point of Distribution (POD) Training Exercise

July 12, 2011         PRESS RELEASES: PRWeb

June 11, 2011         A brief reprise  of  Dr. Rothstein’s Doctoral Dissertation and contribution to the specialty of Orthodontics: Buck Teeth:
(AKA Angle’s Class II division, 1 malocclusion, distocclusion, retrognathia and overbite

May 22, 2011        “OJW” (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring) was approved as a Trademark at the USPTO ( United States
Trademark and Patent Office) # 85892818.It will  be published in the USPTO Gazette  (#85892818) On June 7, 2011.
Any person/entity claiming infringement
has 30 days to file an objection.   Absent objection the acronym  OJW will change status
from OJW
™ to OJW®. :-)

May 12, 2011       Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  OJW  READ LATEST PRESS RELEASE

May 2, 2011           May 2:  Some years ago I wrote a book about using the Small Claims Court with an emphasis on how to collect after you win a judgment
in your favor.
SEE (18 customer reviews) The most important documents are now listed for purchase
[see page listing the documents and forms]  These documents and forms are hosted at  Payloadz.com Store (see Documents>Legal)

April 20, 2011         OJW Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control: a Documentary for Dental Professionals: a film by Dr. Ted Rothstein

YouTube:  Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcSUzKWjhXs    Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NnU4nkCT00

April 20, 2011         OJW the first seven days: an interview

April 12,  2011        Air Date OJW Documentary 6/7/11

April 5,  2011          Fashionista begins OJW. The art of making the OJW as little conspicuous as possible (See story)

April 5,  2011          Sunday Funday at the Sunset Hill shooting range See photos

April 5,  2011          OJW trademark application

April 5,  2011         TMJ PAIN: What you can do right now March 8,  2011       The final cut of OJW for Dental professionals the documentary film  :-) Dear Jack:  Looks just fine. You did a great job, Thank you.  I need to deliver a
copy to BCAT for ingestion, and to have a master cut for me. I see no reason not to leave the final version on your Vimeo site. I will ask BCAT for a new date to broadcast the film
and let you know the date when it is confirmed. I am convinced that our decision to relate the events of Brooke’s case will make the film even more credible and in no way
diminishes the Orthodontic Jaw Wiring as a safe and effective approach to weight control for carefully selected patients.  Once again thank you for the excellent work
you did to get this documentary film completed. You can be proud of yourself.

March 10,  2011      Esthetic reshaping of front teeth a new service: straight teeth begins at the very first visit when I first bond their
braces on to their teeth. Even before that I use my sanding instruments to make the edges of their teeth straight
and that often includes making pointy eye teeth more curved (less pointy:Bef/Aft 2). This approach makes it easier
for me to accomplish making the teeth super-straight looking. Nowadays I offer this service to those patients who
refuse to have any kind of braces at all, but who have some snaggly-looking front teeth and would submit
to having them sanded straight.  Are you one of those? (see photos)

March 3,  2011       Completion of a six part photo-documentation study on treatment sequence placing a dental implant done
on myself:
Dr. Ted having a tooth removed and a bone graft in preparation for getting an implant: Part 1  P2   P3  followed by
Sequential photos of implant procedure inserting the implant and preparation of molds for the lab and finally attaching the crown
to the abutment-implant)
   P4, 5, and 6:ee also a basic film about a doctor demonstrating how he did his first implant.
My first implant:

February 15 2011  The Orthodontic jaw Wiring documentary film is complete and will soon be ready to air. Consequently I sent a letter to the
most respected members of the dental community. [See the letter] letting them know it is available to preview.

February 5 2011    February 5, I was mystified when T.S., who I had just put the OJW on a week ago, sent me a picture showing that the teeth that
I had just put the braces on  had turned gray. Of course I was surprised and most concerned perhaps even more than TS was.
I had never experienced this totally unique event in having placed  braces on more than 6000 patients exactly the same way. I was on
the phone with her in minutes.
  After an hour of conversation we finally began to understand what we strongly believe caused the grayness,
which I am certain is there only temporarily. You will see why when you read the letter I wrote to her summarizing my theory of the cause of the problem
and my advice to her.  Read the letter  and learn about the anatomy of a tooth. (Fascinating)

January 24, 2011    

                            Jan 20, I wrote to Tami Roman, actress now playing the Basketball Wives Series regarding if she could give me the name of the orthodontist
who did her jaw wiring for weight loss AND THEN found
her blog while searching her out on Linkedin. There, she had written an article about
her battle with the weight-gaining-demons and briefly alluded to her experience with Jaw Wiring: While she lost 15 pounds faster than you can
say “woe is me”, she said the”the orthodontist should have his licensed revoked LOL” [read the article]  I have always said that OJW is not
for everyone. However, I have always said that OJW always takes you to a new plane about how you think about yourself. In Tami Roman’s
case what saved her, she wrote, was her acting coach Chip Fields who invited her to church where she “began a relationship with G-d”.
Indeed, she wrote “
I learned to love myself on the inside.  Many things from my past had been harbored in my psyche and I did not even realize it.
I had been hurting from a young age and just chose to displace those feelings, thoughts and emotions. I chose the act of transference pertaining
to certain issues rather than facing them head on. This displacement and transference had a negative impact on my self-esteem and it held me
hostage for many years.” She realized she needed a remake of her soul and that Jaw Wiring was “STUPID” for her. On Jan 24 this
lovely lady took time out of her busy acting schedule to respond. Her response took me by surprise
as you will see when you read it.  [read Tami's response].


December 28          Added to the section on Invisalign: An explanation of what “attachments” are in Invisalign and  how they work and a link
to a blog whose followers offer their pros and cons about them.

December 27          Added to home page: Request Appointment Date. I like it.  My son Jon Rothstein gets the credit. I added the Google

December 16          Added to Resume: December 16: Shoot film “Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Dental Professionals”: by Dr. Ted Rothstein,
filmed and edited by Lamont Jack Pearly with Brooke Swan: Airs worldwide Wednesday January 26, 5:30pm EST online
www.bricartsmedia.org/bcat  and select the channel of your choice:
Time Warner 56 / Cablevision 69 / RCN 84 / Verizon 44   Day: Wednesday January 26, 2011
Added as an “Event” on Facebook, Yelp and Linkedin.

November 17          What’s stopping dentists from talking about obesity“  This is an article that appeared today in an online dental journal
that I subscribe to entitled 
DrBicuspid.com . Here is an excerpt: “Dentists say they are interested in helping patients with serious
weight issues, but at the same time they are afraid of offending them and appearing judgmental, according to a new study in the
Journal of the American Dental Association (November 2010, Vol. 141:11, pp. 1307-1316). )  Click [HERE] To see the letter I sent
to the Publisher/Editor.

November 16     Today is the premiere of the “DrTed Message Board”  Click on the link to see it: DrTed Message Board . Test it out yourself.
Kick  the tires and then get in and take it for a “drive”.  Ask a question, make a statement and have some fun.
You will need to register (email and a password).  Do you have any ideas for how I can best use this board to
benefit guests. patients and friends?

November 13         Creation of an OJW Forum/chatroom/message board exclusively for OJW patients, on the drted.com website, to allow them to share with
each other their experiences and thoughts before, during and after OJW. The link to this forum site is provided only to the OJWed past, present
and future.

September 9        Appearing in Today’s Wall Street Journal: An article entitled “We Don’t Mind the Gap: The Fashionable Flash a New Smile” by
Rachel Dodes:
 What do Ernest Borgnine, David Letterman, Anna Paquin, Madonna and Lauren Hutton all have in common? Read the article
and find out what’s new on the fashion catwalk…?spaced teeth?   Then go see the slideshow of famous celebs who are “spaced out”.
Finally go read the COMMENTS of people who read the article including my own.
[Five years ago I offered to treat David Letterman for free. I sent him a letter offering him "10 reason" why he should have ortho treatment]

October 26          WHY Snap-On Smile  (See some cases:)

No shots. No drilling. No adhesives. You can even eat while wearing the Snap-On Smile® appliance. Patients
looking for a non-invasive, reversible, affordable approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry are excellent
candidates for Snap-On Smile. It’s an easy, quick and affordable solution for patients who want to feel better,
look better, and function better. Patients using Snap-On Smile report an immediate boost to confidence and
self esteem. Most are impressed with the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile and are grateful for the brief
time investment – about two weeks – to achieve such life changing results.

This revolutionary appliance is the ideal solution for solving a wide variety of short- and long-term clinical challenges,
as it serves as both a non-invasive restorative option as well as a diagnostic appliance. Applications include using
Snap-On Smile as aesthetic provisionals for implant restorations, as a vehicle for increasing facial height
(vertical dimension), as cosmetic removable partial dentures, and even as a long-term smile enhancement.
Snap-On Smile can last for years and yet is affordable enough to be temporary. It has also proven to be a terrific
incentive for patients who are in need of but are hesitant to commit to more involved restorative treatment.
In fact, our research has shown that 40 percent of patients who started treatment with the Snap-On Smile transitioned

May 21                You may have noticed that I have a PhD. What you probably do not realize is just how few orthodontists have a PhD.
What is significant about my PhD is that it is directly related to my daily work as an orthodontist in that its subject matter is
Growth and Development of head, face and jaws–normal and abnormal. I am particularly proud of my Doctorate since it was published in
the most significant journal in our field the “American Journal of Orthodontics and DentoFacial Orthopedics”.*Part I   **Part II

May 21                Orthodontic fees are determined by a few very important factors, at least that is the way I arrive at the fee for the correction
of your orthodontic problem. Here I have outlined the factors for you to see and the degree of their importance:
Orthodontic fees and payment arrangements

May 11                Three part film series (YouTube) showing Dr. Ted having a tooth removed and a bone graft in preparation for getting an implant
 Part 1    Part 2      Part 3

 May 6                 The Bones of the Skull

April 1                 On May 3,  I will present my work on Orthodontic Jaw Wiring to my colleagues at the meeting of the American Association of
Orthodontists in Washington, DC:
[SEE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. See also: E-Synopsis containing the documents referred to
in the PowerPoint presentation: E-Synopsis

March 15             Added to the DrTed.com: Learn about the Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ: the joint that operates the opening and closing of
your mouth. Learn exactly what "TMJ" really is. Then see some really terrific simulated real-life videos and learn what causes that click you
hear when your TMJ is dysfunctional. Finally, checkout the article on the subject that appeared in the NY Times on the Do's and Don'ts if you
have TMJ.

February 22        I recently went to visit Dr. Michael Zidile, a specialist in Periodontics, who opened his office nearby at 185 Montague St. Brooklyn, NY  11201. He sent me the article
which you can now read .This article demonstrates a "more conservative" surgically-assisted method to accelerate the movement of teeth in carefully selected cases where the
patient expresses a willingness to undergo a relatively safe and not-terribly-invasive gum surgery depending on who you speak with. This approach supplants an
older more surgically aggressive method to assist moving teeth which first appeared about twenty years ago called "Wilckodontics". This procedure is not recommended for
use with Invisalign.  It is used most often to accelerate typical orthodontic treatment where the patient presents with mild-moderate upper and or lower anterior
crowding, (exactly the kind of case where an orthodontist might choose to use Invisalign). I estimate that it reduces treatment time 35%-50%.

February 6, 2010 Airing on YouTube: Placing an archwire on SmartClip braces: Just go "click-click"

December 29       I snore and that frequently prevents my wife from getting to sleep, or wakes her up when she is sleeping. That is why I became interested
in treating the problem. As an orthodontist I had from time to time read about various devices created by dentists that had been used
with various degrees of success in patients who snore or had sleep apnea accompanied by snoring. This month the AAOMS (American Association
of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) released
Volume 22,  issue 1, Entitled: "Obstructive Sleep Apnea Surgical Update"  "OSA" occurs in 90
million Americans: 40% of the Americans over the age of 40 snore and half of them snore every night. Among habitually loud snorers OSA occurs in 17% of men and 15% of woman.
16 million out of 18 million Americans have undiagnosed OSA. It is estimated that people with OSA are 10 times more likely to die in a car accident than someone without
sleep apnea.  WHAT??  Go read about it and learn something that might save your life (7 pages PDF).

August 19            Dr. Ted chosen to speak at the 110th meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, DC May 1-4, 2010 on
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity"
[See letter of accepance] ]

July 14                 Few people know how teeth are professionally whitened.  Here we show you the one hour procedure we use to whiten your teeth. Great attention is paid
to seeing that you are protected and comfortable.  [Go take a look]

June 27,               Create 60 second BCAT Promo film clip for Dr. Ted Presents The Surprise

June 9,                 Treating certain kinds of Open Bite is difficult.  Moreover maintaining the correction of  “Open Bite” is even more perplexing. You have only to ask
any experienced orthodontist to have confirmation of this well-known fact.   You can see my solution to retaining the correction of an open bite.
See the “RACHEL

May 23,                Today we filmed Dr. Ted Presents: The Highs and Woes of moms with kids wearing braces and immediately after that
we filmed Dr. Ted Presents: The Kids Wearing Braces of the  moms with kids wearing braces. ?What?? Then Maniza from
Dr. Ted Presents: Eva and Maniza Get Their Braces off and “Surprise!”  came by as planned for a “retainer check” and the cast from
both Dr. Ted Presents above participated in shooting the “The Surprise” (Maniza). What a blast we did have. I appointed Celina Marrero to
to assist Patrick, the director, in logging the “ACTION-TAKE-CUTS. Take a look at her list of takes for the Highs and Woes of Moms.
This production was a massive job for me since I had to “mount” and “strike”  (dismantle) the set almost completely by myself.
See Dr. Teds resume of films produced

                                    April 24,                Dr. Ted Presents: Wrapping with  Rabbi Aaron: A documentary film on the application and use of Tefillin during prayer among
orthodox Jews
April 25,
               Dr. Ted Presents: Eva and Maniza Get Their Braces off and “Surprise!”

March 21,              I have always believed that the American Association of Orthodontists lacked a musical composition that represented this important organization.
Ever since my son and his music writing partner composed the BALLAD OF DR TED I have resolutely held the firm conviction that it represents the
quintessential experience of getting braces. When I expressed my beliefs to the President of NESO (Northeast Society of Orthodontists)
he agreed to present it to the delegation that reviews such proposals on my behalf. Consequently, on March 21, 2009  in Boston, the President
proposed that our organization select a musical composition and placed in nomination for such a piece of music the THE BALLAD OF DR TED

as it now appears on YouTube.

March 5,               I accepted an invitation to be a guest on an interview show, at BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access
Television. The topic of the show is
“What about Court”?  based on the book I wrote. On the show I
presented basic information about the Brooklyn Court and showed the form used to file a claim. Whether you won or lost
the judge sent you his/her decision…the “
Judgment” which tells you how to collect if you won, and your obligations if lost.
I offered some guidelines and basic precautions to using the court, and finally ended up by pointing out the quirky things
that can happen
between filing the claim and collecting the money you won. Interested readers may enjoy reading
article I wrote that appeared in the American Journal of Orthodontics.  Finally I presented a flow chart they
could use to help organize their thoughts when thinking about filing a claim and then following through up to and including
collecting on the judgment.

February 23,         Begin production: DrTed Presents: A health documentary on placing braces, a prequel to “Removing Braces” (YouTube)

February 15          February 15, Submit manuscript of
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity
publication in JADA: Journal of the American Dental Association

February 6            TMJ Do’s and Don’ts:  a NY Times article by Jane Brody February 3, 2009 [Click here]  and then see
                           TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DISEASE AND TREATMENT an ADA publication click here

February 1,        Orthodontic Jaw Wiring : The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity: I
“scientific research study” to address The Safety and Effectiveness of, and the Problems  Associated with, OJW–a weight-control method.

Jan. 12, 2009        OJW Questionnaire Survey on the Safety, Effectiveness of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for control of  compulsive overeating AND
the responses posted  Jan, 12, 2009

September 21,     We will film interviews with four seasoned dentists, the first of which is with Dr. Ezra Trachtenberg. This interview will air Thursday, October 9, 2008
at 11 and 6 pm on Time-Warner channel 34 and Cablevision channel 67.  The interviews will be filmed on location at the office of Dr. Ted
Rothstein.  Guests will be encouraged to provide information on various areas of dentistry and  common dental problems to the home
audience and point out the features of their office and the efforts they go to eliminate the fear and anxiety patients have about visiting the dentist,
as well as their approach to making their services affordable.

September 14,   August 28, Submit 56 minute documentary film entitled “The Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring …”
to Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) programming department for airing on Manhattan Cable.
AIR DATE dates for documentary film: Wed, 9/17 at 9 AM, channel 56  and Tue, 9/30 at 12:30 PM, channel 34.

September 7,     Formation and publication of  second opinion orthodontist

August 20,         Orthodontists are often confronted with patients whose teeth are so crowded or protrude so far in front of their lips they cannot
comfortably close them together. About 5% of an orthodontist’s patients present this problem. The diagnosis in orthodontic parlance is
termed “bi-maxillary protrusion.”  The treatment plan calls for fixed braces accompanied by the removal of four teeth, most often the
removal of the upper and lower, right and left first premolars.  KD came to my office with this problem. I prescribed the  removal of
his first premolars teeth. This experience can be very frightening. Herein  KD presents his experience. We orthodontists are way too cavalier
about our patient’s apprehensions and forebodings apropos of this procedure. Just imagine substituting of the word “amputation” for “removal”
or “extraction”. So
direct your patient’s feet to the sunny-side of the street as KD describes it.

August 18,         Small Claims Court is the people’s court. It is fondly known to the judges and volunteer lawyers who staff it as “Liars Court”. Here is a court
where the little  guy can make his last stand to address that grievance that is vexing him/her. You can make a claim or have a claim brought
against you for up to $5000. In well more than half the case the plaintiff  wins and the judge awards the plaintiff a judgment who is now burdened with
having to collect his bounty. But hold on.  “There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip” is a Greek proverb that warns you that life is filled
with surprises. Over the years Chapter 5 of my book on Small Claims Court remains one of the most valuable. It is called :12+1 Scenarios.
This chapter takes away the surprises that you may encounter when navigating your way through this court from filing your Initial Claim
to obtaining the judgment and collecting the money you believe is your just due. [Read 12+1 Scenarios.]

August 12,          Dr. Ted has become a new provider of Ibraces–a high tech version on of lingual braces that I began providing to my patients back in 1988.
See how iBraces are placed on the teeth and how your speech will sound with them on.  The case of KD.

July 8,                See two 10-minute videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/drteddrted on the Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw wiring (OJW) for
compulsive overeating: Part I: Ray McDowell, showing the use of SmartClip braces to limit jaw opening to preselected maximum distance apart,
and Part II: Erica Smith, using the standard brackets for OJW, but wiring using the “through-the-bracket” method to achieve a
limited jaw opening in the patient’s unique comfort zone.

July 14,               I am a member of ESCO  (Electronic Study Club for Orthodontists). In the recent past I began to post information related to
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring. If you would like to see the sometimes unseemly, less decorous side of how we orthodontists communicate
with each other

June1,                On May 4, 2009 I am planning  to present to my orthodontic colleagues in Boston the results of a survey entitled The Safety and, Effectiveness of,
and the Problems associated with, Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW– a weight-control method for individuals exhibiting compulsive overeating”

[ See the survey.]

May 12,              “Dr. Ted Removes Brendan’s Braces”:  I made this video after an extensive search of the YouTube archives because I could find no vivid, detailed
video showing braces being removed close-up. So here you can see “Dr. Ted removes Brendan’s Braces”, which will show you the step-by-step
process. My patients constantly ask me how I will remove their braces and whether it hurts when I do it. This film is the answer to that question.
I hope those of you who now have braces or will be getting them will be relieved to know how they are removed.
So much fear is built up around the unknown. Well know you know so you can breathe a sigh of relief.  See the film on YouTube. (“Removing Braces”

April 25,             Next Thursday we begin shooting the Documentary film on  OJW…Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight loss/ control. Preview shoot

April 15,               Have you seen the May 2008 issue of the Oprah Magazine? Now doesn’t that clearly show that “A winning smile is a priceless asset”? You know
I’d love to have a guest appearance on her show. Inspired by some friends, patients and well-wishers I decided to forward my credentials
to  the Oprah show producers on the theory that “nothing ventured nothing gained”. You can see the
synopsis  of  the material I submitted
from the formal questionnaire they use for would-be incoming show ideas  at  http://www.drted.com/Oprah Winfrey guest appearance.htm .
                           Below that is the letter they would read if they are interested.

April 7,                 Having just completed a course in Television studio film production and one in Film editing,  I am now  a certified BCAT studio producer
with the right to use  *BCAT’s equipment and studio. You can read a report I wrote entitled “The WALL box” which will give you
an idea of all that I learned in this “hands-on” studio production class. (*Brooklyn Community Access Television).  Le Voila see my BCAT
Certificate for “Remote / Non Linear Film Editing.

March 28,             The “Ingredients of Hair Shampoo” (A narrative “film” in which Dr. Ted tries to render a formidable list of “common”  chemicals that are
contained in most shampoo). If you don’t believe me just go read the ingredients label on the shampoo that YOU use. Making this film
took many takes (14). I was challenged by the goal of completing the narrative  from start to end without a pause. When I made a mistake
I started from the beginning.  I believe I have correctly pronounced the chemical names of all the ingredients. However, if you know of
an error let me know. YouTube.com

March 2,               Dr. Ted produces, directs and stars in his first movie. Prepare yourself for a rollicking 3 minutes and 33 seconds of the joyous recollections
of Jason who at age 24 relates the story of how he came to get braces and what it has meant to him to have a great smile. He leaves no doubt
that…“He’s a fan of Dr. Ted, and Nobody does it better…” 
The Ballad of DrTed  (16335Kb); Lyrics and Sheet music

November 11,        The editor began: “Thank you for your patience while I had your manuscript, Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW): The Dental Professional’s
Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity, reviewed for possible publication in the
American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics. I have just heard back from the reviewers and I am appending copies of
their comments below; I hope you will find them useful,”   Read the comments of the the Jury and respected colleagues.

November 11,       http://www.drted.com/Anne Collins Orthodontic Jaw Wiring OJW.htm  I have been found by Anne Collins of Anne Collins Diet fame.
The above link will take you to my letter to her. While I am pleased that she posted every bit of the material I put on my site, nowhere ddid
she cite me as the sole source of her posting. I notified her and she responded. Click the link above to see the response.

November 7,       I sent this note to Dr. Sanjay Gupta via the producers at CNN. The note references the introduction to the course I prepared for dental
professionals on Orthodontic Jaw  Wiring  as well  as  the press release I prepared for use on just such an occasion as this.
[Read the letter to Dr. Gupta of CNN].

November 1,         October 29, 2007:  Submitted paper requesting publication in the AJO-DO (American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics) entitled: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW):
The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity  Read the paper.

October 27,             Mayor Bloomberg meets Doctor Ted :-)    Simchas Torah: October 4, 2007

October 24,          Membership status in the American Association of Orthodontists changed from “Active” to “Honorary” (membership 30+ years).

September 22,     My Birthday:  Last night a bulb went on my head… Chad my rep from 3-M Unitek sent me a demonstration model of the new  Clear SmartClip SL
self-ligating brackets, I wonder how  how it would be to do OJW on this model. Here is how it looked.

August 11, 2007  Setting a good example for her three year-old child who sucked his thumb was her primary goal. With a BMI of 36 losing 50 pound was her secondary
WHY OF COURSE O-J-W. See her case in progress. How impaired is her speech?

 August 8, 2007   Necessity is the Mother of Invention   Yesterdays’ OJW was a case of “necessity was the mother of invention”:  CJ came from
Michigan.  She had to drive 300 miles to get to the closest airport . What I discovered when I examined her in spite of more than 10 email
communications made my heart skip beat. Oh la la! What a problem. See for yourself.

July 29, 2007     Sometimes your journey through life takes you on side-trips. That side-trip for me has been learning about and using the Small Claims Court.  I have shared
my knowledge via the book that I wrote on using the Small Claims Court and  through recent additions to this web site to help ordinary peopled wade through the
legal morass  called Small Claims Court  These additions include a compilation of the mains forms for filing a claim in Small Claims Court  and  most recently
how to obtain, complete and file a Subpoena for Records in SCC.

July 26, 2007    Dr. Ted enhances his ad in Orthopages.com

June 15, 2007     Photo-documentation of the first clinical trial combining simultaneously  Orthodontic  treatment with OJW from the every start.

July 15, 2007     DR. TED PROUDLY INTRODUCES THE SMARTCLIP-STRAIGHT WIRE orthodontic system into his practice. See
SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Appliance System Patient Video Macromedia Flash, 6.6mb  [click on "Interactive media"]
Click Here to see powerful SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Appliance System CASE STUDIES

                          In CLEAR and TRANSPARENT: Clarity™ Metal-Reinforced Ceramic Brackets

July 4, 2007        Learn about IBraces:  Dr. Ted becomes certified in Ibraces   on July 3, 2007 by completing the online course for doctors
at  www.lingualcare.com. Ibraces are a unique version of lingual brace  whose virtues rely on the facts that  they are constructed by use of
digital imagery; thus uniquely adapted to fit to the inside of the individuals teeth resulting in fewer detached braces. Moreover, they have a low profile
so as to minimize or eliminate initial speech difficulties and tongue soreness. (See  below STb brackets, even smaller). The pluses for the doctor are
that the inventor’s laboratory has developed an archwire bending machine which precludes the doctor from having to do the  tedious and difficult work
of bending the patient’s arch wire himself. The disadvantage  to the doctor and the patient the  cost   ($1500-$2200) ouch. Ibraces have come into their own
over the past 3-4 years.  [DOCTORS learn how you can become an iBraces certified doctor.]
Sept. 1, 2006  STb is the new look and feel in lingual braces.
See the latest innovation in lingual brackets the STb. You dont’s see them that’s for sure; now  you may not even feel them because the 8th generation
of  lingual brackets are that low and flat. STb REMOVES THE “OUCH” FROM  LINGUAL BRACES.  DOES THE “ST” IN STb STAND FOR STEALTHY?
[Be on the cutting go see them now].  

Apr. 20, 2007       MICROIMPLANTS in ORTHODONTICS: Microimplants are temporary anchorage devices (TAD’s) that looks like a fancy albeit miniature version
of a screw. A common example of orthodontic anchorage  (relatively immobile blocks of teeth) is the situation when the orthodontist wants to pull
in your front teeth that are sticking out. He uses the back molar teeth to help him because they are large, multirooted, and move very little when
they are used to pull back the front teeth.  The molar teeth are well anchored in your jaw. It will not be long before the use of the microimplant
(miniscrew, TAD) is being taught and used in every post graduate orthodontic school in the country here and abroad. [Learn more about microimplants].
See how a microimplant is placed:
Tomas page 1 and Tomas Page 2 and illustrations of their usage.

Oct. 26, 2006        In September of 2006 Invisalign (Align Technology Inc.) and OrthoClear settled their patent litigation dispute: In brief, Invisalign will be
completing all OrthoClear patients that were initiated by all doctors.  There will be no additional charges to the doctor or the patient.
OrthoClear will cease and desist. OrthoClear patients in treatment have the option to continue their treatment traditional braces (metal or clear)
or lingual braces (at additional cost), or complete their treatment with Invisalign’s aligner trays. Those who choose this option will need to have
their orthodontists take new molds which will be sent to Invisalign for aligner fabrication. The wait time will be 6-8 weeks. C’est la vie.

Sept. 22, 2006     My birthday: Today I submitted the Utility Patent application for OJW.  [Click here to read it]

 Sept. 18, 2006     Every  year the staff and I put up a stand at the biggest street fair Brooklyn has to offer during the 3rd week in September. The fair is called the
the Atlantic Antic because it’s on Atlantic Avenue.  This “street” fair or “avenue” fair to be more exact, stretches almost a mile long with music,
food and vendors selling “you name it.”  Now understand in Brooklyn, more than 125 languages are spoken, so you can imagine the diversity of folk
who come their to  parade themselves up and down the avenue.  This Sunday was simply beautiful and as I was feeling happy as clam at high tide
I passed the hours from 9-5 away being social as the crowd flowed by us.  You can see the new banner I added to the main banner.
About 150 people stopped at the table so I am please to say we had a very pleasant day. Aside from the potential new patients I encountered, I
had the great pleasure of having many of my old patients past and present drop in in to say hello.  Post Script: Today is very special because my
wife’s daughter Dana gave birth to Gabriel, a boy 7lb, 2oz and 20 inches, 1:42  pm Brussels time. [Go see  6 of the Atlantic Antic pics.]                            .

Sept. 8, 2006       The nice young folks you see working in my office are chosen for one of three reasons: 1. I have straightened their teeth and consequently
know them for at lest two years, 2. They have expressed and interest in the field of dentistry, or 3. They were referred to me through an
internship program which I am proud to be part of. I came to part of it when one of my adult patients, Vanessa Figueroa who runs the program
asked if I would interview one of her young proteges for a position. I accepted “Daisy Corona” and ended up hiring her after
three months. [Read about the internship program in an article that appeared in the Brooklyn Heights Courrier Life by Charles Hack]

Sept. 1, 2006       STb is the new look and feel in lingual braces. See the latest innovation in lingual brackets the STb. You dont’s see them that’s for sure; now
you may not even feel them because the 8th generation of  lingual brackets are that low and flat. STb REMOVES THE “OUCH” FROM
LINGUAL BRACES.  DOES THE “ST” IN STb STAND FOR STEALTHY? [Be on the cutting go see them now].

August 5, 2006     When you practice in a city of more then four million people, such as Brooklyn where the competition abounds, you have to be creative.
Moreover, you have to not only provide an array of services, but you also have to let the public know about your services through various media.
Here is an ad I created that appears on a book rack and its magazine covers in Gold’s Health Club, Downtown Brooklyn, where my office is located.
[See the Ad].

July 22, 2006        At my office at the conclusion of your first visit consultation examination I will provide you with the most comprehensive report you will
ever receive in your life time. It is here for you to DOWNLOAD.

May 21, 2006       MICROIMPLANTS in ORTHODONTICS: Microimplants are temporary anchorage devices (TAD’s) that looks like a fancy albeit miniature version
of a screw. A common example of orthodontic anchorage  (relatively immobile blocks of teeth) is the situation when the orthodontist wants to pull
in your front teeth that are sticking out. He uses the back molar teeth to help him because they are large, multirooted, and move very little when
they are used to pull back the front teeth.  The molar teeth are well anchored in your jaw. It will not be long before the use of the microimplant
(miniscrew, TAD) is being taught and used in every post graduate orthodontic school in the country here and abroad. [Learn more about microimplants].
See how a microimplant is placed:
Tomas page 1 and Tomas Page 2 and illustrations of their usage.

May 12, 2006I presented my work on OJW  (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring)  at the 106th International Orthodontic conference In Las Vegas on May 7.  Take a look
at the table clinic I prepared and see some sights Las Vegas has to offer. [Click here]

February 1, 2006    Henry Hatfield  had jaw (orthognathic) surgery. His pre and post op photos lay bare the nitty-gritty details of the whole process. Read about it.

January 8, 2006     On Friday December 28, 2005 it was the sixth day of Channukkah and  Dr. Ted lit the 6th “candle” on the 2nd largest Menorah
in the United States.[See DrTed  doing it.]

December 14, 2005 When I wrote my book on Small Claims Court it was intended to help doctors collect fees from patients. I knew the book was really a
success, and I had done my job well, when lay people began writing me to tell me how they used the book to WIN AND COLLECT
from anybody and everybody. Over the years the small claims court has been very useful and I would encourage others to use it when
the appropriate circumstances warrant it. The outcome of a Small Claims Court hearing can hold many surprises, some totally
unexpected: [Tell me about the surprises.].   I prepared a guide for those of you who have the courage to use this very useful
court. [See the Guide.) ...Just in over the wires: I learned you can now save yourself the trip of going  to the Small Claims Court Office
when you  want to file a claim. Yes it costs about $12 more.[Tell me more about this good news.]

December 3, 2005 Ollie, a binge eater, wrote me the other day setting forth his candidacy for being an Orthodontic Jaw Wiring patient. He notes that he might
not be an ideal OJW patient, nevertheless, would I  consider him for OJW  [read the letter].  As you can see before I accept a patient for OJW
it is mandatory that the patient provide me with the proper documents in order to evaluate whether they are a fitting candidate.
On one hand this letter is poignant to me and I can empathize with the author who expresses dilemma and fear of these episodes of being
out of control and the urgency of the need to regain control even if only temporarily. However, Ollie did not put his weight which makes it even
more  imperative to have the Informed Consent where Ollie is required to reveal his present weight. What is Ollie’s BMI? Less than 24? Could he
have anorexia? I wish to illustrate just one point here that when a doctor selects a patient to provide his services it his responsibility to avoid selecting
patients with possible hidden agendas.

November 20, 2005 OrthoClear has brought some serious counterclaims against the giant Align Technology, producer of Invisalign. Seems like  Goliath
is worried that little David is going to bring him down with a one swift stone from his sling shot. David is growing by leaps and bounds so it
seems that I’m not the only one has left the sinking ship. Anybody notice that Align technology’s stock has plummeted precipitously?
For those who are interested in seeing how these two companies are battling each other check out THIS LINK.  I’m betting
on OrthoClear after all it is founded by the same fellow that founded Invisalign.

October 16, 2005 Invisalign excommunicates Dr. Rothstein.  [See Invisalign]

September 24, 05 Invisalign is not happy about its new competitor viz. ORTHOCLEAR read all about the legal battle now in progress and  OrthoClear’s claim that
they are not infringing Invisalign’s patents. I believe Orthoclear, after all who would know better than the founder of Invisalign himself how to produce the
same product without infringing on the product he originated in the first place. [READ ORTHOCLEAR'S DEFENSE].
Finally, I would have reader’s of
this page know that I have “embraced” ;-) OrthoClear and started my first 8 cases within the past 3 months. Getting more and more confused
about the various king of braces? I have tried to clear it all up for you at my compare braces page

August 30, 2005 Every year the Chamber of Congress for Downtown Brooklyn sponsors the Atlantic Avenue street festival which the
locals know as the “ATLANTIC ANTIC”.  It is 20 blocks long and chocked full of foods of every kind you can imagine, vendors selling items
which “you must have”, and entertainment including singing and dancing and musicians galore. This year I decides that Dr. Ted and staff
will be present and have fun, make a “splash” and promote the office. We made a “small” banner ( 5′ x 10′ )  and invited  every patient
whose email address we could gather to come visit us and be part of the staff if they want to help us work and play. [See our banner]

June 17, 2005    Doctors, however skillful they may be with their patients, are besieged by solicitations and can
sometimes be duped by con artists disguised as legitimate business concerns. The Citibank
Credit Protector Program is one that I was taken in by, along with at least three others I know of
Only G-d knows how many countless others have been snared by it.  If you search the web as I did
you will find references to how the scam operates. So “Caveat Emptor,“   let the buyer beware.


June 7, 2005     Want to see what the old-fashion “train track” braces looked like? You can see how braces have changed by looking at the inset photo
and comparing the train tracks to the more modern look of clear braced and tooth colored wire [See the train tracks].

June 3, 2005     Hear Ballad of  Dr. Ted : My son Jon is a song writer and singer as well*. When he graduated
from Middlebury College in 1993 I asked him to write a song about getting braces. He wrote the
“Ballad of Dr. Ted,”  for which I paid him $100.  I’ve  played it many times in the office for patients
who come in for consultation. It tells the classic and joyous story of a young boy who learns that
he needs to  have braces. Of course he does the classic thing, he asks the advice of his friends…
who wouldn’t?  He ends up following the advice of his best friend “Jason” who changes his life
forever by advising him to go to Dr. Ted because “Nobody does it better.”  * My favorite song
of his is called The Only Thingwhich he wrote and dedicated to Amy,  the girl he married on
October 26, 2003.   It tells of the pain that comes with loving one another. The other day I submitted
the Ballad of Dr. Ted to the American Association of Orthodontists as my nomination for a song which
represents our prestigious organization…an anthem if you will.
Hear Ballad of  Dr. Ted :-)

May 27, 2005
May 22, 2005  at the 105th  International meeting of  the American Association of Orthodontists in San Francisco:
Presented a table clinic:  “The Dental Profession’s Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW  Transitioning Your
Overweight Orthodontic Patient from Active Treatment to Retention using OJW”  [See abstract and information]    Dr. Rothstein’s
table clinic was selected for presentation in Paris, September 10, 2005 at the 6th International Congress of Orthodontists.
May 12, 2006     I  also presented my work on OJW  (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring)  at the 106th International Orthodontic conference In Las Vegas on May 7.  Take a look
at the table clinic I prepared and see some sights Las Vegas has to offer. [Click here]

December 3, 2004
I presented the table clinic as planned at the Greater NY Dental Meeting. Our table in my own opinion deserved
the “Blue Ribbon” ‘hands down’. I prepared a page that shows how it looked.  [See our table clinic on OJW at the
 GNYDM]  Next stop …San Francisco to present same with a slightly different spin at the International Meeting
of the American Association of Orthodontists on May 22, 2005. You can see the Power Point presentation
(3 Mb, 10 minutes long)  that was part of the table:
 [Click Here].

October 30, 2004
I have the honor to announce that I am presenting a “table clinic” at the Greater NY Dental Meeting  on November 29,
titled “The Dental Profession’s Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring… A kinder gentler
way  (OJW)”  On that occasion I will demonstrate the principles/rationale of how the OJW service is provided
and present a power point presentation. Moreover, I take pleasure in noting that my OJW table clinic was
selected for presentation at the International Meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists
(May 21-24), in San Francisco. There I  will demonstrate how an orthodontist can transition an overweight patient
who has just completed the active phase of  braces into the passive phase of treatment (“retention”) using OJW.
                         See the Power Point Presentation   (4Mb)

September 14, 2004
Orthodontists refer many patients to oral surgeons for the “removal”  (I say “amputation”) of
wisdom teeth. Consequently, it behooves them to be knowledgeable about

                 Etiology, Prevention and Management of Post Extraction Complications.
The article was written by Dr. Michael Florman, who was certified in 2004 as a specialist in
orthodontics (NYU Post Graduate orthodontic department). Best wishes to Michael you are an asset
to our profession. While you are there take the test. This article is a continuing education course
that appeared as an insert in  Dental Economics, August 2004

September 11,  2004
   This entry commemorates the third anniversary of the  World Trade Center disaster on 9/11 three years ago. I offer
a prayer in memory of the those who died and to those sadly bereaved of their loved ones ;-(   See Memorial:

                        The DDS System is much in the limelight these days:  If you want to find a provider in the NYC area just (Click here).

September 1,  2004
Learn About the DDS System for Weight Loss : This device is custom made by certified dentists
who begin by making a mold of your upper teeth and palate. The dental lab fabricates the device
which reminds one a lot of the retainer that many orthodontists give you at the end of treatment
to hold your teeth in place. It costs $350-$500.

August 28, 2004
 I was asked by the editor of Orthodontic Product Magazine, Christopher Piehler, to be part of a
“virtual round table discussion,” the results of which, will appear in toto in the publication by December 2004.
Below I  present my final thoughts on the usefulness, delivery of patient care service, and my hopes for OJW
as a potentially useful tool that some overweight patients might find appropriate/suitable for their problem.
OJW round table

August 13, 2004
Please visit Dr. Ted’s new Orthodontic Message Board (Click here). While you’re there take a
look at the messages Ted posted August 13 on the subjects of: INFORMATION ON
INVISALIGN: invisible removable braces
, and OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring) for compulsive overeating.
If it’s information on the subject you will find it all there. (Click here too)

July 11, 2004   Dr. Ted’s approach to loss of retainers, relapse and retreatment: the Retainer Insurance Agreement

Straightened sometimes become crooked again. All orthodontists have a way of handling those patients who return to
the office complaining of this commonly occurring and disappointing problem. The most important element of the
approach I use is to provide my patients accurate information about why/how teeth commonly become crooked again
so that they may avoid ever experiencing this problem at all. However, when relapse does occur the patient is given two
choices: to retain the present relapsed state, or to retreat at a fee stated in advance and related to the degree of
relapse that has taken place. This information is provided in advance in the  “Retainer Insurance Agreement”
given to my patients 1-3 months prior to removing their braces. I  have the patient sign and date the agreement
and make them aware that the insurance becomes effective when it has been paid for.

June 11, 2004

                    Patient’s Financial Memo form and Notice of Informed Consent–The two most important
forms in our office.
Every healthcare provider must utilize both these documents. These
forms are essential elements of
a vital professional practice.  We decided to meld them into a two-sided document for efficiency.
Fin-Mem/Inf-Con memo is reviewed and updated annually for accuracy, content and specific
office needs. Along with the Summary of Consultation-Examination
SumCon these three
documents provide the information that empowers your patients to help finish the treatment that
they have contracted for as well as to help  form a mutually cooperative and happy
patient-doctor relationship.  I just finished updating these forms:  See SumCon 2004-2005 and

March 6, 2004     Dr. Ted,  NYU Post Graduate Ortho. Dept. ’73, writes OTW (Over the Wires), a newsletter in which
he shares with staff and PG orthodontic students close to thirty year of experience as a clinician
and researcher. (Read Over the Wires),  (OTW Archives)  [Note] The latest  issue: Winter ’04 #9 marks a very
special event in that the American Association of Orthodontists sanctioned it

February 27, 2004
See the poster Dr. Ted created to inform his patients of a new choice IN ADDITION to INVISALIGN, LINGUAL and
CLEAR braces: Here is the big question… Would a would-be adult patient be willing  to pay about $200 more for
DAMON (metal showing braces) if they could have their teeth straightened in 25-30 % faster time?? WITH 25%-30%
FEWER VISITS?:  See a close up of the DAMON BRACKET

February 27, 2004
he office manager created our latest display ad
in the Brooklyn (Pop.
2,465,326) Yellow pages. I think she did a great job.
See the ad.

December 13, 2003
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring is a service I provide. Providers of the OJW service are rare, be they
orthodontists, dentists or oral surgeons. Never before now has anyone established/created
a protocol for providing this service. Naturally, would-be providers are concerned with legal
and liability issues. See
The Informed Consent for OJW and the FAQ’s. Moreover, some studies
would be useful such as the long term effects of limiting the motion of the jaw joints (the “TMJ”).
I have had a few OJW patients say that they were first wired by an oral surgeon because of
trauma and it was then that they realized the potential of this method to control their weight.
The responses I have received from grateful patients reinforces for me that, overall, OJW is a
beneficial service although its detractors are rife. Recently, I encouraged a dentist in Colorado
to provide the service to his patient, Jay Freeman, instead of having him come to New York and
having me do it. The patient wrote the following: (See
The Second Forum on the Pros and Cons of OJW: responses to the letter of 9/22/03).
The chart entry for a recent patient of my own, AF illustrates the OJW approach.
The accompanying photo  documentation illustrates succinctly how OJW is done. The exact
sequence of wiring is shown at OJW jaw wiring sequence.

November 2, 2003
Dr. Ted takes pleasure in announcing the introduction to his orthodontic practice of the
fourth generation of modern treatment orthodontic appliances. It is called the “Damon System”.
This system makes use of “super-elastic” archwires and self-ligating brackets
[See the bracket and how the wire is attached] which can capture the
archwire without any external attachment devices such as “ligature wires” or “elastics” which create
massive friction (400-600 times more friction), consequently slowing down enormously the movement
of the teeth. The combination of the the super-elastic wires and the “self-ligating” bracket are
so effective that they allow the patient  to be seen every 8-10 weeks instead of every 4-5 weeks with
great accuracy and control of the movement of the teeth. In effect, by making use of such wires
and the Damon self-ligating bracket the teeth move more continuously with less discomfort because
the forces on them are more gentle.

October 18, 2003
 How many calories in a pound of fat?…Answer 1      How many calories in a pound of fat?… Answer 2
How many calories do you need to “keep” a pound of fat?
How do you figure out how many calories YOU need  each day?    How many calories do
you burn off when you exercise? Click here
To see a living example of how the calculations work go visit 

September 7, 2003
                           My son Jon is a song writer and singer as well*. When he graduated from Middlebury College
in 1993 I asked him to write a song about getting braces. He wrote the “Ballad of Dr. Ted,”
for which I paid him $100.  I’ve  played it many times in the office for patients who come in for
consultation. It tells the classic and joyous story of a young boy who learns that he needs to
have braces. Of course he does the classic thing, he asks the advice of his friends…
who wouldn’t?  He ends up following the advice of his best friend “Jason” who changes his
life forever by advising him to go to “Dr. Ted…because “Nobody does it better.”
The Ballad of Dr. Ted.   * My favorite song of his is called The Only Thing,
which he wrote and dedicated to Amy, his significant other, who he married on October 26, 2003.   It tells of
the pain that comes with loving one another. [Words and song The Only Thing].

August 30, 2003
Wouldn’t it be be nice if all the would-be patients that came to my office
for a consultation-examination chose me to provide their treatment? When they
do not I am always curious to know the reason(s) why in the hope that I can improve
the service I provide. As a result I created the following questionnaire:
 http://ww.drted.com/Pending patient questionnaire

July 30, 2003

                    Patient’s Financial Memo form and Notice of Informed Consent–The two most important forms in our office.
Every healthcare provider must utilize both these documents. These
forms are essential elements of a vital professional practice.                         We decided to meld them into a two-sided document for efficiency. This Fin-Mem/Inf-Con memo is reviewed and updated annually
for accuracy, content and specific office needs. Along with the Summary of Consultation-Examination
SumCon these three
documents provide the information that empowers your patients to help finish the treatment that they have contracted for as well as
to help  form a mutually cooperative and happy patient-doctor relationship.  I just finished updating these forms:  See SumCon 2004-2005  and  FinMemSumCon2003

March 30, 2003
Early last year we nominated Jill Nicolini to be the Invisalign poster child. We went so far as
to let the folks at Invisalign know that she was our patient, and that she had even written a letter
in praise of her treatment with Invisalign.  We are  very proud of her because today
her photo appeared on the front page of TV Guide as well as in the cover story on the inside.
Jill is currently appearing on Married by America, which airs Monday, 9pm EST on Fox 5 (Channel 5).

March 21, 2003
  Sometimes patients present bite problems that are correctable only by a combination of braces
and jaw (”orthognathic”/”maxillofacial”) surgery. Henry Hatfield required such surgery. In all my
readings and experience I have read in such detail the total experience of a patient who needed
to undergo such surgery.  Henry has written his story in “excruciating” detail. His narrative should
be a “must-read” by every orthodontist whether (s)he is a student in orthodontics or a seasoned
orthodontist. His story is mandatory as well for patients who are considering jaw surgery.
Read Henry’s description of his experiences.

March 1, 2003
I provide my patients with a “Summary of their Consultation” at the conclusion of the 30 minute
appointment needed to accomplish their consultation-examination. Even the paper it is printed on is
meant to leave the lasting impression that the workmanship and service provided at my office
can not be  obtained at any other office. The fees are presented at the time of the consultation:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it

February 9,, 2003
Just recently I founded the Downtown Brooklyn French Conversation group. You can see the
invitations I sent out
, (even read them if you are a “francophone” i.e. a person who can speak French).
Then if you want you can follow the “Liens français” hyperlink and see all the hyperlinks I collected
during the time I have been “immergé”  in this subject. LiensFrançais: some interesting
French websites

February 5, 2003
 ”Morbid” obesity is defined as being more than 100 pounds overweight. When you reach this weight
you are a candidate for “Bariatric” surgery such as the “gastric bypass” and related surgery such as
the “roux en y”. I posted some information to provide you some basic information about this kind of
gastric surgery
: [The gastric bypass.."stomach stapling"]…  [The "Roux en y"]…
[Hospitalization after "Bariatric" surgery]…[The risks of gastric surgery]…  [The long-term outlook].

January 25, 2003
 Pleasing patients sometimes requires us to try approaches that are out of the ordinary. OJW
(Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight loss) is typically accomplished with wire and metal brackets.
Jake Graham asked for more. Want to see what I did for him. Hint: Fishing line and clear braces.
Jake is going to let us know how it holds up in comparison to wire.

January 16, 2003

December 25, 2002
Photo of a dental model showing LINGUAL BRACES 5X NORMAL SIZE

November 25, 2002
Al Roker, the well-known television weatherman, put “Stomach-Stapling” on the map. Read the NY times
editorial on the subject: Drastic Surgery for Drastic Obesity.

November 25, 2002
I am always urging patients to narrate their orthodontic experiences so that others may have
accurate information to help them make up their minds. “Mia Fine” exceeded my expectations when she
wrote her narrative concerning her experience with LINGUAL braces. She has spared us no details
down to the very last “ouch.” Good job Mia… truer words were never written “over the wires”. See Mia’s
essay (Ok, OK it’s a testimonial).

November 1, 2002
Patients who get their braces off frequently need additional services from the general dentist
to complete/finalize their treatment. Those services include “bonding,” “laminate veneers,” “crowns”
and “bridges”. These procedures are used to correct the problems of leftover spaces, chipped,
missing and discolored teeth.  Here are the diagrams/illustrations I use to explain to them what
these procedures are:  Bonding teeth Vs Laminating veneers A Crown Vs a Bridge.
   Click on the icon to get Adobe Acrobat Reader free. You will need it to open the illustrations.

November 1, 2002
Dr. Ted (c’est moi) is happy to announce the start of a new orthodontic information page devoted
to teaching the NYU Post Graduate Orthodontic Students, past and present, some of the clinical
(diagnosis and treatment planning) and practice management knowledge that I have learned
in the course of practicing orthodontics for 30 years. The staff and I will
issue weekly practical and useful information which we feel would be of use to help an orthodontist
run his/her practice. Come look over our shoulders and see how we talk the talk “Over the wires…”

October 10, 2002
  It has now been reported to me that at least one patient may have experienced an allergic reaction
to the material that the “aligners” are made of (read her letter). (Patients are also sometimes (rarely)
allergic to the Nickel in stainless steel braces.) 

May 21, 2002
Dr. Ted’s CV Resume

May 17, 2002
www.drted.net the new home for Orthodontic Jaw Wiring is alive and well. [Visit the baby.]


May 9, 2002
                       Dr. Rothstein was interviewed by the Sr. Editor, Neil Boivin, for an article to be found in a  new website
devoted to health [FitDV]. In his article he provides us with a global view/glimpse of the the world of OJW.
[Read the article.]

May 2, 2002
               Today we christened the newborn, stand-alone website for OJW.  We’re not certain how it looks
on your particular search engine/web browser. If you go to look at it, let me know if any of the
links do not work for you, and the search engine/browser you used.
[See the new baby.]  You can  send your comments from here: drted35@aol.com

April 20,  2002
How to proceed after choosing OJW.

April 18,  2002
Ground Zero:  Why do we eat when we are not hungry?

April 15,  2002
Patients who have OJW (orthodontic jaw wiring for weight loss in the
treatment of obesity) can move on to the next least invasive of
the surgical methods in current use: The “LAP-BAND.”  Eida A. had it done recently
and when she returned to my office to have her OJW brackets removed she
granted me  an interview.  [Read the interview].

April 8,  2002
Cosmetic Orthodontics 
is the art of fashioning a treatment plan for our would-be
patients by choosing from a menu of  “Cosmetic” orthodontic tools/instruments.
Great page if you want details comparing the benefits and disadvantages of lingual braces
Invisalign and Clear braces,
the three most utilitarian cosmetic orthodontic tools. If you
love detailed information as I do, you will delight in this page.

March 18, 2002
On the home page of the Drted.com website you will henceforth find
MSN’s web browser. So if you are looking for an exit from this site, and you EXIT HERE,
you can launch the continuation of your net-surf from Dr. Ted’s home page  :-)

 March 6, 2002
At the conclusion of your first visit (The Consultion-Examination visit) Dr. Ted is going to
provide you with a Summary of the Consultation-Examination.  This summary IS VERY
INFORMATIVE and is a hint of what Dr. Ted means when he says his office provides
You will need to have  Adobe  Acrobat Reader which you can down lead free at:


 February 24, 2002
I found an article that succinctly covers the topic of OBESITY AND WEIGHT  MANAGEMENT
which is a topic that as an orthodontist who offers OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring)
I have become interested in. You can reach the article  by way of the
FAQ’s on Jaw Wiring…you will see why when you get there.

February 1, 2002
In case you forgot Dr. Ted offers a special service to carefully selected patients who
are good candidates and that is Jaw Wiring for Weight Loss. You can see the
Directory for that service by clicking [HERE] See also March 10, 2001 below.
You can now see the letter I sent to educators researchers, orthodontists, the
previous jaw wired patients, friends and family ask them to give their opinion
regarding the efficacy and the providing of this service by orthodontists…you would
be very surprised what they had to say. [I want to see the letter] and
want to see the responses so far. Would you like to hear how one patient sounded
when she had her jaw wiring done on Feb1, 2002?. The treatment chart of
Valerie Freeland (look at the last line).

December 28, 2001
Mat Kohn, movie director and local resident in Brooklyn Heights, used our office to make a film that
was accepted to be shown in Colorado at the film festival held there annually. Subsequently,
he made 8 short film clips in/of the office of which we have mounted three of those video clips
here on the site. The largest is 2.7. megs and takes a few minutes to load.
[I want to see a video clip.]
One of the clips, “What he can do,” shows the Invisalign “No brackets no wires ‘aligner’”
firewalkfilm@earthlink.net is Matt’s email address. 

December 12, 2001
Dr. Ted’s Doctoral dissertation, the very one that earned him his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, 1971),
was published in November 2001 in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial
Orthopedics. [Read Dr. Ted explanation of it's importance.]

October 26, 2001
Jill Nicolini is easy to look at. She just finished her orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.
 [Read her story and see her photo.] We nominated her for Invisalign spokesperson and
poster child.

October 25, 2001
In the November, 2001 issue of  American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Mosby
has published the second part of Dr. Rothstein’s PhD thesis:
Part II: Vertical and Anteroposterior growth between ages 10 and 14.

September 16, 2001

                    Memorial to our patients who were lost in the World Trade Towers
and all of those good people who lost their lives in this tragic
and devastating disaster.

May 28, 2001
Y’all come and see some [photos of the 25th office anniversary party] we made on May 20.

May 28, 2001
Dr. Ted is very proud of the fact that after having Part I of his Phd published in the American
Association of Orthodontics (March 2000), Part II was also just accepted for publication.
[See the acceptance letter from the Editor and Chief of the Journal of the AAO]

May 27, 2001
What is perfection?  What is “THE PERFECT BITE? What does it look like? What does it feel like?
Does it even exist?  [Read about the PERFECT BITE]

 May 17, 2001
If you are contemplating having treatment for a sad smile :-(   or a bad bite, you will no doubt
want to end up choosing an office that provides
“QUALITY CARE.” Did anybody ever tell you
just what the term “quality care” actually means? I have no doubt that all other factors being equal
when it come to choosing an office you will choose the office that provides the better care and
service. At Dr. Ted’s
“Our goal is caring for you and our mission is QUALITY CARE”. [Here is
what quality care at Dr. Ted's means:

May 13, 2001
                    Y’all come. Dr. Ted has been providing patient care as an orthodontic specialist in the same office
for more than twenty-five (25) years. He celebrates and commemorates that event with a
25 year
anniversary party at the office on May 20, 2001. 
[See the URL page in progress]

April 11, 2001

                   I just started to use a new anti-snoring device.  It is as weird looking a device as you
could ever want to see. If your trying to impress that new significant other in the bedroom
you might as well move on down to April 8th below. However, this device works well for me and
if your snoring or the snoring of your mate is killing the relationship you may yet find hope in this
bizarre looking contraption. [Show me this kinky looking snore preventer.]

April 8, 2001

                    Dr. Ted explains why teeth can become crooked again after the braces are removed and how
to prevent such occurrences. [I'll "bite",tell me why doc.  see answer 18A]

April 5, 2001

                   Some jaw wiring patients come from far away states and may encounter difficulties with broken
brackets or wires.
They simply can not return to permit broken brackets to be rebonded or for
jaws to be rewired. Dr. Ted shows them how at the start and provides a kit of materials and
instructions to allow the avid do-it-themselfers the opportunity to do just that. Lacking the confidence
they may also go to their local dentist/orthodontist who can do it for them.
[See the instructions and kit for rebonding brackets]   [See the training tools for learning jaw wiring]

March 28, 2001
Jaw wiring patients
are mandated to  release their wires every 4-6 weeks for 2-4 days
in order to
exercise the muscles of their jaws before being rewired. Those exercises are enumerated.
Dr. Ted also recommends that jaw wiring patients “rewire” their brains so that daily exercise
becomes a central focus of their well-being. Doc explains and demonstrates the exercise that he
does daily upon arising.
[See the exercises for the jaws at bottom Dr. Ted's exercise page.]    
[See Dr. Ted's exercise routine.]

March 16, 2001
Visit the factory where they produce the Invisalign aligners.
The tour of the plant is described
through the eyes of an orthodontist who was permitted to visit. (No pics please doctor.)

[I want to read about what the doctor saw on his plant visit.]

 March 10, 2001
Alicia F., ( 27, 5′ 3”  204lbs), alicia1973@msn.com , lives in , Minnesota. She and her guy Paul and
her 3 girls Bridgett, Brittany and Breanna arrived at Dr. Ted’s office March 6, during the  “BIG”? (ha ha) snow storm
that “dumped”  2 inches of snow on NYC. She had driven 20 hours to begin the process of losing weight via the jaw
wiring for weight loss method after failing to locate another provider of this service. (It seems at the moment I am
the only one in the Milkyway Galaxy who provides the service in some coherent way.) She was formerly 110 lbs
and that’s her goal. Alicia is
PASSIONATE about achieving this goal.  I will present/document her case from two points
of view. First, from my view, that is, strictly clinical with dispassionate documentation, and secondly from her point
of view, as you will see when she publishes
HER EXPOSE on her website.   Join with me in  offering up a prayer to
St. Apollonia  (the patron Saint of dentistry) on behalf of Alicia in the successful achievement of her goal.
[Learn about St. Apollonia].   [See Dr. Ted's clinical notes].   [See the entire directory for jaw wiring].
[Let Alicia tell you in her own words: visit Alicia F's. website:
Alicia's  Jaw Wiring for Weight loss Journal]

February 17, 2001

                    Special Note: Having purchased 150 shares of Align Technology my opinion
can no longer be taken as unbiased
                    Today I received a letter from Invisalign saying they now had 33 completed cases
that I could now see on their site. “This body of clinical evidence supports the
effectiveness of Invisalign across a wide range of cases including crowding.
space closure, narrow arches, relapse, anterior intrusion, and limited treatment”.
Here is the password that gets in to see any of those cases you want 

                    I’m a doc   

February 9, 2001

                    A pic of DrTed experiencing lingual braces for the very first time with his
Braces are beautiful (BrB) removable demo
look-like braces appliance.
[I have 5 seconds to see the thingy show it to me.]

February 8, 2001
Did you know that whenever a doctor is going to treat/operate-on your body
he must make you aware of the benefits and dangers of the procedure including
the consequences of not having the treatment? How else would you be able
to decide whether to consent to the treatment. The
“Informed Consent”
is a document prepared by the doctor
which gives you the information you need.
It permits the doctor to proceed with the treatment for which you are
consenting. Your signature and date on that document is your consent.
[Show me the Informed Consent Dr. Ted uses for orthodontic treatment.]

January 26, 2001
From time to time I am contacted by folks who wish to have braces put on their teeth
not because they really need them, but because it satisfies some long unfulfilled desire,
longing or attachment to/for some loved person or object. You can call call them
“removable braces,” “costume,”  “prosthetic,” and even “Hollywood or cinematic”
because they are made for actors who need to simulate the orthodontic look.
Remember Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger?  In fact, I have three to show my patients what
braces use to look like (train tracks look) and what they look like now. These prosthetic
braces LOOK and FEEL  REAL and they are removable, but they donot/cannot move your
teeth. [I want to see the Braces are Beautiful removable orthodontic appliance.]

January 26, 2001

                         NYTimes (Circuits) Jan25, 2001 Major article: AIBO The Robotic Dog   

January 13, 2001
A diagram
showing the typical pattern and method I use to wire the jaws closed
for those patients who enter the jaw wiring for weight loss program. Above that
diagram are three photos of an actual patient in the appliance. [Show me the diagram.]

January 1, 2001
Pics of “Saki” our new and only in-office AIBO dog mascot. [Let's see Saki.]

December 23, 2000
Aibo, our “dog”, arrived this week ( AIBO (Artificial Intelligence roBOt…Model ERS-210 ). He
(we chose
his gender) is a mascot to the office. He wanders the office bringing us all wonder
and delight.  You can read The Aibo Story by clicking [here]. If you want to “play” with
AIBO then go to: http://www.us.aibo.com/3d/electronics/aibo/index.html  You will need to
                      download a 3-D  “Viewpoint” viewer…it’s worth it.  If you want to see all of Aibo’s features then
here they are: http://www.aibo.com/ers_210/   When you see the pic of AIBO it is composed
of squares. Click on each square to see its delightful features.
December 13, 2000
See 6 cases of mild-moderate crowding and spacing “corrected” by treatment with
the Invisalign method…YOU WILL LOVE THIS DEMONSTRATION.  [ Show me corrections]

December 12, 2000
“Early Intervention Dentistry [Orthodontics]: Going to Work on Baby Teeth”.  Here in an article
from the NY Times, December 5th, 2000 You will discover that visits to the orthodontist
can begin at age 4. [I want to look at the article.]

December 2, 2000
We want you to see the 8′ x13′ rainbow we had painted on one wall in
Dr. Ted’s patient-care room…it’s magnificent…it’s how you feel the day I take
your braces off. [The Rainbow and a surprise]  …It takes about a minute to load
the 5 polaroids on the page, but you will be pleased.

November 29, 2000
For my birthday (September 22,1939) the staff, five of them and without my
knowledge, went to a professional photographer and had a portrait photo
session. I want you to see that portrait. Each staff member was a patient of mine.
Read their bios also. I am very proud of them. [See the staff portrait photo.]

November 4, 2000
Dr. Ted wrote a book about how to use the Small Claims Court. If you would like
to see Amazon’s reader’s reviews then”
 Amazon’s reader reviews of this book

November 4, 2000.
On November 3rd we added a “Hitometer” to the bottom of the homepage of
the Drted website. The total number of hits starting from January 1st, 2000 up to
Nov. 3rd was 576,913 so that was the starting number.   In October of 2000 this
site recorded 130247 hits representing 4,433 visitors. If you would like to see
the statistical details related to visitors to this site [Click Here]

November 1, 2000
For those of you who detest having to fill out the forms the receptionist gives
when you arrive at the office (Dr. Ted’s office) 
we have provided  the forms for you
to fill-in whenever the urge overtakes you and not a moment before that. As a bonus
you can see the Summary of the Consultation Dr. Ted will give you when he finishes
his/your very thorough 30 minute ConsultationExam.  [Download Dr. Ted's Forms]

September 14, 2000
For patients who have decided they are going to take advantage of the FREE
CONSULTATION that Dr. Ted offers, they may download our
Acquaintance” form 
and the “Medical-Dental History” form, fill them out
beforehand and mail them to the office or bring them in already completed.

[Orthodontic Acquaintance" form] [Medical-Dental History" form]                       

September 8, 2000

                        Seven days of a 1300 calorie/day  liquid diet  proposed by a person who
was considering jaw wiring as method of weight control. (The liquid diet)

August 31, 2000
At Dr. Ted’s office we provide all patients who want to have teeth whitened with a
                        Teeth Whitening Informed Consent” memo. This document provides you with the
information you need/want to know before making a sensible decision as to
whether you should do the procedure. (Show me the informed consent.)

August 26, 2000
A glossary of legal terms as compiled by the website of the NY State Unified Court
System (What is an “amicus curiae” ?)

August 26, 2000
The official list of doctors of ALOA (American Lingual Orthodontic Association)
who provide expertise in the delivery of orthodontic treatment with lingual braces.

(See list of lingual docs)

August 23, 2000
The official glossary of orthodontic terms of the American Association of Orthodontists.
(What is a “frenum” and what is a “frenectomy”?)

August 8, 2000
An article from the NY Times
July 18, 2000 devoted to the founding of the company
that produces the “no-braces” braces (Align Technology). It appeared in the business
section on the debut of a $30 million ad campaign about to be launched in September, 2000
(Read the article.)  and/or  (Learn about straightening teeth with Invisalign.)

August 4, 2000
The office brochure describing “What you should know about Dr. Ted’s office”
can be downloaded via the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 software, which if you
do not have, can be
downloaded for free. (I want the brochure).  For those who want
to have A  Reader click on the the icon below.  (Click here to have the  no images, no frills,
or the formatted version of the brochure.)

July 21, 2000 
Part I of Dr. Rothstein’s continuing education article  published in the Am J Orthod
Dentofacial Orthop (Let’s see the article). 

July 17, 2000
Dr. Ted’s website is now more than 100 pages in length so we installed a SEARCH
exclusively to search this site.(I want to test the search engine.) I suggest
you test the engine with “lingual braces”.

July 15, 2000
You would make Dr. Ted’s day if you would only post a note on the new MESSAGE
we installed. Don’t be timid. (OK, i’ll make Dr. Ted’s day so take me to
the message board.)

July 7, 2000
You are invited to take photographic tour of the office where Dr.Ted
“master smile maker” :-)   has cared for his patients since 1976. (Show me
Merlin’s office.)

June 5, 2000
Two photographs of Marcy a patient who wore clear-transparent braces and
tooth-colored  wire. (Transport me to see Marcy with them on.)

May 25, 2000
My snoring was getting so bad that my wife banished me from the bedroom.
I discovered an new procedure called
“Somnoplasty” to end the nightmare
of snoring and went to an ENT doctor  who I know in Manhattan.  He did it in
the office in 30 minutes. I’ll know in 4 weeks if it works.  (I want to read more.)
can judge for yourself if/how/whether the somnoplasty procedure worked. 

(See the weekly progress reports and comments on the results of the procedure.)

April 15, 2000 
                        Poor Dr. Ted, he had to have two teeth toward the front removed 4 months ago.
Today two implants were surgically inserted into the bone (oouuch) where the two teeth
were removed.  Six months from today, two crowns will be built on top of the implants.
We took photographs and X-rays showing the original teeth in place before removal,
the performance of the implant surgery and the implants buried in the bone.
(Learn about getting dental implant surgery 

March 24, 2000
Obesity and unemployment: an article excerpted from the NY times Mar 22, 2000
(Go there)

March 24, 2000 
Abstract of Dr. Rothstein’s article published March 2000 in the American
Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics on the growth and development
of children with buck teeth  (Go there)

March 1, 2000
Jaw wiring: A.T. shares her 10 weeks of experience having her jaw wired (Her Diary)

February 27, 00
                The TopClick Private Search Engine offers the most advanced search technology on the
Internet WITHOUT compromising privacy.The Topclick Private Search engine is the
Internet’s first free private search service!
TopClick Private Search Engine 

TopClick Web SearchNo cookies or profile technologies…  No Banner Advertising…No
Disclosure of Personal information…Google Search technology Information

February 13, 00 
                        Diagnosis and treatment of snoring associated with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) 
FAQ’s.    (What you should know)

February 11, 00
  Treatment of snoring in mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea (osa) with a removable dental orthosis: a special service offered by Dr. Rothstein (Go there)  

February 30, 00
    16 links to the websites of Specialists in Oral Surgery.   “When wisdom teeth should be removed”.

February 5, 00
  The five main ways jaw wiring works to assist a person in losing weight. (Go there)

January 21, 00
       Jaw Wiring (Links to sites on liquid diets, losing weight and other useful
dieting and weight loss information). (Go there)

January 16, 00
    The “Informed Consent for Jaw wiring”  Dr. Rothstein is required to provide you with
before you come for your visit to have your jaws wire. An Informed Consent is a
document informing you of the factors relating to the treatment under consideration
in which you grant permission to proceed with the treatment knowing you have
been given all important factors related to the procedure. (Go there)

January 14, 00
       Treatment chart of patient A.T. for jaw wiring (Go there)

January 7, 2000

       Treatment chart of patient T.T. (MALE)  for jaw wiring (Go there)

November 11, ’99
Treatment chart of patient  (E.B.) having Jaw wiring for weight loss (Go There)

October 3, 1999
   INVISALIGN aligners to straighten teeth without brackets and wire: Another treatment
approach for patients who want their teeth straightened but are adamantly
against wearing brackets and wires on their teeth (Lingual braces included).
(Basic information)    (Learn More)     (See what an aligner looks like at
Invisalign’s site (loads a bit slow) and then Invisalign’s home page directory

An article from the NY Times July 18, 2000 devoted to the founding of the company)

October 3, 1999
   INVISALIGN aligners to straighten teeth without brackets and wire: Another treatment
approach for patients who want their teeth straightened but are adamantly
against wearing brackets and wires on their teeth (Lingual braces included).
(Basic information)    (Learn More by visiting Align’s site…at site click on “Skip Introduction” for fast load )    (See what an aligner looks like…loads a bit slow)   5 Websites to obtain more information about Invisalign    Invisalign’s Message Board    Invisalign’s FAQ’s    Let Invisalign FIND-A-DOC for you   A Stealth Substitute for Braces, Designed Only for Adults“: December 5th, 2000, an article in the NY Times, Health and Fitness.  See 6 cases of mild-moderate crowding and spacing straightened by the Invisalign method…YOU’LL LOVE THIS.
                        Finally, to see 1. An orthodontists library of Invisalign cases  2.The Invisalign patent
and  including links to the underlying patents that it references 3. Securities and
Exchange Commission filings with a lot of inside information about the company  4. The
machine (stereolithograph) that converts virtual model data into real plastic models
upon which aligners are made  5. Material handling guide for the uncured resin
used by the machine (stereolithograph) that makes the models, with advice about
rinsing off residue of the solvent used to clean the models  then visit

                     33 completed cases:  (letter received from Invisalign 2/17/01)

                    Today I received a letter from Invisalign saying they now had 33 completed cases
that I could now see on their site. “This body of clinical evidence supports the
effectiveness of Invisalign across a wide range of cases including crowding.
space closure, narrow arches, relapse, anterior intrusion, and limited treatment”.
Here is the password that gets in to see any of those cases you want 

                    I’m a doc   

August 23, 1999
  The world’s only orthodontic crossword puzzle (Go There)

August 19, 1999
  An extensive interview with Dr. Rothstein  covering a broad  array
of subjects related to his life in the orthodontic profession. The interview
was translated into Russian. (Take me to the interview)

August 16, 1999
  Photos of Jaw wiring in a patient’s mouth (Go There)

August 6, 1999
    Treatment chart of new patient  (L.K.) having Jaw wiring for weight loss (Go There)

July 28, 1999
       3 images of a patient who completed treatment with lingual braces   (Go There) 

May 22, 1999
Hypertext link to Orthodontists with expertise in lingual braces (Home)

May 22, 1999
Dr. Rothstein’s Affiliations (Home)

March 15, 1999
   Swatch Internet Time Clock (Home)…  Deleted

"Experience and reputation really count when it comes to providing quality patient care."