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Article on Tooth Whitening

Dentistry Today

(The nation’s leading clinical magazine for dentists)

October 1998

Plasma Arc Technology Approved for Curing, Whitening

This past September, The US Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of Dental Medical Diagnostic Systems’ (DMD) Apollo 95E for whitening and curing procedures. The system uses a high-energy Xenon short-arc light source instead of a laser, allowing it to be safely and easily used by any dental team member.

Before the recent FDA 510K approval, DMD, based in Westlake Village, Calif., was already successful selling the system in the European Markets. The power of the Xenon arc lamp is responsible for many of the advancements in efficiency speed and comfort for dentists and their patients. And according to the company, independent testing has proven the system to be the fastest and most effective curing and whitening instrument on the market.

…other whitening processes have had unpredictable and inconsistent results; however, Apollo Power Whitening has obtained levels of shade improvement never before reached.

It is able to cure any composite material I just I to 3 seconds. Numerous laboratory tests revealed many other advantages for patients when dental professionals use the Apollo light for curing.

“A comparison of the spectral curves of the systems’ Xenon plasma arc and halogen lamps show a striking difference in efficiency,” said Francois Duret, DDS, MD, PhD, developer of the Apollo. “The photosensitive molecules used as initiators in polymerization are mostly operating at 460 to 480 nm. In this spectral range, the system achieves 10 times the efficiency of units using halogen lamps.”

The reduced exposure time needed also benefits the patient by substantially reducing pulpal temperature increases occurring during the polymerization process.

The results also display the reduced resin contraction of composites cured with this system.

“Slower polymerization using a halogen lamp causes the interpenetration of incompletely polymerized molecules into other m0lecules,” explained Dr. Duret.

Clinical investigators noted dramatic increases in curing uniformity using the instrument. The radical reduction in exposure time greatly decreases the potential for mistaken movement and contamination from blood or saliva.

The company’s secret Whitening gel, used with the Apollo 95E, has achieved equally impressive results throughout independent laboratory research on whitening. According to the company other whitening processes have had unpredictable and inconsistent results; however, Apollo Power Whitening has obtained levels of shade improvement never before reached.

The whitening system includes the Apollo 95E, Secret Whitening Gel and a marketing kit, which includes direct mail, print and broadcasting advertising.

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